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Anytime Fitness Membership Cost, Payment Options and Perks

Anytime Pushup

Are you considering joining a new gym and curious how much anytime fitness costs? As people are getting more comfortable leaving the house getting back in the gym is high on many people’s list of things they would like to do to feel a sense of normalcy.

Anytime Fitness is a growing gym franchise that has close to 5000 Anytime Fitness locations across the US and caters to people that live busy lifestyles and looking for fast and efficient workouts at any time of the day.

So how much is an anytime fitness membership cost?

In the US most anytime memberships cost $41 per month. There are different pricing discounts available depending on how long of a contract you sign with your local gym.

Because anytime gyms are franchises, the contract terms and pricing options may vary by location and membership type. So if you are looking to get approximate details on anytime fitness costs the best idea is to stop in at your Anytime Fitness and ask for details on their fitness offers.

Read on below for further information on Anytime fitness prices and more about what all the growing fitness chain offers.

What types of memberships does Anytime Fitness offer?

Below are the types of payment plans at Anytime Fitness locations:

Annual payments

Depending on which gym you go to you may be able to negotiate a lower monthly rate if you over to pay for the full year upfront. Most people pay subscriptions monthly for budgeting purposes but if you can afford to pay for your subscription all at once gym owners will likely knock a chunk off of your bill.

Fixed Month agreements

Most Anytime Fitness locations offer 6, 12, or 18-month agreements which can help you lock in a low monthly rate for a fixed period of time.

Monthly agreements

Some Anytime Fitness gyms may be willing to offer you a month-to-month agreement. While your location may not offer this option on their website, since these gyms are franchises they are looking for ways to generate revenue and they are unlikely to turn away business if you can make a compelling case on why you want a month to month membership.

Anytime Fitness

What types of classes does Anytime Fitness offer?

The group training options vary from location to location. Classes are broken down to group training and team workouts and you will need to check with your local Anytime Fitness gym location to see what additional fitness classes options there are.

What factors influence Anytime Fitness Gyms Pricing?

Pricing varies depending on which part of the world you live in.


Anytime Fitness has locations in all 7 continents and over 50 countries so your rates are going to vary depending on where your location is on the Globe.


The location of your Anytime Fitness gym will also have an effect on the potential rate you pay as a fitness club does not usually own the building they use but rather rents the space with the hope of generating enough memberships to stay possible.


Anytime Fitness owners are business owners who are in the business of making a profit and they will use data and market research to come up with the most logical price point for their locations.


The less supply of gym health club options in highly populated areas gives gyms more leverage to charge more on things like the initiation fee or tougher on cancellation fees.

Types of workouts anytime fitness offers

Anytime Fitness offers a wide variety of fitness options such as:

Free Weights

Anytime Fitness locations have a variety of free weights, squat racks, cable machines, bench press, and more. Most of the Anytime Fitness locations are smaller than your typical national gyms but they have the same type of equipment that you would find at an LA fitness or other fitness gyms.

Personal Trainers

Anytime Fitness locations offer a few training options for members that are looking for an additional fee if you want someone to push you during your workout programs. Personal training does not come included with standard membership plans so if you are wanting to utilize them you will want to have to pay extra for the one-on-one attention.

Additionally, there are also other group workouts:

  • Team Workouts
  • Body Conditioning classes

Perks that come with an Anytime Fitness membership

There are some nice value adds that Anytime Fitness includes with a membership:

Fitness consultation

One perk of a new Anytime Fitness membership is you get a free fitness consultation with a new membership at most of the locations around the world. If you are not a regular gym-goer, a fitness consultation can help you come up with a workout plan that you can follow each time you come into the gym.

Anytime fitness app

Another awesome value adds that Anytime Fitness members get is access to the proprietary Anytime Fitness app, which provided tools and resources that can be handy in the gym and outside of the gym.


Are there any special Anytime Fitness Offers?

Yes, there are several offers that Anytime Fitness offers throughout the year to try and drive new Anytime Fitness membership by getting people in the door with promotions. Each location may offer different promotions to gain new customers so if you live in an area with several local anytime fitness locations, be sure to stop in at all of them and see what sort of options there are for new membership plans.

Does Anytime Fitness offer Guest passes?

Yes, Anytime Fitness offers a very flexible guest pass policy that varies slightly from club to club. Because Anytime Fitness locations are opened 24 hours a day and are owned by franchisees certain locations may have more flexible guest pass policies than others.

Are there family discounts at Anytime fitness?

If you have other family members that are interested in joining Anytime Fitness with you you will likely be able to get a discount off of each person’s rate that joins under your membership. Because Anytime Fitness is a franchise each location will have different family membership plans.

Are there Senior and Military Discounts at Anytime Fitness?

Yes, Anytime Fitness offers discounts off of the monthly dues for Military and Senior members that are looking to join one of their fitness clubs.

Like the family memberships and the other discounts, the locations don’t broadcast the exact amount of a discount they offer so be sure to call a few locations if you want to save the most money possible.

Anytime Pushup
Anytime Fitness Pushups

Are there cardio classes at Anytime Fitness?

Anytime Fitness offers cardio classes through their team workouts plan which gives members an opportunity to meet one other and do things like yoga, a cardio challenge, or other types of group workouts.

Can you transfer an Anytime fitness membership to a new location?

Yes, you can transfer memberships if you move to a new location and want to resume your anytime fitness membership at a new gym.

Is Anytime Fitness open 24 Hours a day?

Yes, Anytime Fitness has the most flexible hours in the gym industry which makes them a great option for people that work odd hours or like to get their workouts in at random times and want to access anytime fitness clubs on their terms.

Does Anytime Fitness have a membership agreement?

Yes, most of the locations do have a membership agreement that requires a set process for members to follow in order to cancel their membership.


If you are considering getting back out to the gym Anytime Fitness is worth checking out to see if you like the vibe of your local location. Anytime Fitness membership cost are some of the most affordable in the industry and  you will likely be offered a free 7-day guest pass from most locations to get a feel for the equipment, crowds, and staff to see if an Anytime Fitness membership is the best choice for you. So swing by your local Anytime Fitness and see what they have to offer!

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