Product Hunt just announced the latest version of their API, which now includes new functionalities such as the ability to access Product Hunt and take action on behalf of a user. This opens many opportunities, such as a mobile app, a menubar app, integrating goals with other apps, or adding functionalities to Product Hunt, such as tipping.

And in true Product Hunt fashion, they want to let makers join in on the fun. The latest Makers Festival invites everyone to use the API to explore new ways of using Product Hunt. Whether useful, fun, or crazy, all ideas are welcome.

“One of my favorite qualities of the Product Hunt community is its creativity and eagerness to build new (sometimes wild) ideas. To date hundreds of makers have used the Product Hunt API to build everything from an embeddable upvote badge to a Tinder for products, so I’m curious to see what they come up with next.” – Ryan Hoover, Founder, Product Hunt.

Looking for inspiration?

Here are apps that were built using the Product Hunt API 1.0. Maybe you can take them to the next level or expand them in a new direction.

  • FeMake, the home of data on female makers
  • Random Hunt to discover random products from Product Hunt
  •, a shareable profile that sums you up as a maker
  • Product Messenger, a messenger app for the Product Hunt community
  • Product Hunt Top 5, a daily recap of the top 5 products on Twitter
  • Devo to see what’s trending on Product Hunt, GitHub, and Hacker News in new tabs
  • Phunt, a Product Hunt command line interface
  • Passerine, a Product Hunt desktop app
  • Maker Rank, which ranks your favourite makers
  • Nice To Hunt You, a simple way to network with other Product Hunt makers

The festival will run for 4 weeks with these 6 categories:

📱 Mobile apps

🖥 Browser Extensions

💻 Desktop Apps

🌎 Web Apps

🔌 3rd Party Integrations

📊 Data Visualizations

🤔 Everything Else

Useful links

You can join the Makers Festival here and read the API documentation here. Registrations close May 26. Good luck, everyone!

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