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5 Best Desk For Home Office

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Working from home, just like walking from the office, means sitting for long hours which can be detrimental to your health. These long hours of sitting can cause back and neck aches, muscles and joints pain, and shoulder discomfort. A high-quality desk for your home office can help to prevent these health issues and increase your productivity. 

Home office desks come with different designs, shapes, and construction. As a result, deciding on the best model can be overwhelming.  If you consider getting the right home office desk that will suit your daily duties and work style, this post will be of great help. 

Reviews Of The 5 Best Desk For Home Office

This minimalist desk for home office comes with a modern design that is suitable for a home office, bedroom, studio, kitchen, and dining. It is available in three finishes- steel frame, powder-coated finish, and environmental particleboard. 

The desk surface has an espresso color finishing and the steel frames are in silver finish. This feature makes it easy to clean and maintain.

The SHW brand comes in a variety of sizes and designs that are easy to assemble. Its dimension of 48″ W x 23.8″ D x 28″ H can help to transform your office into an active and practical workplace.


  • Simple to assemble and use
  • It is sturdy, making it a durable furniture
  • It lacks drawers or other extra storage, leaving enough space under the desk
  • Its size makes it suitable even for small spaces


  • Gets a lot of stains from the fingers, arms, or objects


SHW Home Office 48-Inch Computer Desk is of great quality and comes at a reasonable price. It has ample space to fit your computer, additional monitors, and other devices.

Cubiker Computer Desk 47’’ is designed to offer comfortable office activities, gaming environment, studying, and writing. It has a large computer desk surface which measures 47″ x 23.6″. 

What’s great about this desk for the home office?

 It comes in a modern design style and features extra-strong metal legs and adjustable leg pads for maximum stability. With its additional storage bag and iron hook, you can efficiently arrange your workspace. 

 This desk requires minimal effort to install and comes with easy to follow instructions. As far as durability, Cubiker Computer Desk 47’’ will offer you long-lasting service


  • Made of durable materials
  • Comes with a storage bag and iron hook for additional space to organize your working stuff
  • Excellent customer care service
  • Sturdy and easy to install


  • The desk can easily rip out if not well installed


This furniture is super easy to set up, making it easy even for students to install. It is wide to support a desktop and hold a triple monitor set up.

Writing computer desk is multipurpose furniture. It is suitable for the study room, bedroom, kitchen, secretarial desk, children’s’ room, game table, and can be used as a computer desk. With only 1 step, you can perform the installation process efficiently. 

When not in use, you can fold down the desk and place it at a corner to save space. Also, it is built to last with durable and solid materials. It s also waterproof so you don’t have to worry about spilling coffee of water on it.

Its size (L*W*H: 39.4 * 19.7 * 28.3 Inches) can hold different types of desktops and other devices.


  • Only one step to complete the installation process
  • It is a multi-functional desk
  • Great size and sturdy to hold even heavy devices


  • The top of the desk can make writing on a piece of paper difficult


This desk is perfect for those with little home office space. It’s folding capability makes it a good idea for a squeezed room.

  1. Teraves Reversible L Shaped Desk with Shelves 

Teraves Reversible L Shaped Desk comes in a modern wooden design. It is sturdy, sleek, and comes with an edge technology for strength and durability.

The L-shaped design will help you save space in your home. If you have a lot of documents in your office, this desk offers a great storage option. It has open 2-tier shelves for storing files and books. 

The good thing about this desk is the humanized footrest design. It can enhance comfort in the room. Also, it comes with an adjustable leg pad which is helpful for you to balance the desk. 


  • Has a free CPU stand to help you move your computer efficiently
  • Has open 2-tier shelves for storing documents
  • The L-shaped design makes it to fit the corners perfectly
  • It is a spacious desk


  • The instructions are not easy to read when compared to other desks


Teraves Reversible L Shaped Desk is big enough to accommodate your machine, laptop, files, and other crafts things. Its design is a great space saver and comes with a hole for monitor cables.

  1. Tribesigns Modern Simple Style Computer Desk 

Tribesigns Modern Simple Style Computer Desk can perform well on different types of floors. Its metal legs and adjustable legs pad can be suitable even on an uneven floor. It is wide to provide enough space for your computer, monitors, and other activities. 

It is made of waterproof, ant scratch, and desktop made of 0.98″ thicker laminated MDF, making it a durable desk. Apart from this, it has computer frames and is made of heavy-duty powder-coated steel for stability. 

This desk is easy to assemble. You will only need to install 4 legs and 2 leg bars.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Made of durable materials
  • Provide plenty of surface space
  • Modern design


  • Does not provide legs support


Tribesigns Modern Simple Style Computer Desk is large and spacious furniture. It is perfect for most of the home office needs. It measure 47.2″(L) x 23.6″(W) x 29.2″(H) /52.9 lbs weight & 900 lbs capacity

Buyer’s Guide

Having a home office is easy if you have enough resources. But getting the right home office desk can be a tedious task. Choosing a perfect desk is mandatory, not only for your comfort but also for increasing your business productivity. When shopping for the best home desk, here are some of the factors to consider:

  • Durability

Do you want a long-lasting home office desk? Then, quality should be the number one factor to consider. But how can you tell that a desk is of high-quality? The drawers of the desk should open and close easily. 

Also, good quality wood drawers come with a unique design. They are assembled with an interlocking construction, making them stronger than ones that are put together with glue or staples. 

 Also, the warranty can provide a guarantee of durability, life expectancy, and quality of a particular desk.

  • Size

Considering the right size for your home office desk can enhance comfort and efficiency in your room. The desks vary in terms of shapes and sizes. The  Size will depend on the office space

Also, ensure that your working equipment such as a computer will fit on the desk. If you wish to install the desk next to a corner, you can consider an L-shaped desk.

  • Style

The style is a crucial factor to consider. It enhances the appearance of the office. 

The home office desks come in different types and styles such as classic, contemporary, space-saving, executive desk, and shaped desks. If you want to provide additional storage space that will help you save the floor space, you can consider the shaped desks. They include the L-shaped and U-shaped.

  • Ergonomic space

The environmental working conditions can increase or lower the performance of your work. Working from home requires maximum comfort. Your desk should offer enough space for your legs. You can consider a height of 29 to 30 inches from the floor to offer an efficient working condition. 

  • Desk surface

The home office desks come with different surfaces. Some are durable and can withstand different conditions while others do not last long. A desk with a plastic finish is affordable, durable, and comes with different types of colors. To get a quality laminate, you need to consider a thick, high-pressure laminate.

Additionally, metal or steel desks are ideal for long term heavy use. Although they are not professional in appearance, they come at a reasonable price and are suitable for high traffic areas.

The wood desks look more attractive than any other model. They are more expensive and considered more delicate.  

  • Consider your budget

Budget is a great factor to consider when purchasing valuable items like the home office desk. While making some investments, you need to check whether the desk has high-quality materials for the long-lasting feature. 

Remember, you don’t have to spend all your savings to purchase a quality desk. You need to take time to compare various brands to help you select one that fits your budget.

  • Check whether the desk has extra facilities

You need to choose a desk for home office that will enhance your working experience and comfort. Right?  Consider some facilities such as storage and whether you will be able to stretch your legs and hands for maximum comfort. 

  • Consider your office space

Before making a purchase, you must get the right dimension of your office. Also, you need to figure out whether you will be able to move around efficiently after placing the desk. With the correct measurements of your room, you will be able to choose the right size and shape of the home office desk.

  • Consider your office design

A great design can help to relieve out stress, enhance the mood, and increase your business productivity. By considering your office design before making a purchasing decision will help you select a modern desk that will give a pleasant look. 

Also, the design will help you choose a desk that will match your brand identity and color scheme for your office.


What is the best height for the desk for home office?

Desks for the home office have different heights. Some are too high, making it difficult to use your computer. Others are too low, making the legs encounter discomfort and other issues. 

The standard desk height is 29-30 inch which can be perfect for almost everyone. However, you can select the height of your desk, based on comfort and your body.

How much weight can a desk for home office hold?

There is no specific weight for office desks. The weight of a desk influences the weight it can hold. However, having heavy weight is not an assurance of holding a heavy load. Some desks are made from materials that can break easily. 

Before purchasing a desk for your office, you need to compare different desks to know the one that can handle your desktop and other stuff.


If you have decided to embark on revolving on a career you love. You can conveniently perform it all from home. It becomes an exciting time when you no longer just think about your home office but designing it with a quality home desk. 

The best desk for home office is not only essential for comfort but also for the interior of your office. The furniture differs in terms of features and price. With a good plan, you can select a desk that fits your office’s needs. The plan will help you perform research and come up with a clear budget.

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