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Many people start the new year resolving to get fit, organize their lives, ditch bad habits, and become more productive. Unfortunately, while these efforts launch with great zeal, it’s hard to maintain the effort. Small failures and setbacks can lead to frustration. That frustration can ultimately lead to giving up.


What you need is a tool, or set of tools to help you stay on track. The first step is to identify what it is that you need to succeed. This might include:


  • The ability to create and track goals.
  • Daily to-do lists.
  • A social function that allows you to check in with other people with similar goals, and receive advice and support.
  • Tracking functions.
  • Reminders and motivational messages.
  • The means to receive rewards and positive feedback.


Fortunately, these functions, and more, can all be found in a large variety of apps for both Android and Apple devices. If you’re interested in maximizing your self-motivation and sustaining your resolutions for the long run, check out the following apps.

Forest: Stay Focused

If most of us are honest about it, our devices are at least somewhat to blame for our dwindling productivity and motivation. Further, if your goals include improving your relationships or being more present, you may need to spend less time on your phone. Ironically, there’s a phone based app that can help you do that, Forest: Stay Focused.


Here’s how it works. Imagine that you need to focus on a personal project, or simply want to enjoy dinner with friends without reflexively grabbing your phone. You start up this app, and plant a tree. As long as the app is up and running, the tree grows in increments of time from 10 to 120 minutes. If you exit the app, to check your email or messages, your tree withers away. This adds an extra bit of motivation and gamification to your efforts. Even better, the app tracks the length of time you are able to stay focused on the task at hand, so that you can see how you improve over time.


This goal tracking app is quite simple. That is actually its best quality. While other apps have tons of features, this one lacks the complexity that some people find to be overwhelming. At the beginning of each day, you start the Coach.Me app. You create your set of goals for the day. Later, as the day ends, you check in regarding each goal marking it as completed or not. In addition to the goal tracking, you can also receive support from a community of Coach.Me users.


This app would be very helpful when paired with other tools and resources to help you improve your productivity. For example, if you wanted to focus on writing content for your business, you could start by creating your writing goals for the day, then make use of tools and resources to help you get through your list of goals, such as:


  • Google Docs: For writing and editing documents as well as sharing with others.
  • Trust my Paper: For writing and editing assistance.
  • Grammarly: For fixing spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Grab my Essay: For gaining insights into business writing.
  • Hemingway: For great suggestions on improving your writing.



It’s difficult to stay motivated in pursuit of your fitness goals when you come across so much conflicting information. With Fooducate, you can quickly get the information you need about the food you are about to eat. The app has a growing database of thousands of foods divided into categories for your convenience. Once you find the food you need, you can check out its grade, and nutrition information based on the amount of sugar, carbs, fiber, and other factors. In addition to looking foods up, you can also scan them from the app.


In addition to the informative database, you can also receive dieting tips, track your eating habits, and take part in a supportive community. All of these things can help you maintain your self-motivation in the areas of food, weight loss and fitness.

Way of Life

The Way of Life app gives users the tools they  need to ditch bad habits. The app allows you to input habits that you want to break, or habits that you want to instill. Then, you check in each day to input whether you have been successful. The app allows you to indicate if checking yes or no is positive or negative.


This is a great resource for those who benefit from using visuals. The app will produce a variety of charts and graphs to help you track your progress. You can also set up reminders, and create multiple journals to track your habits.


The Motivate app curates top motivational content directly to you. Each day, you can watch five videos that have been picked by the Motivate team. You can also listen to speeches and music created for the purpose of helping you to stay positive and motivated. The developers of this app also provide you with access to a full library of motivational content that you can access through the music and discover tabs.


Karen Allen is an HR employee at WowGrade, and is in charge of employee wellness programs. She says, “We encourage our employees to download Motivate, and spend a few minutes each morning with it. I truly believe that it is a small but powerful tool for increasing positivity and motivation.”


MotiDay keeps you motivated by delivering daily motivational content to you. This content is personalized according to your preferences. You can choose the type of content you like, select when you receive that content, create a collection of your favorite pieces, and share what you like best with your friends. You can even read articles written by motivational authors.

Do it Now RPG

Do it Now RPG is a to-do list app that uses the elements of gamification to  help you stay motivated. In the app, you create a representation of yourself. Then, like an RPG character, you can gain skills, characteristics, and stats. Each of these are associated with specific tasks that you assign to your daily to-do list. As you accomplish more, your character also develops.


The app also includes helpful features including a calendar, reminders, and the ability to categorize your tasks. You can sync this app across all of your devices. Finally, the app has a rewards system. You can collect points, and redeem these for prizes such as watching a movie.

Final Thoughts

If you truly want to stick with new habits, stay motivated, and reach your goals, shouldn’t you use every tool available to you? Motivational apps are specifically designed for this purpose. Take a look at any one of these, then pick the ones that you believe are most likely to keep you on track.


Author Bio: Angela Baker is a true self-starter. She works as a freelance writer at Pick The Writer and Supreme Dissertations. She is always in pursuit of personal and professional development, and believes in broadening her horizons at every turn. Angela works hard to become more knowledgeable, empathetic, and curious through the process of writing. She hopes her work inspires others as well. In addition to her freelance writing duties, she also writes content for LiveInspired magazine.

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