5 Best Dry Erase Boards with Stand

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Are you looking for the best dry erase board to withstand? Look no further as we have you covered.

Are you a fanatic of solving topics or performing illustrations in front of people? If so, then you will find a dry erase board very helpful. With it, you can brainstorm different ideas on the spot as you write and rewrite on the same surface.

Dry-erase boards have made a big difference since they were launched, becoming one of the essential equipment in an office or classroom. They help in simplifying complex topics by providing a definite picture to the entire stream of thought thus encouraging creativity and exchange of ideas.

However, picking the right dry erase board can be confusing especially because of the availability of several options in the market today. In this post, we will review some of the best dry erase boards with stands available in the market as well as give you a guide on the important considerations to take during the buying process.

Review of the Best Dry Erase Boards

1.Viz-Pro Double Sided Whiteboard

This board can work perfectly for creating personal to-do lists, menus in the kitchen, homeschooling, and making presentations to a small group of people.

The double-sided whiteboard comes as a set containing the board, a black marker, and a magnetic eraser to get you started before you can think of purchasing colored markers and other fancy accessories.

Given its size, its lightweight and portable enough to be carried from one place to another or even for outside presentations and learning. 

As an assurance of its durability and quality, TSJ offers a lifetime warranty on the board.


  • Double-sided and magnetic
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Stable on desktops and tabletops
  • 360-degree reversible design for better writing experience


  • None noted so far

 2. ARCOBIS Magnetic Double-Sided Dry Erase Board 

The ARCOBIS double-sided erase board is another mini-board that can be displayed on the desktop, kitchen counter, tabletop, study table, and other small but stable surfaces. It can also be placed on a stand or hung against a wall to double up as a message board or memo board.

Being a mini-board, it’s lightweight and compact enough to be carried from one surface to another. This means you can use the same board for different uses in the home, office, or classroom. 

What makes this board unique is the 3-layer paint that coats the writing surface. This triple-layer gives off an excellently smooth surface that is easy to wipe off. The triple-layer also helps to prevent staining.

The board is shipped along with one magnetic dry eraser as well as a black and a red marker. The size makes it a perfect gift for students, homeschoolers, teachers, and work-at-home-mums.


  • Easy to read from
  • Can be hanged or placed to stand on surfaces
  • Double-sided for more writing space
  • Anti-scratch frame
  • Erases easily
  • Great quality
  • Magnetic


  • The caps on the markers are hard to get off
  • Not possible to lock in the stand

3. VIZ-Pro Dry Erase Board/Whiteboard

The VIZ-pro erase boards are available in a variety of sizes and mounts on walls. This specific one, measuring 48×36 inches has a large surface area of 70×46 inches. 

Given its large size, it is the most ideal for large offices, conference rooms, training rooms, and classrooms. It’s a pretty high-quality board which explains its price.

The frame of the board is fitted with aluminum and capped with ABS plastic on the corners. This is both for durability and safety when writing. The surface is made of melamine which is smooth and easy to write on as well as wipe clean.

Installation is super easy and requires no special know-how to mount it up against a wall. It is even made easier with the installation kit that it comes along with.

Lastly, the board comes with a clip-on marker tray that you can use to place your markers, erasers, and other accessories for easy access.


  • Comes with a mounting kit and marker tray
  • The surface is easy to write on and wipe
  • Lightweight
  • Large surface area


  • May need overhead lighting in a room that is not well lit

4.Maxtek Mobile Whiteboard

What stood out for me in the Maxtek mobile whiteboard is the adjustability of its height and how uniquely designed it looks. That it can be adjusted to up to 74 inches from 59 means that anyone can use it as long as they can find the best angle for their height. The adjustment is made using a knob located at the bottom of the stand.

The board measures 36” x 24” which is a fairly good size to plan, share ideas, or make presentations with. The size makes it an ideal choice for those working with compact wall space.

For ease of mobility, the board is fitted with five caster wheels that move smoothly and effortlessly. The rounded base not only makes it a very stable board but adds to its unique design as well.

I absolutely loved that there is no mounting involved. It comes ready to use right out of the box. I also loved that it comes with a magnetic surface to allow you to attach some of your documents. 


  • Uniquely designed
  • Height can be adjusted
  • Doubles up as a bulletin board
  • Can fit on small wall spaces


  • The writing angle is fixed

5. AmazonBasics 42 x 36″ Magnetic Framed Dry Erase White Board

AmazonBasics have a variety of amazing products going for crazily affordable rates and this dry erase whiteboard is no exception. At least going by the high number of reviews.

The 42 by 36 size is most ideal for teachers, homeschoolers, offices, and trainers. With plenty of space for your to-do lists, presentations, and classwork, the board can be hung both horizontally and vertically as a bulletin board or writing board.

Amazonbasics supplies the board along with a dry-erase marker, hanging hardware, and two magnets. 

The board surface is smooth making it easy to write on. It does not stain or ghost and wipes clean every single time.


  • One year warranty
  • Can be hanged horizontally or vertically
  • Can also be used as a magnetic board
  • Does not stain or ghost


  • No return policy


Although modern technology is nowadays commonly used for teaching and making presentations, dry erase boards are still very much in use as well. They are perfect for group work, classroom, and office presentations. They also come in handy for organizing chores in the house or planning duties in the office.

We hope we have helped you a great deal narrow down your search or even better help you find the best dry erase board for you.

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