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Best Desk Cable Management

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Electronic gadgets are part and parcel of our lives. Most are powered and connected by power strips, cords, and cables. The more gadgets you have, the more cords and cables you will have lying around and they can become an eyesore if not well organized. Although there are different ways to address this problem, a desk cable management box or organizer is the ultimate solution. 

A cable management box stores these power strips, cords, and cables keeping them organized and hidden neatly. The box and organizer can be hidden at the back of your desk, or behind your TV stand. You can also simply place it on your desk. 

In a Hurry? Below are the Best Desk Cable Management Systems:

Buying Guide

The following are some key factors to consider before buying a cable management system.

  • Construction and Features

Most boxes are usually made from high-density plastic. Others are made out of wood, steel, or silicon. The quality of the material used to construct the cable management boxes determines how durable and attractive the box will be. Therefore, choose one that is made from materials that are sturdy and resistant to scratch and fire. 

Some boxes also have small feet made from rubber or other materials to prevent sliding and slipping and to also prop it up to increase airflow and prevent overheating. 

  • Design and Appearance

If you plan on using the box in areas where it will be visible, it is important to look at the aesthetic qualities. Choose a box or organizer that has an attractive design that blends in with your décor. For example, the heat dispersal vents should be placed at the bottom of the box or hidden from view.  Also, the color should fit the surrounding. Otherwise, the box will stick out like a sore thumb.

  • Safety

A lot of heat builds up from the power strips, cables, and cords when they are used for long periods. This might affect the functionality of the cables, damage sensitive gadgets, or even lead to a fire. Therefore, the desk cable management box you choose should have built-in safety features to prevent overheating. The first requirement should be heat-dispersal vents that allow air to flow through. The box should also be made from fire-resistant materials. In case it is made from wood, ensure that it has a fire-proof lining. 

  • Lid 

Before you buy a cable management box, it is important to look at the lid. Most boxes have a lid that opens at the top allowing you to access cords and cables. 

The lid should seal tightly and securely to protect the cables and cords from dust and spills. It should also be sturdy enough to keep in the contents and not come off every time a cord shifts. On the other hand, it should be easy for you to remove it without straining. 

Also if you have children or pets, for their safety and the safety of your cables, you can get a box with child-proof latches or any other appropriate safety feature. 

  • Size

Cable management boxes and organizers usually come in different sizes. The size will be determined by your needs. For instance, if you have many cables, power strips, and cords, it is advisable to go for a larger box.  On the other hand, if you want a simple charging station for your gadgets or if you just want something to hold your wires only, then you can opt for a smaller, more compact box or just a simple tray. 

Another consideration to make is the available space. If you want to use the cable organizer on a table or desk, then a smaller one is more appropriate. 

Also, desk cable management boxes have openings on the sides where wires enter. These openings should be large enough to accommodate the cables and cords that pass through. 

  • Accessories 

It is important to know the kind of accessories that are offered with the cable management box or organizer you desire. These accessories include cable sleeves, ties, or clips, and any other things that will help you to organize your cables and cords. Some boxes often come with some of these accessories. In other cases, you will have to buy them separate from the box. 

  • Access Ports

Some cable management boxes or organizers have additional functionalities like charging stations for gadgets. These are not standard features but if that is your preference, choose a box that has dedicated ports for your chargers. 

Best Desk Cable Management

  • D-Line Cable Management Box

If you have been having a challenge organizing your cables, cords, and power strips, then this D-Line’s Cord Management Box could be the solution. It keeps your cables and cords neatly and securely fastened and inaccessible to children and pets. 

D-Line’s Cord Management Box has an elegant oval design with three rear openings that can accommodate a big number of cables and give you the tidy appearance that you desire. Two openings are on the side while one is in the middle. This allows you to route your cables in different directions for your convenience. To ensure that the cables are securely fastened, consider using cable wraps, clips, and ties from the same company. 

The D-Line’s Cable Organizer Box also has a polished lid that gives it a neat appearance and blends well with the surrounding. Also, it is big enough to fit most normal sized adapters.

This box is made from sturdy ABS material. This is the same material that is used to make Legos and car parts.  It comes with an effective click-lock lid that keeps your cords securely fastened and keeps out dust and liquids that could destroy your cables. 


  • Has multiple openings
  • Comes in different sizes 
  • Big enough to hold a large number of cables
  • The rear entry hides the cable mess well


  • The openings do not extend to the bottom
  • Takes a little force to open the lid


  • Tokye Cable Management Box

If you are looking for a complete set of essentials to organize and hide your cable clutter, then this desk cable management box is the perfect solution. It will help you solve multiple cable problems at once because it is inclusive of several useful accessories such as a cable box, clips, ties, and a cable sleeve. The sleeve is easy to attach while the ties have a hook-and-loop design making them convenient to use. This keeps all your cables and cords organized and securely packed. You also get to save money as you won’t have to buy the accessories separately. 

The box is big enough to accommodate long and wide surge protectors and it can also fit most standard power adapters. This allows you to plug in your cables and cords with the confidence that they will not become bent.

The box is made from a high-density material that is resistant to scratch. You can move it around without worrying about defacement. It is also fire-resistant which is important because sometimes the cords can heat up which is risky. It also has vents on the sides to allow air to flow through, which prevents overheating. 


  • Value for money
  • Comes with cable organizer accessories
  • Fire-resistant


  • The box is not strong enough to support any weight
  • Has no latches to secure the lid


  • Rustic Wooden Cable Management Box

With its beautiful design and high functionality, this cable management box would be a great addition to your desk or floor. It is made from real wood that makes it more tasteful than a plastic box. It would blend well with different surroundings and decors. It is also available in four different colors. The wood is untreated so if you are not comfortable with the available colors, you can paint it in your own colors. 

You can also choose from the different sizes available depending on what you need it for. The big ones are appropriate for floor usage while the smaller ones can be placed on the desk for your computer and smartphone cables. 

The lid is heavy and sturdy enough to contain cords and cables without needing a latch. It is also easy to open and close. The top of the lid is like a shallow tray and it gives you more storage space for putting other things such as keys, cards, and pens. You can also place a phone or tablet there to charge. 

It has 3 openings that allow you to position the box conveniently depending on the position of the power plugs and cables. These openings also increase the flow of air and prevent the cords and cables from overheating.


  • Attractive wooden finish
  • It has ventilation for excess heat
  • Does not slide around
  • Extra storages space on the lid



  • Not sturdy enough to support a lot of weight. 
  • The indented tray-like lid reduces the space for cables


  • Under Desk Cable Management Tray

This cable organizer has a rack design that provides ample storage space for managing cables, cords, and power strips. It comes in a set of two. You can choose to use them separately or you can combine them if you want a longer tray. It is made from steel making it sturdy enough to support the weight of a large number of cables. It is also coated with powder to make it more durable. 

The tray is large enough to hold multiple surge protectors and power strips. It does not have fixed screw locations and therefore it can be mounted from any point along the length of the tray. You can install it to the bottom or side of any wood or particleboard desk and is convenient even for desks with little overhang. Also, this cable organizer comes with screws and mounting instructions so you only need a screw drill and you are good to go. 

The tray’s open wire-mesh design means that dust cannot collect anywhere which makes it easier to maintain compared to plastic ones. This also prevents the heating of cables and cords. 


  • Can be mounted on a wall
  • Does not accumulate dust
  • Simple and affordable 
  • Comes in a pack of 2 trays
  • Enough screws included


  • The space between the tray opening and the bottom of the desk is very small
  • The screws are too long for thinner desks
  • Not advisable to install it on IKEA desks


  • Baskiss Cord Management Organizer

This cord organizer comes in a set of 3. There is one with 3 slots, another with 5 and the other one has 7 slots. This means you can organize up to 7 cables at a time with just a single cable clip. This keeps your cables organized while saving on space. It can hold cables that are 6mm in diameter or less such as speaker wires, computer wires, charging cables, and even internet cables. You simply place the cords in the clips and they stay put without getting entangled. You can remove the cords with a simple pull. 

Baskiss desk cord management organizer is made out of durable silicone material. This makes it more robust than plastic and it can hold a large number of cables at a time without losing elasticity.

It also has an adhesive pad that can work on all surfaces such as plastic, wood, and even glass. This allows you to put your cables in your desired position. You simply peel the pad and stick to wherever you want. Also, it is easy to remove and does not leave residue ensuring that your surfaces are not ruined. However, you cannot reapply it once you remove it and will have to buy double-sided tape for that. 


  • Easy to use
  • Has adhesion pad that sticks for long
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Durable 


  • Cannot be removed and repurposed
  • Thinner cables easily slip out


A good desk cable management system is a great addition to your home or office. It will help clean the mess of cables and cords keeping them organized and hidden from view. It even creates more space for you. Before you settle on one, consider not just your needs and preferences, but also the features and design of the cable management organizer.

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