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If you spend hours on end typing on your computer, you have possibly noted that the majority of regular keyboards are not designed to ensure your comfort. These rigid accessories are practical for use, although they hardly accommodate how your hand naturally lands on the keys. 

This is where finding the best ergonomic keyboard for mac comes in. They keyboards are designed to reduce the risk of injuring your wrists or hands by providing a more natural position of the keys. Their human-centric designs also help to alleviate back and neck pains.

Unfortunately, traditional keyboards are still more popular than their ergonomic counterparts. In case you have no idea where to begin your research for the best models, stick around and i’ll share with you 5 of the best ergonomic keyboard for mac in the market.

In a Hurry? Below are the Best Ergonomic Keyboard For Mac:

Benefits of Using the Best Ergonomic Keyboard For Mac

Times have changed. Most people nowadays work for longer hours than in previous generations. They also have a lot on their plate once they get home from work. In short, each day is challenging, even under the best circumstances.

Nursing hand and wrist pains can erode your productivity levels. Depending on how bad your regular keyboard affects your health, you may even suffer from back and neck pains. One of the main benefits of ditching your standard keyboard for an ergonomic one is that it will help reduce the risk of injury, prevent fatigue, and enhance your overall productivity.

Here are other perks you stand to enjoy:


  • Enhanced Comfort


Ergonomic keyboard enhance comfort by keeping your hands and wrists in a more natural position. Split keyboards even allow some level of adjustment for improved customization.


  • Reduced Work Stress


Irrespective of your line of business, you are likely to get stressed if you often have to battle with pain issues caused by frequent use of the wrong keyboard. An ergonomic split keyboard reduces the strain on your arms and wrists and this not only prevents injuries but also directly alleviates workplace stress.


  • Improved Productivity


Keyboard related fatigue and injuries can take a toll on your productivity. This is more so the case if you use your computer regularly. Reducing the risk of ending each day with tired, cramped hands can improve your precision, dexterity, and work output.

5 Top Ergonomic Keyboard For Mac

It took us months on end to test an array of ergonomic keyboard models. We present to you 5 Best ergonomic keyboard for mac designed to eliminate strains by keeping your wrists, arms, and hands in a more natural and comfy position.


  • Logitech Ergo K860 Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard 


Let’s begin with a top-selling model from one of the best brands in the market— Logitech. This is a leading keyboard manufacturer that brags of a couple of excellent models, including the Ergo K860. One of the main reasons we listed this product top on our list is because it has a straightforward split design that eases the learning curve for first-time users.

Moreover, the split offers a 30-degree angle, and an aggressive wave shape tents the keyboard and raises the middle section. This allows your wrists to rest naturally as you type.

Another great bonus is the wrist pillow with generous padding that comes with the package. It is packed with memory foam to protect your hands from repetitive injury and enhance your overall comfort.

The K860 supports wireless operations and has the ability to connect to three devices at a go via Bluetooth. There is a keyboard shortcut for switching among the devices in use. Better still, one set of AAA batteries can offer you roughly 2 years of use, if you use your keyboard daily.


  • Unique curvy and split ergonomic design
  • Extra -cozy wrist rest included
  • Excellent stroke keys
  • Ergonomist Approved to reduce muscle strain
  • Affordable


  • No key backlighting



  • Perixx Periboard-612 Wireless Ergonomic Split Keyboard


Our runners up model, the Perixx Periboard-612 qualifies as one of the best ergo keyboards for wrist health. Just like the Logitech Ergo K860, this keyboard too boasts of a split key design and offers you the ability to switch between wired and wireless connection options.

What makes this model unique is that it comes with multimedia keys that allow easy control of videos and audio when gaming. It also comes with an integrated number pad and 4 extra switchable keys that you can use with a Mac.

Something else that’s quite impressive is that it has 7 hotkeys and shortcuts. While they may not sound like much, they help to create a more ergonomic setup. Talking about excellent ergonomics, you are likely to love the solid responsive keys and the integrated padded wrist rest.

For the price, this is a keyboard that promises to make a solid investment. Perixx is a brand known for producing user-friendly ergonomic keyboards that brag of top-quality overall craftsmanship and the 612 split keyboard is not an exception.


  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows
  • Unique split shape and 3D wave pattern design
  • Responsive-touch keys
  • Designed to ease wrist pain
  • Wireless or wired option
  • Low price point


  • It takes practice to get used to the key setup


  • Perixx Periboard-512W Periboard-512 Ergonomic Split Keyboard


Thanks to the excellent craftsmanship of Perixx keyboards, we could not resist listing yet another model from the brand. The 513W is a wave-pattern keyboard with an impressive 3D design. Even with an incredibly low price tag, it does not skimp on performance.

Like other ergo keyboards on our list, this one also features a left-right split design that allows you to lay your hands down naturally when typing. During our tests, we were quick to notice that tying is quite comfortable thanks to the highly responsive keys.

Compared to other models we tested, this keyboard sits a little higher once it is setup. This keeps the hand and wrist straight to avoid muscle misalignment and strains. If you suffer from issues like carpal tunnel syndrome, this is a keyboard we highly recommend.

The Perixx Periboard-612 is the upgraded version of the 512W and we mentioned that it supports both wired and wireless connections. It’s also compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. This older version is still not a turn off because it comes with a generous 6 feet cable for wired connections and pairs well with any machine using Windows 7-10.


  • 3D wave pattern design for enhanced ergonomics
  • Natural left-right split
  • Pairs well with Windows 7-10
  • Highly responsive touch keys
  • Incredibly affordable


  • Only supports wired connections
  • Not compatible with Mac OS



  • Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business 


If you are searching for the best ergonomic keyboard for mac,  then the Microsoft Sculpt may not be ideal for you. However, if your focus is on finding a model that is easy on your wrist arms and hands, this product could be exactly what you need. Its peripheral features a domed, split layout and an ingenious reverse tilt design that ensures your wrists remain a more natural and comfortable position.

The keyboard comes with a curved, well-padded palm rest. It provides excellent support that reduces hand strains and fatigue when working for longer hours. Something else that really stands out is that the keys are expertly arranged to assume the natural curvature of your fingers.

This model does not offer much in terms of customization options. However, it is still a reliable product with a gentle learning curve. With the package, you get a three-piece deal that includes the keyboard, a separate numeric pad, and an ergonomic mouse that glides smoothly for enhanced user comfort.


  • Well designed with comfortable low impact keys
  • Separate number pad and mouse included
  • Supports wireless connection
  • Smooth and quiet key action
  • Split layout for reduced wrist, hand and arm strain


  • Not the best quality palm rest



  • KINESIS Gaming Freestyle Edge


Last but not least is one of the best ergonomic keyboards for gaming. The KINESIS Gaming Freestyle Edge offers the perfect blend of excellent programmability, great comfort, and per-key RGB lighting. While it may not be the cheapest gaming keyboard, it hardly leaves users with a wish list.

Something that makes the model stand out is its Cherry MX switches. They can turn red, silver, brown, or blue to effectively illuminate the keys and bring a sense of drama to your gaming setting. Better still, this keyboard pairs well with a range of operating systems, including Chrome, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The practical split design allows you to keep the two halves of the device up to ½ a meter apart. You get a total of 95 fully programmable keys and a neat SmartSet key that allows quick remapping not to mention a range of customization options through the SmartSet App.

This is a high-tech keyboard and its dedicated SmartSet App allows you to create about 9 dual-layer profiles and macros. You can also fully customize your RGB and use effects such as Pulse, Rebound, Wave, and more— what else would an avid gamer wish for?


  • Ergonomic keyboard with a split design
  • Perfect for typing and gaming
  • Highly responsive keys with a premium feel
  • Customizable RGB lighting
  • 95 fully programmable keys
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows, Chrome, and Linux


  • Expensive
  • Elevation stands are sold separately


Tips for Choosing the Best Ergonomic Keyboard

Let’s go straight to analyzing key aspects that dictate the comfort levels offered by an ergo keyboard. We will also have a look at a few features that may affect your comfort, health, and overall productivity.


  • Intended Use


We all understand the basic use of a keyboard. However, do you need the device for office use or will it become part of your gaming set? While such questions sound somewhat primitive, they can help you determine the best designs to choose from.

For gamers, keyboards that have special gaming keys are the best. If you often work with numbers, make sure your keyboard of choice has a numeric keypad. On the other hand, folks who type texts for prolonged hours are better off using super-ergonomic keyboards designed to reduce repetitive strain injury.


  • Size


Keyboards are different in terms of their functional purpose as well as their size. Currently, the array of keyboard sizes is simply impressive.

For those that love having all the numbers, letters and punctuation marks close at hand, a full-size keyboard is perfect. Small-sized keyboards are mainly ideal for those who desire enhanced portability.


  • Compatibility


Before you get all excited and choose the first good looking keyboard you can find, make sure it is compatible with your computers operating system.

I know this may come as a surprise to many. Well, simply because a keyboard works wonderfully with Mac doesn’t necessarily mean it will perform equally as impressive when paired with Windows. Even when choosing a highly compatible keyboard, you must understand that its performance may vary when using different operating systems.


  • Wired Vs. Wireless


Here is the million-dollar question. Should you choose a wired or wireless keyboard?

A good number of modern keyboards connect through USB ports. They hardly lug and are super easy to use.

Wireless keyboards also have a unique set of perks. The most notable benefit is that such accessories make issues of tangled up cables is a thing of the past. On the downside, they are prone to lags and users may face challenges connecting them via Bluetooth. Additionally, they feature batteries that need regular charging.

Take it from me, keyboards that support both wireless and wired configurations may be a little expensive, but they’re worth it. They give you the freedom to choose between a wired or wireless connection— whatever tickles your fancy.


  • Keys & Keystrokes


Some keyboards have soft, sensitive keys while others have hard keys that require you to use additional typing pressure. Both options are great, although you need to out which design works best for you.

To be on the safe side, make sure the keys are fairly responsive and easy to click. Moreover, the right keyboard will remain stable, even as you type at high speeds.


  • Extra Features


Depending on your budget and needs, here are a few extra features to look for in an ergonomic keyboard:-


  • Tilt Angle


The tilt angle feature allows you to adjust your keyboard to suit your personal needs.


  • Split


The majority, if not all ergonomic keyboards have the split design. It makes it easy to personalize the setup of the keyboard depending on the position of your wrists, arms, and shoulders. The split sizes typically range from 9-20 inches.


  • Splay


This is simply that V-form design. Most people who spend hours typing find keyboards with a splay design to be more comfortable to use.


  • Tent


The tent feature allows you to change the horizontal position of your keyboard from a range of 0 – 30 degrees. This will ensure enhanced comfort by offering you a more natural position for your hands and wrists.


Final Words

Our review shares in-depth information about 5 of the best ergonomic keyboard for mac on the market. These models are secret weapons that can enhance your health and comfort by preventing your hands and wrists from contorting into unhealthy angles. This, in return, averts injuries caused by repetitive stress and improper hand and wrist alignment.

Are you pressed for time?

No problem. Go straight to selecting our top pick model the Logitech Ergo K860 Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard with Wrist Rest. I promise you, you will not regret it.

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