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The Top 10 Benefits of Working From Home 

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The current health crisis has forced organizations and individuals to rethink the way they work with a majority being forced to work from home.

So, what are the benefits of working from home? Let’s look at just 10 benefits for now.

The Environment is Flexible 

Working from home affords you the luxury of a customizable office. You can set up your work environment to fit your preferences and needs. This allows you to work from your most comfortable place, whether that is your bed, closet, or even a desk. You also have the option of specialized office equipment that may not be there in a normal office. 

Also, there are no restrictions on the dressing. You can work in your most comfortable clothing, which may not be appropriate for a traditional office. 

There is More productivity 

The home setting has fewer distractions compared to a traditional office. For example, the meetings are fewer and when they happen, there is more efficiency. This allows you to focus more on your work and performance goes up automatically.

Organizations stand to gain from this too. A study by Stanford University found that employees who work from home are 13 percent more productive than their in-office counterparts as they spend more time on work-related tasks and their performance per minute is higher.

You Save on  Money

Working from a traditional office forces you to spend money on a few things that are deemed necessities. Maintaining a professional wardrobe, for example, can be expensive yet you do not need to if you are working from home. You also save on the money that could have been spent on fuel or transport, and even food. So much money goes into eating in restaurants yet at home, you simply fix your meals and you even get to eat to your fill without having to worry about the cost. 

Working remotely also means that you don’t have to live in a city with a high cost of living. You can still have the job you want and continue living in a small town where the rent or mortgage rates are low. 

And this is not just for employees alone. Organizations also get to cut on costs. They do not have to spend money on office space, furniture, and employee welfare. 

You Save on Time

Most people spend a significant amount of time commuting to and from work. In some extreme cases, commuters spend more than two hours on commuting alone. If you are working from home, you may only need to move from your bed to your desk. 

The time saved can allow you to work out, bond with your family, sleep longer, or even work longer. 

More Time With Family

The amount of time spent away from family is another downside of a traditional office. This is worse if you have a demanding career or employer. However, you don’t have to worry about that if you are working from home as you are able to devote more time to them. You do not have to wait until it is time for a break or after work to attend to them. 

You Have Autonomy

At home, you set your own schedule and work at your own pace. There is no one watching or questioning your every move. This puts you in control of your work situation. You get to do what you like without having to sacrifice a meaningful career. 

That is why people who have to travel or move frequently are attracted to remote work. And this could apply to anyone else who desires more freedom. 

You Enjoy Peace of Mind

In a traditional office, there is the problem of relational challenges that come with working in close proximity. These include conflict, gossip, and office politics. However, telecommuting reduces or even minimizes this because you only engage with others when it is absolutely necessary and for a limited amount of time. 

You Have a Better Work-life balance.

Beyond the benefits of spending time with your family, working from home also affords you more time and space to attend to the demands of your personal life. As the master of your schedule, you are able to design it in such a way that the other aspects of your life are well taken care of. There is enough time to pursue your hobbies, be active in your social life and do other things that have nothing to do with your work but are important to you. 

It is Convenient for Everyone

Another benefit of working remotely is that you get to work from an environment where you are fully supported, comfortable and your needs are met. You eliminate the hustles and challenges of movement and interaction that are present in a normal office setting. Some traditional office settings are not very inclusive, for example, of people with physical or health challenges or those from some socioeconomic or cultural backgrounds. Such people would prefer telecommuting.

This also means that organizations can hire top talent without having to worry about their convenience because that is guaranteed if they work from home. 

It is Environmentally friendly 

Large buildings and commuter travel are major sources of greenhouse emissions. Because working from home reduces the need for the two, it definitely has a positive impact on the environment. During this season when many people have been working from home, there has been a significant reduction in food and plastic waste, energy consumption and pollution. 


Working from home is gaining traction and may soon become a normal lifestyle. It is now upon organizations and individuals to choose what works best for them. 

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