5 Ways to Make Money By Building Apps Without Code

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With the rise of the #NoCode industry, makers around the world have been building digital products and services without engineers and without coding. While products like SquareSpace, Wix and WordPress dominate the web, the no-code sector is also expanding to mobile apps, online tools and databases. 

One of these no-code mobile app builders is called Thunkable, a platform that is being used by hundreds of thousands of makers to create beautiful and powerful mobile apps.

Based on trends that Thunkable saw among users in 2019, here were the top ways that makers made money by building apps without code.

  • Ad Revenue

Looking to generate passive monthly income without selling a product? 

Placing ads into your apps is a great way to earn revenue just by having users. With the Google Admob plug in, makers who build apps on Thunkable can drag and drop ads right into their apps. Any user of the app will then occasionally be shown ads, and the app creator will be paid for revenue generated from those leads.

There are several different types of ads that can be shown within an app.

Banner Ad: A static banner that lives at the top or bottom of an app.

Reward Videos: A video ad that runs after a user completes or triggers a specific activity within the app.

Interstitial Ads: Interactactive and full-screen ads are designed to appear in between game levels or natural breaks between app content. 

  • Go Niche

While it might be difficult to have millions of downloads and daily active users, makers can easily get thousands of downloads by cornering a niche market. Do you have a hobby, passion or side hustle? Chances are that there isn’t an app dedicated to niche activities. Maybe your app could be THE app.

  • Change the language

While your app idea might already exist, maybe it doesn’t exist in another language. Users are always quick to find better solutions, especially when an app is in their native tongue. A quick search on the App or Play store will reveal if top selling apps have been localized in different countries. Changing the language, user experience and layout could be a huge opportunity.

  • Build Helpful Tools


If you have a workaround or shortcut to completing a daily task, there’s probably a way to turn it into a mobile tool. And if this trick is helpful to you, it could be useful to other people in your industry. 

But even if you can’t think of a helpful tool, makers around the world are starting to leverage no-code tools to build solutions for others. Freelancers are now earning thousands of dollars building apps for clients with no-code app builders.

Pictured above is the ESL Power App, an app that calculates power, kW outputs and wire size bend radiuses. Download on the App Store.

  • Games

While no-code gaming apps can be easily outclassed by companies that employ hundreds of people to work on a single game, a good sense of humor and original thinking can lead to app virality. Check out this build your own doughnut game that was built without code — and here is a helpful tutorial to get you started. 

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