5 Best Desk Chairs Under $200

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Having an excellent desk chair is a major key to being prolific in your workplace. You spend time sitting, you stretch out, and occasionally even get a power nap on your desk chair. Consequently, you’re likely to experience several critical situations such as backache, leg strain, and neck pains if your desk chair doesn’t offer much comfort. Thankfully, there are plenty of options on the market so finding the best desk chairs under 200 should not be too difficult.

On a normal working day, you spend an average of 9 hours out the 24 hours sitting on it. Imagine how it can affect your overall health condition if your sitting experience is not comfortable. It’s important to be acquainted with the best desk chairs Under 200. 

A good chair grants you much comfort and protects your body from unwanted strains, as you spend productive hours of your day in your working place. It’s always a good idea to select your desk chair wisely so as to obtain long-term benefits from the seat, and good value for your money too.

Top Desk Chairs under $200

Here we’ve compiled a list of the best desk chairs under $200 that will help you select a perfect chair that meets your preference and budget.  

1. Office chair ergonomic desk chair 

 It’s worth it to take on your day from the comfort of this ergonomic desk chair that is made to give you long-lasting comfort. The chair is equipped with a breathable mesh back that lets fresh air to circulate and keep your working environment cool and conducive. The seat is padded to give you extra comfort any time you use it. 

This chair is fitted with 360-degree swivels to give you convenience in multitasking, plus casters that make your rolling smooth. You can easily adjust the height of the chair to suit your own height. It has an ergonomic design that is fully human-oriented for maximum comfort. Whenever you need to relax, you can put your hand on its incredible armrests.

The office chair has a locking mechanism that helps to keep the back straight and reduces the strain that comes with some other desk chairs. Assembling the chair is a simple activity that can take you around 15 minutes. It comes with all the components and necessary tools needed to set it up. 


  • Padded for maximum comfort
  • Adjustable and has 360 degrees swivels
  • Has a locking mechanism to keep your back upright
  • Breathable mesh that keeps your environment cool
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to assemble


  • It has a limited weight capacity that does not exceed 275 pounds.
  • Armrest may be short
  • Not so sturdy

2.AmazonBasics High- Black Leather Executive, Adjustable Office Desk Chair

You can consider this desk chair any time you are looking for an office chair that will make you feel at ease as you get through your productive day. It’s an executive chair made in black leather and a pewter finish frame. On top of its glossy and professional style, this chair offers you sophisticated comfort although.

AmazonBasics Executive desk chair is well constructed for personalized comfort. It’s fitted with a butterfly plate, adjustable features like a pneumatic control handle and a curved outline that supports your back and keeps your body perfectly aligned. It’s an ideal choice if you sit in your office for a prolonged period. 

On top of adjusting the height of the chair, you can as well tilt the chair to rock back and forth or not rock at all. It also has black padding on its armrests to boost your comfort.  The chair swivels 360 degrees to provide a versatile range of movements and a convenience for multi-tasking.  Its resilient nyloncasters provide a smooth rolling motion from one spot to another.


  • Padded to make you feel at ease all-day
  • Adjustable height
  • Casters for smooth rolling
  • 360 degrees swivel


  • Bonded leather is not so durable
  • Makes squeaking sounds
  • Assembling is often cumbersome, requiring at least two people.

3. AmazonBasic Leather-Padded, Adjustable, Swivel Office Desk Chair

Whenever you want to add a sleek style to your place of work, the AmazonBasics mid-back office chair is a wise selection. This chair incorporates a modern profile and a classy appearance that gives a professional impression to your office. Its adjustable settings and fine contours enhance your all-day comfort.

This chair offers excellent support to all diligent professionals in the office. You can either raise or lower the seat using pneumatic controls. At your convenience, you can choose to rock back or firmly sit upright. This modifiable setting helps promote contented and relaxed sitting position. It’s equipped with dual-wheel casters that give you the ability to glide easily over your flooring while performing your tasks without straining.

This chair is padded both at the seat and at the back to make you feel at ease when sitting on it. Its smooth and supple black bonded leather makes it take your comfort to the next level. Its armrests are curved and nylon textured, well constructed for you to place your hands and take off the strain from your neck and back. It also has the swiveling capabilities for your multitasking expediency. 


  • Adjustable
  • Comfortable armrests
  • Faux leather on the seat and at the back
  • Padded at its seat and back for your comfort
  • Dual wheel casters for flexible movements 


  • The seat’s cushion gets flat after a period of usage
  • Has no headrest
  • Brittle armrests

4.Big and Tall Office Chair Mesh Computer Chair with Lumbar support

If you are seeking a desk chair that is capable of offering adequate support and long-lasting services to burly users, here is a good option for you. This product is known for having a large weight capacity of up to 400 lbs. It has an exclusive appearance and commercial-grade features, with extra thick cushions for utmost comfort.  

The Big and Tall Office chair comes with entirely adjustable features. It has six positions of adjustment including easy pneumatic controls. Its PU padded armrest and Lumbar support is appropriate to help you get rid of backpressure and unwind your natural spine curve. The superb breathable design allows the air to flow freely in the area around your seat for your office environment to be cool and comfortable.

This desk chair offers steady mobility and reliable stability. It’s constructed with a tough metal base with a swivel of 360 degrees. It’s smooth nylon rolling casters work perfectly in making it a breeze for you to roll with your chair from one place to another within your working space. It comes with hardware, tools, and instructions needed for the assembly.


  • Higher weight capacity
  • Fully adjustable settings
  • Thick cushions for more comfort
  • Breathable design to keep your environment cool
  • 360-degree swivel for more flexibility
  • Easy to assemble


  • It often makes squeaky sounds
  • The back of the chair does not lean back
  • The arms have no padding

5. Funria Mid back mesh office chair 

This one of the best budget-friendly chairs in the market that gives you a good seating experience at all times, whether you are working or relaxing. The chair offers comfort safety and convenience at your office. The armrests are flexible in that you can bend them back and forth effortlessly whenever you wish. They are also sponge padded and covered with a mesh cloth to elevate arm strains and pain as you work. This chair is one of the best desk chairs under 200 as it seems like you get a great bang for your buck.

The padded mesh is high quality, resilient, and breathable to add on the comfort that the chair offers. The edge of the seat features a waterfall design to ease stress. The seating space is wider such that even hefty users can fit perfectly. The chair is ergonomically constructed with lumbar support that gives the highest support to your lower back and sustains your spine’s natural curve throughout your sitting period. 

Funria Mid-back mesh office chair is equipped with fully adaptable features that allow you to amend it to suit your most comfortable sitting position. It offers excellent stability as well as mobility, thanks to its heavy-duty and sturdy nylon base and flexible casters.


  • High quality and breathable padding
  • High weight capacity of up to 300 lbs.
  • Flip-up armrests that are flexible and space-saving
  • Fully adjustable


  • Installation requires at least two people
  • There may be a slight rocking as you lean forward and back


Your desk chair plays an important part in your overall well being. You’d need to be seated in your office for long hours, and if you keep having several strains from an uncomfortable chair, you wouldn’t make it to achieve the maximum level of productivity in your place of work. With a good chair, you get a respectable relaxation. Some chairs are also integrated with exclusive features that suit your day to day purposes.

As you strive to improve the sitting experience in your office by shopping for the best desk chairs under your budget, you don’t want to end up with choosing something that’s against your expectations. The cost of some high-end desk chairs might also shock you. Choosing an ergonomic desk chair on a tight budget is laden with possible pitfalls. How can you be assured that the chair you manage to pay for will be comfortable and long-lasting? That’s why you need to examine the review of the best desk chairs under $200 that have outstanding ergonomic characteristics for their price. We hope you enjoyed this guide on the best desk chairs under 200 and hope you make a decision you will be happy with!

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