Many indie makers have to juggle a full-time job, several side projects, and sometimes a family of their own. Because they are often time-starved, they are always looking for ways to improve their productivity so they can achieve more each day, while preserving their mental wellness. There are many popular products available on the market to optimise one’s productivity, but others are more confidential as created and managed by fellow indie makers. Here is a round up of some of the most recent ones.

Use the Pomodoro technique

The Pomodoro technique is a very efficient way to get a lot of work done without feeling tired and depleting your creativity too quickly. It uses a timer to break down work into short intervals, typically 25 minutes in length, which are separated by short breaks, typically 5 minutes long.

Max Gribov created Pomo Timer, a simple Mac menubar app that allows you to apply the Pomodoro technique by starting a timer with the press of a button. You can customise it with your own icons to make it your own, but the maker decided to keep things fairly simple to avoid distractions.

Listen to music together

Lots of people find listening to music essential to their work flow. There are even small Telegram groups of indie makers dedicated to sharing Spotify playlists. But what if you could listen to music and work together at the same time?

Enters Shiptunes, created by William Montel, which combines a live chat with music streaming, and where everyone can work together while listening to the same song. Initially based on the Pomodoro technique too, the tool helps makers from all around the world align their work and break times, so they can chit chat and connect around the virtual watercooler too.

Get a work buddy

Want to take it a step further? Focusmate offers a virtual coworking space, which helps you be more accountable and get things done by pairing you, live, with another human being. Created by Mike Galanos and Taylor Jacobson, the tool lets users work side-by-side, remotely over video, during structured 50-minute sessions.

“I was one of the earliest users of Focusmate and have been passionately sharing it with friends and colleagues since. It helps you get immediately into the zone of productivity via the incredibly simple solution of having a partner, live and present, working alongside you.” said Jake Baker, one of its early users.

Clean up your inbox

Work on something, open your inbox to find a relevant email, see that you received a newsletter you don’t remember signing up for, try to find a way to unsubscribe, lose track of what you were trying to do. Has this ever happened to you?

Then you are going to love Leave Me Alone, a simple web app that allows you to unsubscribe from spammy newsletters in just few clicks. Added bonus: the two makers, Danielle Johnson and James Ivings, care a lot about privacy and will not save anything that’s in your inbox nor sell your data to third parties.

Block distracting websites

The web is full of temptations. Oh, look, a fun meme on Reddit. Doesn’t that Twitter thread look interesting? Ha, a new like on Instagram, who is it? Even with the strongest will, it’s hard to stay focused when there are so many websites begging for your attention.

This is what Hyperfocus wants to help with. The tool, created by Jono Chatterton, allows you to very easily block sources of distractions, such as Skype, Slack, Messenger, Telegram and other notifications. Just select the services you want to block and the time you need to stay focused, and voila. The app is paid but it’s a one-time fee that is well worth the investment.

Also designed by companies which are very close to the indie maker community, Product Hunt Tab let’s you track your tasks and see what other makers are up to straight from your new tabs, and Notion just launched a comprehensive list of templates you can use to enhance your productivity.

Any indie-made productivity tools we missed? Please let us know on Twitter.

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