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Best Ergonomic Office Chairs Under 100

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Desk jobs force one to remain in a stationary position for long hours. This can cause numerous health concerns and that is why frequent breaks, walks, and stretching exercises are highly advisable. Something else you can do to enhance your comfort and keep health issues at bay is to find the best ergonomic office chair under 100.

People differ in their needs, body physiques, and preferences. This makes it nearly impossible to find a one-fits-all kind of office chair. On the bright side though, manufacturers are flexing muscles with each brand trying to produce the best ergo chairs for a broader group of people.

If the parades of options in the market have you confused about the best ergonomic chairs to choose, we have your back. After weeks of research, we handpicked 5 of the best products designed to provide ample support and generally ensure enhanced work efficiency and productivity.

In a Hurry? Below are some of the Best Ergonomic Office Chairs Under 100:

Read on to find out what our top picks are!

5 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs Under 100

Here is a list of 5 of the very best ergonomic chairs in the market at just under $100.

We selected these models for their ability to provide excellent lower back support and encourage proper alignment of the spine. These chairs also provide comfortable cushioning for your bottom without interrupting circulation of blood to your thighs.


Top on the list is this  gorgeous chair with modern aesthetics. This ergo desk chair from Best Office Chair offers exceptional support and boasts of several practical features ideal for the hard-working expert. One of its best features is the transparent mesh back that allows proper air circulation to keep you comfortable when working for extended hours.

Moreover, the seat height is adjustable and you can raise or lower it using an adjustment lever. We were also quick to note the padded armrests that aid in relieving pressure from your shoulders when typing. This, coupled with the comfortable, thick padded seat assures you of unrivaled comfort for years on end.

Other great features include tension control and 360 degrees swivel that provide multi-tasking convenience. This chair comes with durable caster wheels that roll smoothly without defacing your floors. The heavy-duty metal base also provides excellent mobility and stability for enhanced user safety.

Overall, the adjustability of this model makes it a perfect fit for both short and taller users. It can also accommodate heavier folks thanks to its 250 lbs maximum weight capacity. For the price, it certainly makes a solid investment.


  • Stylish chair with a mesh back and black finish
  • Decent levels of adjustability
  • Comfortable armrests
  • A solid base for enhanced safety
  • Anti-marring caster wheels
  • Excellent lumbar support and easy leaning


  • A somewhat challenging assembly process


KOLLIEE mid back mesh office chair is a top-quality product that brags of a well-padded foam cushion and high-density mesh back for enhanced user comfort. It is ergonomically designed to offer you excellent back support and by extension alleviate back and shoulder pains caused by working for long hours.

Structurally, this is a product that ticks all the right boxed. It has a sturdy feel and is designed to support up to 250-pound users. Thanks to the adjustable seat height, it makes an excellent investment for different users, irrespective of their height.

This model comes fitted with 360-degree swivel wheels. You can roll, pivot, and smoothly glide across the floor to access different areas of your work setting. Moreover, you can flip up the armrests or drop them— whatever tickles your fancy.

There is one key downside we noted with this chair. While it is well-built and it even allows height adjustments, it’s mainly ideal for 5’5” or shorter users. If you are taller than this, your elbows will hardly touch the armrests and this renders them useless. The lumbar support may also not be as ideal as it would be for a shorter user.


  • Easy to assemble with clear instructions
  • Adjustable seat height for enhanced customization
  • Flip-up armrests
  • Smooth functioning rocking mechanism
  • Comfortable with reliable lumbar support


  • Mainly ideal for shorter users


I’m sure it’s not just me who gets a little too sweaty when using a leather chair. If you belong to my clan as far as this goes, then you are possibly going to appreciate ergo office chairs covered in mesh materials. They allow better airflow and quick heat dissipation to keep you comfortable when working for extended hours.

If your eyes are set on finding the best mesh ergonomic chair, I’ll give you several good reasons to consider the NEO chair. Apart from having an appealing stain-resistant 3D air mesh material, it also comes with a resilient, breathable, and well-padded seat cushion for enhanced comfort.

Moreover, its armrests offer a level of ergonomic stability that is unheard of in the price range. You also get impressive lumbar support from the curved back that keeps your spine well-aligned.

Don’t let the pocket-friendly price deceive you. The supreme quality of this model is a bonus. From the heavy-duty nylon base to the caster wheels, you roll and swivel safely as long as your weight does not exceed 300 lbs.


  • Breathable mesh back
  • Well-padded and comfortable seat
  • Adjustable height from 36.5″ – 40.5″
  • Armrests designed to enhance stability
  • Excellent lower and mid-back support
  • Easy to install


  • Not comfortable for a big boy/girl


If you don’t want to break the bank yet you need a relatively high-quality office chair, consider investing in the Hbada ergonomic desk chair. Just like other models from the brand, this one is made from top-quality materials but it targets low budget users.

You can adjust the chair height to assume the perfect sitting position for your stature. The lumbar support is also adjustable and this allows you to fit your waist properly and protect your spine from needless strains and injury.

Furthermore, this model comes with 90-degree flip-up armrests for enhanced user convenience. Just pull out the chair and drop the arms to assume a comfy working position. You can then lift them up and pull the chair all the way under the desk to create a space-saving setting.

With a solid base and SGS certified level 3 cylinder, your safety when using the chair is assured. This model has a high bearing capacity and smooth-rolling wheels that can support a maximum of 250 pounds.


  • Elegant and sleek design
  • Breathable mesh back
  • Adjustable seat height for improved customization
  • Flip-up arms
  • Rocking mechanism with smooth function (90-125 degrees)
  • Durable base for enhanced stability
  • Affordable


  • Thin seat padding


Compared to other chairs on our list, it’s easy to think that this is quite a basic model. While we can all agree that it has a no-frills to it, it offers the perfect minimalist aesthetics for the modern home or traditional office. Better still, this is a product designed with unrivaled functionality in mind.

One of the features only found in more expensive models is the flip-up armrests. This is a feature that allows the chair to accommodate users of different sizes. If you have broader heaps, for instance, just flip up the arms to get more comfortable.

The level of adjustability offered is praiseworthy. Apart from the height, the tilt angle of the chair is also adjustable for enhanced convenience. You will also note that the curved backrest has a proper ergonomic design that supports your spine for enhanced comfort. It lines up with your body line and literally resembles hands pushing your backup and supporting it.

Additionally, the seat is well cushioned to give you a cozy feel when working for longer periods. The only downside we noted is that the assembly process is a bit technical, especially for first-time buyers.


  • Ergonomically designed backrest
  • Breathable and easy to clean mesh material
  • Flip-up armrests
  • Easy tilt and height adjustment
  • Excellent value for the money


  • Not the easiest chair to assemble

How to Find the Best Ergonomic Office Chair

Research shows that the average American spends about 13 hours each day sitting. Such statistics only prove that the need to find an ergonomically designed office chair cannot be emphasized enough.

If you are in search of a product that can enhance your comfort, productivity, and musculoskeletal health, here are the most crucial aspects to consider before purchase.


  • Seat Height Adjustment

It’s vital to choose a chair that allows maximum flexibility. The ability to slightly lower or increase the height of the seat increases your chances of finding the perfect setting for your physique.

Typically, a seat height between 15″ – 22″ is ideal for 5’0″ tall to 6’4″ tall users. If you are taller, make sure you find a product with a bigger height range. The idea is to be able to adjust the chair effectively to reduce stress on your knees and lumbar. With the right setting, your thighs will be almost parallel to the floor, allowing your feet to rest flat.


  • Seat Pan Size

Another important aspect to consider is the seat pan size. Make sure it’s deep enough to give your upper legs proper support. Then again, it should not be too deep because circulation will be interrupted if the chair contacts the back of your knees.

Ideally, the width of your seat ought to be 1” wider than your hips. Make sure it’s not overly wide because this will prevent you from using the armrests comfortably.

If you are a larger person, you need to consider not just the seat size of a chair, but also its weight capacity. The right product will be a perfect match for your body.

  • Seat Pan Depth Adjustment

The right seat pan will allow you to fit 2-4 fingers between the seat’s front and the back of your knees. You should be able to seat all the way back and position your back on the lumbar curve of your chair.

Some office chair models feature a lever that allows you to slide your seat in or out when seated to find the perfect settings. Others feature a back depth adjuster which is a knob on the back of the chair that moves the lumbar curve in and out instead of the seat.

  • Armrests

Office chairs, apart from a few exotic exceptions, have armrests. You can choose between models with fixed or sliding arms.

Sliding arms may allow you to raise the armrests or provide full adjustability. Premium models with fully adjustable arms are rare and more expensive, although they offer you the flexibility of sliding out the armrests or moving them forward or backward.

  • Tilt Control

Do you love to rock on your chair?

If you do, make sure your product of choice has tilt and tension control. Models with this feature have a series of knobs that make it easy to set and lock the back angle.

  • Lumbar Support

Here’s the deal, simply because a chair is well cushioned does not guarantee excellent back support. Users need to affirm that their chairs of choice have back heights that can fully support their neck, upper back, and shoulders.

  • Base

You are yet to live through your worst nightmare until the base of your office chair fails to support your weight. The best base will be made from sturdy materials such as steel or aluminum. For the best possible experience, also go for products with caster wheels because they protect your flooring from marring.

Final Words 

The best ergonomic office chairs under 100 will go easy on your back and neck. They will also treat your thighs and bottom with the gentle care they deserve, especially when working for longer hours.

It took us hundreds of hours to test an array of models and pick out the 5 products on our list. These are comfortable chairs designed to enhance your posture and comfort. They also reduce the risk of muscle and joint issues caused by repeatedly assuming an ill sitting position.

Take your time to compare these products and select one that is perfect for your needs.

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