The very first Maker Report went live today and its findings point towards one specific trend: how the no-code and low-code movement will have a significant impact on the state of the maker community. While only 19% of makers who answered the survey had built with no-code tools before, this number is expected to grow. How can you learn more about this movement, the next wave of makers, and make sure you are prepared?


Founded by Ben Tossell, who has been a vocal proponent of the no-code movement for years, MakerPad is a comprehensive platform to designed to learn to build powerful applications without code. Ben offers step-by-step tutorials, as well as templates you can clone and remix. There are more than 6500 members receiving Ben’s newsletters that are packed with tips and inspiration.


Initially created by Sam Dickie and late acquired by Nile Frater, NoCode is a community of makers sharing the latest no-code tools and resources. The members area offers discounts, a forum, a tool to find beta-testers, and a directory for users to promote their no-code products. Community members also share posts about no-code and low-code tools most appropriate to specific projects.


If you need more inspiration, NuCode offers one of the largest databases of no-code products for you to explore. With an infinite scroll, dozens of no-code tools supported, and a well designed search function, it is currently one of the easiest ways to explore no-code products and tools.

Look Mom No Code

Want to get started quickly? Look Mom No Code, created by Dave Galifianakis and based on the no-code platform Bubble, offers lots of no-code templates you can use straight away. You can very quickly built products such as a marketplace, a job board, or listings with an upvote functionality. Each template currently costs between $19 and $99, but could save you hours in trying to figure out how to use Bubble.


The goal of Zeroqode is to help makers launch their products 10x faster without using any code, building MVPs in 2-3 wees at a fraction of the coast. To achieve this, Levon Terteryan and Vlad Larin offer Bubble templates, as well as a range of related services, including custom development.

This article was made possible by MakerPad, the platform to learn how to build powerful applications without code.

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