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Between podcasting, smart speakers, connected headphones, and voice-driven apps, there are lots of audio businesses coming about right now. Some are going as far to say that 2019 will be the year of audio. Here is a list of audio businesses that I believe are worth checking out.


BitCast is a new web app which allows users to save snippets of technology podcasts and share them with your peers. You can save comments, clap, and tag snippets. It’s also free, you just need to log in with your Twitter account.


BlogCast focuses on converting blog posts to audio which can then be embedded on webpages.

It really is an awesome idea and from what I can gather, even before launch, Miguel had several customers. Miguel, has been very nice and provided the audio for this article which can find at the bottom of this article.


Moving away from talking about podcasts for a minute, Songmash is an upcoming app which allows you to create group playlists.

Songmash is still in alpha right now, but it will work like this:

  1. You connect your Spotify account
  2. You create what’s called a Mash
  3. You invite your friends to the mash via an invite link
  4. Songmash then does some awesome stuff and generates a Spotify playlist with favourite music from everyone in the mash.

I can’t really say too much apart from the product is awesome. You can sign up for updates on their website.


Transistor is a new podcasting platform which launched in August of last year. One of Transistor’s selling points is the amount of in-depth analytics they have available for podcasters. You can see things like, where people listen from, estimates of podcast subscribers, which episodes are the most popular.

Jon and Justin, the founders of Transistor, also run a podcast called Build your Saas where they talk about running a web business.


Last but not least, I need to mention my own business. ReadCast is a company I launched nearly a month ago. It works in a similar way to Pocket and Instapaper where you save articles, either manually, through a bookmark or via email and it converts the articles into audio for you and we’ll provide you with a private podcast feed.

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