12 Best Armless Office Chairs

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Do you want your time at work to be comfortable, enjoyable, and most of all productive? Then sink into an armless office chair. Armless office chairs offer unparalleled luxury in any workplace environment. Since they do not take a lot of office space, they can easily fit into corners and can even be placed under office desks.

Now that remote work has become the new normal after the Covid-19 pandemic hit, it may just be the right time for you to upgrade your home office. What better way than getting yourself the best armless office chair.

Top Armless Office Chairs

In this article, we will review a list of some of the best armless office chairs available in the market today as well as provide an in-depth buying guide of some of the best armless office chairs to help you through the selection process.

1. Giantex Home Office Leather Chair

If you are looking to upgrade your home office chair or just prefer to go for a stylish office chair, this Giantex armless leather chair is one of the best armless office chairs on the market.

It’s made of PU leather which is super easy to clean. It is also very comfortable to sit on for long hours and if taken good care of, it is sure to serve you for quite a long time.

Besides its undeniable beauty, this chair is easy to assemble and is ergonomically designed to give you proper back support to keep your health in check and your productivity high.

It is sturdy and can take on a weight capacity of up to 242 pounds. The 5 swivel caster wheels add to its stability as well as allow you to smoothly move in whichever direction. This is very convenient as you don’t have to keep standing to reach for things.

You can also adjust its height to a comfortable level for both efficiency and comfort when working and makes it one of the best armless office chairs on the market

Well, this beauty and comfort come at a cost, unfortunately, at a higher cost.

Seat height and width dimensions: 23 x 23.5 x 40 inches

Weight: 21 pounds


  • Made of stylish fade-resistant PU leather
  • Sturdy and stable office chair
  • Comfortable cushion
  • Adjustable height comfortable computer chair
  • Ergonomically designed for maximum support


  • A bit pricey

2.Serta Essential Mesh Low-Back Computer Desk Task Chair

This is an ideal choice for someone looking for a comfortable enough office chair for long hours of sitting. It’s a low-back seat meaning your lower back will get the support it needs to keep you focussed and productive.

And since it’s made of a mesh back, it keeps you cool during the hot months. It’s absolutely beautiful, easy to put together, and is of a fairly high-quality standard.

I loved how adjustable the seat is, you can adjust the height to a low of 14.5 and a high of 18.5, this is a pretty good adjustment range that can suit both short and tall people.

You can also move around your desk to reach for stuff without standing thanks to the caster wheels that allow the seat to move in multiple directions. And if you are worried about your floors getting damaged, no need to. The wheels are smooth and move effortlessly so no friction against the floor whatsoever. But then again you can always get chair mats to protect your hardwood floor.

Seat height and width dimensions: 23 x 18.5 x 32.75 inches

Weight: 18 Pounds


  • Made of breathable mesh
  • Adjustable height office chair
  • Lower back support
  • Easy and fast mobility


  • The back cannot be adjusted
  • Thin cushions

3.Amazon Basics Low-Back

What I like most about Amazon Basics armless office chairs is how reasonably priced they are and this low-back armless seat is no exception. It is pretty affordable yet high quality and makes it one of the best armless office chairs out there.

With a weight capacity of 250 pounds and weighing just 17 pounds on this amazonbasics chair, it’s among the lightest chair on our list making it the most portable. You can easily move it from room to room. It’s also fairly comfortable with a 2-inch padded seat and its height can be adjusted to suit varying height levels/needs.

The Amazon Basics low-back however, comes with some shortcomings which explain its decent pricing. The backrest is fixed, so you cannot tilt it. Also, the seat cushion is pretty thin, just 2 inches. With these shortcomings, you can only count on it if you don’t intend to sit for long hours as it can get very uncomfortable. It’s only perfect for short-duration tasks.

Seat height and width dimensions: 21.5 x 20.5 x 32.8 inches

Weight: 17 pounds


  • Lightweight and portable office chair
  • Easy to assemble
  • BIFMA Certified
  • Hassle-free return policy


  • Thin seat cushions not ideal for long hours sitting
  • A fixed backrest that does not recline

4. Flash Furniture Mid-Back Quilted Armless Office Chair

The Flash Furniture armless chair comes in black solid color as well as 5 other bright colors. And in the squared quilted design, the bright colored ones add an instant pop of color to any home or office.

It’s a fairly lightweight armless office chair, weighing just 20.5 pounds. It’s an armless chair you can easily carry from room to room. It also has a really high backrest, 19 inches long, to fit your entire back.

Just like the AmazonBasics low-back, this ergonomic armless office chairtoo does not tilt making it only ideal for short-duration tasks. If using it for long hours sitting, you will have to take considerable amounts of breaks in between to stretch your back and legs.

Seat height dimensions: 24 x 23 x 38.75 inches

Weight: 20.5 pounds


  • Stylish quilted design that complements any home of office decor
  • Lightweight and portable easy to move around
  • Available  in 6 different bright colors


  • Lack of any lumbar support
  • The backrest is fixed, does not recline
  • Not ergonomically designed for proper lumbar support

5.HON Volt Task Computer Chair H5703

For the price range, I must admit the HON Von H5703 is a great bargain. It ticks right in all boxes; it’s ergonomic, affordable, stylish, and it’s a durable leather armless office chair.

It has a wider seat pan of 18” which can fit pretty much different body sizes unlike some of the flip up arm chairs out there. The height too can be adjusted to different levels to fit both short and tall people.

The best feature of the HON Von H5703 armless desk chair has got to be the synchro tilting backrest. Ever sat on an armless chair and when tilting back you felt as though you are falling backward? Yes, that falling backward feeling is what the synchro tilting mechanism avoids so you can tilt without fear.

You can adjust the tilt angle and lock it with the tilt lock to keep you safe from falling given that it’s an armless chair.

Seat dimensions: 25.75 x 19.25 x 40 inches

Weight: 25 pounds


  • Extra-wide seating area
  • Adjustable height leather armless office chair
  • Offers a 5-year warranty comfortable armless chair
  • Comes in a variety of attractive colors: red, black, and blue
  • Ergonomic chair design


  • Assembly may take longer as some of the screws do not align well
  • The seat pan may not be deep enough

6. Yaheetech Armless office chair

This office chair by Yaheetech is one of the best armless office chairs on the market due to its sleek pu leather and modern design and is one of the best armless office chairs on the market.

This armless chair could fit in in a board room or also work very well as a home office chair.

There are six different color options which give you plenty of options to find an armless office chair that will work with your existing office color scheme.

This chair also has an ergonomic chair shape which will help promote proper posture while you work away.

Seat Height and Width Dimensions: 19x19x36

Weight capacity: 265 lbs


  • Modern Design computer chair
  • Works well with standing desk
  • Mid back chair design
  • Thick padded seat
  • Adjustable seat height desk chair


265 lb weight capacity

7. OFM Armless office Chair

This armless office chair from OFM has the classic leather office chair look without being an armrest chair.

There is plush a plush leather seat cushion that has a five-star base with an ergonomic armless office chair design.

One of my favorite things about this chair is the professional look with high-quality feaux leather and limited lines to give it a smooth task chair look.

The weight capacity on this chair is 250 lbs and there is a five-year warranty which can give you the confidence you need to know you are going to get one of the best armless office chairs.


  • Versatile armless chair
  • Faux bonded leather chair
  • Ergonomic back support desk chair
  • Comfortable office chair


  • Thinner seat padding

8. Okeysen Armless Office Chair

This ergonomic office chair has a sleek modern design with its foam padded seat and pneumatic controls.

This office chair has a classic look that could fit into a variety of office settings. Armless chairs have grown in popularity with the rise of standing desks and studies that show sitting in a slouched position aren’t the best for your posture.

An armless office chair keeps you from getting too comfortable while working and encourages sitting in an upright position while using your core muscles and not the armrests.

If you want to kick back and read or relax in this chair you can, as there is seat tilt tension control and a tilt-lock mechanism. This armless chair can sit upright at 90 degrees and tilt back to 100 degrees as well.


  • Breathable fabric
  • Tilt lock mechanism
  • Contoured seat cushion
  • Space-saving
  • Built-in lumbar support
  • Waterfall edge seat


Doesn’t have a thick padded seat like some other armless chairs

9. Edx Desk Chair

This armless office chair from EDX has a classic look with twill fabric upholstered seats and a stainless steel base with five castor wheels and is designed to be one of the most durable armless office chairs.

The chair is generously padded with high-density foam and has a low backrest and smaller profile that could be a great fit in most modern offices or for a home office setup.

While all the chairs that are armless typically have the same look and style, this model from EDX gives you some variety with 6 color options to choose from that can fit in with most home office settings.

You can easily adjust the height with the pneumatic seat height adjustment from 14″ to 18″ which gives you options on how high or low you want to sit.

One thing that stands out in this armless desk chair is the thick padded seat cushion compared to some of the other mesh office chair options or even some of the faux leather armless office chairs on the market. If you are going to be sitting for most of your day you want to feel comfortable, and this chair can help you reach that goal.


  • Thick padded cushion
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Padded foam with upholstered seat
  • Durable iron base
  • Seat height adjustment


  • Smaller backrest

10. FDW Mid Back Chair

If you have a home office that has bright colors and wants an armless office chair to fit your color scheme, these armless office chairs from FDW are worth considering and another one of the best armless options.

There are 8 armless office chair color options to choose from and what better way to make your workday fun than having a bright ergonomic chair to make your room pop.

It is hard to find office chairs that have bright color options but look no more as FDW has probably solved this problem.

Another great thing about this armless office chair is that the seatback is breathable mesh while the seat cushion is a thick mesh seat cushion.


  • Bright Color Options
  • Breathable mesh backrest
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Ergonomic armless chair
  • Mid-back task chair
  • 360-degree travel


  • Not smooth casters

11. Emiah Armless Office Desk

If you want a wide armless office chair this model from Emiah has the feel of a recliner chair but comes in a sleek computer chair design.

When you go shopping in a store for armless office chairs, the designs you see haven’t changed a ton over the last 20 years. You typically see office chair designs with ergonomic curves, and uncomfortable cushioning, and most will typically be the same color.

When you are grinding away at work why would you want to be sitting down in a chair that is not comfortable? I get that you wouldn’t want to use a recliner as an office chair due to the risk of falling asleep while at work, but this armless office chair gives you the best of both worlds in terms of comfort while also giving you a professional office chair look.


  • Comfortable plush office chair
  • Built in soft cotton
  • Premium Microfiber leather
  • Cross shaped metal base
  • 300 lb weight capacity
  • High Quality Faux leather
  • Adjustable seat height


  • May not work in some office settings

12. Kolliee Armless Office Chair

If you want a classic desk chair without armrests, this is one of the best compact armless chairs to take a hard look at. If you are buying for a large office and need the most bang for your buck, this mesh back office chair could be the best solution.

This armless chair can be adjusted by nearly 5 inches and is a great space-saving office chair to consider. Most office chairs have bulky frames with flip-up arms that don’t fit under newer modern desk designs. This design from Kolliee gives you the standard armless chair look that will blend in with most office settings.


  • Helps prevent poor posture
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Classic low back office chair design
  • Provided lumbar support


  • 250 lb weight capacity


Are armless desk chairs safe for work?

Yes, they are. While there has been so much campaign on the need to have armrests for office chairs, armless chairs are much safer in some instances.

One such instance is when using a keyboard tray instead of a keyboard on a desk. When typing on a keyboard that is placed on a desk, the armrests are important in supporting your arms and perching your elbows to reach the keyboard. In this position, your shoulders are relaxed and you are sitting in a safe position.

However, when using a keyboard tray, an armrest puts a strain on your arms, elbows, and shoulders. This straining in turn forces to lean on one side to counter the effects of the strain.

What are armless chairs called?

Armless chairs are called slipper chairs in the home furnishing industry but armless office chairs are typically known as office chairs without armrests. They are gaining in popularity as people build out their home office settings with things like keyboard trays, and standing desks, as they look for ways to save additional space.

What should you look for when buying an armless chair?

The most important thing when you consider armless chairs is to evaluate your office setup. How big is your desk? Do you want a standing desk at some point? Use a tape measure to confirm the armless chair you are interested in is going to fit your home office setup.

Some of the new ergonomic chairs are bigger than most people expect when they show up to their doors so you want to make sure you measure thoroughly to get the best stylish chair possible.


Whether in a home business or office space, armless office chairs occupy less space compared to chairs that come with armrests. They are also most convenient where you use a keyboard tray as they allow you to easily position the keyboard tray without the worry of running into armrests. And the best part is that armless office chairs cost far much less helping you remain within budget. Best of luck trying to find the best armless chair for your office!

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