10 Best Computer Desks For Dual Monitors

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With the transition to working from home becoming more of a norm, having a legit dual monitor setup is a must-have to maximize your productivity.

A dual monitor desk can help you get more accomplished throughout your workday, allowing you to multitask with multiple windows open.

Having two or more monitors may seem like a lot to manage. But, if you invest in a suitable home office desk, it will help organize your monitors, cable management, and will help take your work productivity to the next level.

Top Desks for Dual Monitors

Read on below to get the best desk for dual monitors at various price points and designs to help you best the best possible dual monitor desk.

1.Ironck Industrial Computer Desk

The Ironck industrial desk is an excellent option if you want a minimalist look designed to hold dual monitors.

If you work out of a small bedroom or home office, the odds are that you don’t have a ton of room, and this desk could be perfect since there is a 47-inch and 55-inch width options to choose from.

A built-in keyboard tray has three storage sections that provide ample space to store your computer tower, books, or even a small printer.

One slick feature that this Ironck dual monitor computer desk includes in the wood is an adjustable threading hole to help manage your cable management.

There are also adjustable leg pads to help ensure your dual monitor desk will be straight, no matter the type of flooring surface.

Key Features:

  • Can serve as a standing desk
  • Space for various desk accessories
  • Small space-saving profile

2.Fezibo Dual Monitor Height Electric Desk

The Fezibo dual monitors standing desk is a sleek standing desk design that can efficiently serve as a dual monitor computer desk.

So if you know you want a standing desk for dual monitors but don’t have a ton of storage space, this could be the perfect solution.

A 48, 55, and 63-inch dual monitor desk option extends 24 inches in depth. There is plenty enough space to store two dual monitors at the back of the desk and still have room for your laptop at the front of the desk.

There are four color computer desk options: black, white, brown, and rustic, so you have plenty of variety to meet the existing color scheme of your home office space.

The height-adjustable ranges vary from 27 to 46 inches which can meet the needs of various heights, and there are hooks on the side of the desk that is perfect for hanging other desk accessories and would also make for a legit gaming desk.

In addition, there is a headphone hook on the other side of the desk, and there are also locking casters so your desk won’t slide while adjusting heights back and forth.

Key Features

  • Adjustable leg pads
  • Standing desk or seating desk optimal
  • Electric Height Adjustable leg pads
  • Lockable Casters
  • Headphone hook

3. Tribesigns Computer Desk with Hutch

The Tribesigns Computer Desk with Hutch is another industrial look that provides plenty of storage space in a sleek.

One of the best features of this desk is the built-in shelf that is intended for multiple monitors at the ideal height instead of having a desk for dual monitors where you are slumped over looking down at your screens.

Most monitors sit at a typical desk height, and with the elevated design, you can help improve your posture by staring straight ahead instead of slumped over like most computer desks.

In addition, the dual monitor stand riser is adjustable, so you can move it to the ideal height that fits your size.

There is a 24-inch working depth to have plenty of space for a keyboard and laptop and your dual monitor setup.

A two-tier storage shelf and a CPU stand are also built into this design, and if additional storage space is needed, a portable rolling filing cabinet would fit well with this design.

Key Features

  • 2 tier storage shelf
  • industrial metal frame design
  • storage shelves for office supplies
  • free CPU stand

4. CubiCuci L Shaped Desk

This CubiCubi l-shaped desk is a modern design that is another great option for multiple monitors. While there aren’t as many built-in storage options as some of the other desks listed, the L-shaped desk design provides more working space than a standard dual monitor desk design.

There is a sleek drawer built-in for storage of things like headphones, pens, or notepads and a portable wood monitor stand to help you maximize your working area.

This dual monitor desk is only 48 pounds and could be ideal if you live in a small apartment or condo and will likely live in a few different places in the coming years.

One of the main things to consider when pushing a dual monitor desk is to evaluate the room where the gaming desk will be situated in your home office.

Be sure to take out a tape measure and measure the size of the area you want to place your desk for dual monitors to ensure you have enough space.

An l shaped desk is a great way to maximize small workspace areas, nicely utilize the corner of a room, and make for a perfect home office desk.

Key Features

  • Sleek modern l shaped design
  • Perfect for a gaming computer desk
  • Built-in drawer design

5. CubiCubi L Shaped Desk with Hutch

This impressive design from CubiCubi incorporates a hutch with a moveable bookshelf that would make for an excellent setup for multiple monitors.

This L-shaped desk has a spacious work area of over 59 x 47 x 29 inches and is made of high-quality metal and particleboard.

There are three color options; white, black, and deep brown, which could fit various home office color schemes.

This type of computer desk design also offers versatility.

For example, it could easily make for a hybrid gaming computer desk with two monitors or a study desk with plenty of room to create two separate working areas, thanks to the l-shaped desk design.

Key features:

  • Industrial design with built-in hutch
  • Adjustable bookshelf for dual monitor storage
  • Three color options to choose from and an affordable budget desk

6. Rolanstar Power Outlet L Shaped Desk

If you aren’t a fan of the hutch design, this computer desk by Rolanstar could be a great option to choose from. A built-in power outlet includes two outlets and 2 USB ports, making it an ideal gaming desk or desk for multiple monitors.

One of the significant challenges with multiple monitor setups is the cable management and organization of the different desk accessories.

Having the built-in power outlet included in the desk saves you some of the headaches of purchasing extension cords or placing your gaming desk next to a power outlet.

This desk size is one of the few with a modern design that could easily fit three monitors setup or even up to four monitors, thanks to the extended elevated monitor stand across the back of the computer desk.

If you need a gaming desk that supports multiple monitors but is on a budget and has limited space, this quality desk by Rolanstar is one to consider and could make for the perfect stand desk.

Key Features:

  • Hanging hook for cup holder or headphones
  • Extended 2nd level monitor stand for multiple computer monitors
  • USB port and outlet built into the desk

7. Topsky Computer Desk

The Topsky computer desk looks like a writing desk but is deep enough at 24 inches to easily fit a multiple monitor setup at the back of the desk and still has plenty enough space for a keyboard, mouse pad, and laptop if needed.

This desk is the perfect size for a bedroom gaming desk where you have limited space that could quickly move around the house and serve multiple purposes if you end up moving into a place with more freedom.

A multi-function shelf is built into this desk that maximizes space by keeping books and other storage accessories tucked away and hardly visible if you have a nice desk chair.

While the Topsky Computer desk doesn’t have a ton of bells and whistles, it could make for an ideal computer desk if you are on a budget but need a good quality computer desk that can fit two monitors.

Key Features:

  • Versatile design
  • Multifunction shelf built-in
  • 55″x 24″ working space
  • Flip open accessories cover

8. Bestar Universal Executive Computer Desk

The Bestar executive desk is an excellent option for multiple monitors if you have room for it in your home office and need storage for filing paperwork.

While it may be tempting to purchase a cheap computer desk for two monitors, investing in a higher quality executive desk may be worth the additional cost.

When you factor in how long you will be using the desk and the increased productivity, you wont be disappointed when you invest in yourself by buying the best desk for dual monitors for your budget.

This desk will impress on your video calls with its executive hutch design. This executive desk could serve three different purposes with three separate work areas. For example, you could easily have a gaming desk, a traditional home office, and a writing or reading desk.

While this executive gaming desk may take up the most desk space of any listed desk options, keep in mind that you likely won’t need to purchase additional office furniture like a filing cabinet or a bookshelf since the executive desk already has enough space to serve those purposes.

Key Features:

  • Three working areas
  • Large built-in hutch and storage compartments
  • 10 year limited warranty included

9. Tribesigns 63 Inch L Shaped Desk

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This is another excellent l-shaped desk design from Tribesigns that incorporates a built-in filing cabinet into the computer desk.

Thus desk has one of the most writing spaces of all of the dual monitor computer desks we have looked at and has a 63 x 27 work surface.

One of my favorite features of this tribe signs gaming desk is the mobile filing cabinet that can be used as an additional monitor stand by itself if you want to maximize your working space on the l-shaped desk or have more than two monitors. If you want three or more monitors, you may want to check out our best desk for triple monitors article.

There is also a CPU stand that is included if you need to use a PC, and the black and white color design would fit in with any room.

Key Features:

  • Sleek L shaped desk design
  • Rolling file cabinet included
  • Easy installation

10. GoFlame Modern L Shaped Desk

The L Shaped Desk for dual monitors is a classic sturdy desk design that could make for a perfect home office gaming desk for two or more monitors.

A built-in keyboard tray under the tabletop can easily store your keyboard and mouse pad. Because of its wide surface area, you could purchase a standing desk extender and use this l-shaped desk as a seated desk and a stand desk.

With built-in storage cabinets, you also eliminate the need for purchasing a filing cabinet since there is built-in storage already included, which makes this one of the best l-shaped desks on the market.

If you want to use two monitors, this computer desk is an excellent option since there are two separate sides of the desk with 66 inches in coverage.

One of my favorite things about L-shaped desks is the ability to separate your workspaces into two separate sections within one desk. You can use one side as one of your gaming desks while using the other entire desk for an entirely different purpose and still be left over with plenty of additional desk features to utilize.

Key Features:

  • Built-in storage cabinet
  • Built-in keyboard tray
  • Large tabletop and storage areas


It may be slightly more expensive to upgrade to a computer desk for dual monitors, however, you won’t have any regret by investing in your productivity and finding the best desk for dual monitors possible.

Be sure to consider things like the desk size, how much space you have,

With the options in the list above, we think you will be able to find a space-saving option that can serve multiple purposes like a computer gaming desk or writing desk to help take your home office setup to the next level.

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