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Growing a newsletter can be hard. It’s not only about writing good content and being consistent in your schedule, it’s about optimising the sign-up flow so you don’t lose any potential conversions because of a poorly designed or hard-to-find form.

Plus, lots of people are pretty careful when it comes to giving their email address to a stranger on the Internet. We get distracted by so many notifications and spam already, so we tend to treat our primary inbox as an intimate sanctuary where we only want to receive content of value.

Because of these inherent challenges in growing a newsletter, it’s important to pay attention to the small details that may make a difference. One of them is the CTA button used to ask people to sign up to the newsletter. Most people use the default “subscribe” option as the copy for their button’s CTA, but there are many alternatives that may be more enticing.

A great technique that will make for highly targeted CTAs is to use the “[verb] my [relevant keyword]” template for the subscribe button, for example “grow my business”, “unlock my creativity”, “expand my mind” or “build my audience”.

And if that specific format doesn’t work for your product or service, there are lots of other options you can play with to see which ones have the most positive impact on your conversion rate.

  1. Start reading
  2. Discover insights
  3. Get access
  4. Let’s go!
  5. Join now
  6. Send me more
  7. Enroll
  8. Take action
  9. Feed your brain
  10. Get answers
  11. Come on in!
  12. Join the community
  13. Get deals
  14. Explore further
  15. Stay in touch
  16. Receive tips
  17. Try for free
  18. Join the movement
  19. Get the latest
  20. Stay informed

What all of these have in common is that they are action based and elicit a positive emotional response by helping the user project themselves and visualise some of the value they will get from signing-up to your newsletter. Obviously, if you don’t deliver on that promise in the subsequent newsletters they will receive, it’s likely your unsubscribe rate will go through the roof. This small hack won’t compensate for bad and irrelevant content. But it can increase your conversion rate by a few points, so start experimenting and see what works for your newsletter.

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