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Apps to improve your productivity this year

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I have a love and hate relationship with tech. I love all things tech and apps and all that good stuff. But you have to admit; sometimes, the Internet can be a wormhole that sucks you in deeper and deeper if you are not careful.

One minute you are checking out an innocent tweet, the next you are furiously commenting on a Medium article that challenges everything you hold dear. Suddenly, it’s 1 AM and you haven’t completed your makers’ article.

I’m sure you all can relate. There are so many distractions on the Internet and we all have to make a conscious effort to either go offline, download productivity apps or find ways to make our existing apps make us more productive. Here are three apps I was able to use to help me become more productive.

Google Calendar

There are two Google Calendar apps. There is one that comes pre-installed on every Android phone, and another one which can be downloaded from the device app stores (I still wonder why Google has 2 official calendar apps with the same name). The one I use is the second one, which has to be downloaded, and available on iOS and the Play store. I love how colorful and easy to use this app is.

It serves as a to-do, goal setting, events management, reminder, and calendar app all at once. My favorite feature is the goal feature which helps schedule lifestyle goals into your calendar. I use it to make out time for my online courses and even movie dates.

I like how I can mark tasks done and see a weekly overview of how many times I performed a task. The smart notifications don’t really work on my Android device, but I get constant reminders on my iPhone. I also love how I can easily view my tasks for the day in the schedule view. It makes planning my day a lot easier.


I found out about IFTTT from Marie of GirlKnowsTech and it has been a big life and time saver. IFTTT is a service that gets apps talking to each other. With IFTTT the possibilities are almost endless; I use it to do numerous tasks.

But here’s the magic I use IFTTT for: to schedule all my tweets till 2020. Finding an app to schedule my posts as tweets every day was a big pain. With IFTTT, I create tweets in my Google Calendar as events, schedule these events to re-occur as many times as I want, then get IFTTT to post on Twitter for me every time the event occurs. This action alone has saved me so much time and has ensured that I get views on my blog post daily. Even when I don’t post in a while.


We all know and love Trello for our project management tasks. But I unlocked a new level in using it when I found out that I could use it to create a vision board.

This is a big deal for me because I love to create vision boards, set goals and other Pinterest-style productivity hacks. I could not find any app to help me digitize my vision boards effectively. I tried a couple of web and mobile apps but none fit the bill.

Trello solves this problem indirectly. It works for vision boarding because you can insert pictures into cards and make them visually appealing, create multiple boards, build a checklist under each card, set a due date, write detailed descriptions that you would have otherwise forgotten, and so do many other things.

I am still in the process of creating my 2019 vision board and I will then connect my due dates to my Google Calendar using IFTT. These three apps all sync and influence my daily living in a way. Maybe the can help you be more productive both online and offline too.

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