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In a Hurry? Below are some of the Best External Hard Drive For DJ:

Are you looking to buy the best external hard drive for DJ  but are overwhelmed by the variety of options available in the market? This read is meant to help you.

An external hard drive is used for the provision of immediate space for storage when you feel that your system is not capable of fulfilling your current storage needs. As a Dj, one of the most important things for your career is to look after your computer by ensuring the disk that your operating system is on is clean enough to achieve good speed. A good external hard drive for your music library means you are versatile and you have a cleaner system.

To help you find the best external hard drive, this article will guide you through the buying process by highlighting the essential factors that you should consider as well as review some of the best external hard drives for DJing available in the market today.

Factors to consider when buying an external hard drive for Dj

Some of the important factors that you need to have in mind in helping you find the best drive that can meet your needs include;

  • Type

External hard drives come in two types, the solid-state drive (SSD) and the hard disk drive (HDD). The stand out difference between both of the types is speed. SSD is relatively faster compared to HDD and does not get damaged easily. However, the HDD is cheaper

  • Capacity

One of the most important things you need to consider before making your pick is the amount of space that the external hard drive offers. Does it meet your storage needs? The capacity ranges from 8GB onwards so settle on the one that will cater to your needs. The more the capacity the better it is as it will allow you to build a larger music library.

  • Speed

Another vital element is speed. Speed of the external hard drive refers to the rate at which data is transferred by the device. If your budget allows, consider going for an SSD. External hard drives are rated by the speed of their interface with modern drives coming with USB 3.0 support or USB3.1 Gen 1 support. These allow for a maximum throughput of 5Gbps. In order to make the most out of your external hard drive, plug it into the same type of port on a computer.

  • Durability

Most likely your hard drive is going to be on the move from time to time as you shuttle from one gig to the other. You, therefore, need something that is robust enough to stand the test of time. A hard drive that comes in a rubber-like protective case would allow it to be dropped and still be operational. Check whether the drive will be able to serve as your partner for a long time. Carry out enough research from reviews and feedback done by consumers that have used the product before to help you gauge the quality of the product before purchase.

  • Compatibility

Check the compatibility of the external hard drive. The drives are designed to format for different operating systems such as Linux, Mac, and Windows. Ensure that the hard drive is compatible with the operating system that you are using.

  • Security

Security is also an important factor when it comes to the storage of music. Where you have compiled things like special music mixes that you intend to debut and thus wish to keep them safe without them leaking to the public, you might have to consider going for an external hard drive that offers encryption using software encryption solutions.

  • Portability

A hard drive that is small and light is highly portable. This makes it convenient for you to easily carry and travel with it. Being a Dj, you must carry your music files wherever duty calls. 

  • Warranty

An external hard drive that comes with a warranty is better than one which does not. This is because it covers you for a refund or replacement in case of any malfunction or technical damage to it within the warranty period. A warranty helps exude confidence that the product is of high quality and reliable performance.

  • Affordability

The last but not least factor you need to look at is affordability. Choosing to buy the most expensive external hard drive available in the market does not necessarily guarantee that you have bought the best. Instead, select the one that efficiently meets your needs and preferences at an affordable price that is within your budget.

Review of Best External Hard Drive For DJ

1.Sandisk Extreme 500 Portable 240GB Solid State Drive

It comes as no surprise that the Sandisk Extreme 500 Portable 240GB SSD made it to the top of our list. SanDisk is a brand that commands great respect in the industry, and the quality of its devices is beyond reproach. This model is perfect for beginners in DJing, and it offers an enticing blend of fast speeds, portability, dust, and water resistance, all encased in a stylish, compact drive.

While this device doesn’t offer the most extraordinary capacity, 240GB is plenty of space to store jungles of music collections. You have all you need to create new content, sample the best apps, and generally work on polishing your skills. Once you are ready for an SSD with greater capacity, you can upgrade to Sandisk’s Extreme portable SSD 1TB or 2TB. These upgrades have nearly identical specs with the Extreme 500, the main difference being that they offer transfer speeds of 550MB/s instead of 440MB/s.

One of these SSD’s best features is the porous metal ring for clipping onto a backpack or your belt. We also liked that the hard disk is compact enough to fit in any pocket. You can carry the device anywhere you go and just unclip it to gain access to your music.


  • Generous capacity ideal for DJing beginners (240GB)
  • Reliable transfer speeds (440MB/s)
  • Compact, lightweight, portable
  • Looks stylish and professional
  • Available in different sizes up to 2TB


  • The port connection could be better.

2. Seagate Fast SSD 500GB External Solid State Drive Portable

If you need a slightly bigger hard disk than the Sandisk Extreme 500 with marginally better speeds and an equally friendly price tag, the Seagate Fast SSD 500GB External SSD may be just what you need. This is a 500GB device with reliable transfer speeds of 500 MB/s. While the Seagate brand may not be as popular as Sandisk, this model earns some bragging rights for hitting the spotlight even without being hyped.

One genuinely fantastic feature is that this is a heavy-duty hard disk with reliable levels of impact resistance. At the same time, it is lightweight and perfect for the DJ on the move. Tossing the device in your backpack as you head for gigs will not add much bulk to your luggage. 

Another superb feature is that the drive comes with a USB-C for better connectivity. The package also comes with a USB Type-C to Type-A adaptor cable for compatibility. At the price, it’s easy to see that the product offers a pretty solid deal.



  • Fast transfer speeds (500 MB/s)
  • Tough shell for enhanced impact resistance
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Available in different sizes up to 2TB
  • Better connectivity with USB Type-C



  • The aluminum top is relatively thin


3. Transcend 2 TB StoreJet External Hard Drive 

If you are ready to take your DJing proficiencies to the next level and need a hard drive that will also give you a one-hell-of-an upgrade, the Transcend 2TB External Hard Drive is an option you cannot afford to overlook. With the USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface, this drive is a beast capable of delivering incredible transfer speeds of 5GB/s. Moreover, this model is a safe bet because it is backed up by the reviews of users who praise it for its performance, reliability, and overall quality.

Construction-wise, the device comes with a three-stage shock protection system. This system includes a shock-absorbing suspension damper inside the disk, a reinforced external hard casing, and an outer case made from silicone rubber. You don’t have to worry about the device getting damaged when bumped or dropped because it meets the US military drop tests’ stringent standards. 

The list of goodies that comes with the drive is impressive. You can choose from two fantastic color options, and the device comes with the Transcend Elite software that helps you update essential files. This software also helps to protect and organize your video, music, and photo files.



  • Huge capacity 2TB
  • Transfer speeds of 5GB/s
  • Robust construction with a three-stage shock protection system
  • Transcend Elite software for easy data management
  • Available in two color options (military green and iron-gray)
  • Automatic backup in one-touch
  • Great value for the money



  • Nothing worth mentioning


4. Toshiba Canvio Advance Portable External Hard Drive

Another external hard drive we highly recommend for skilled DJs is the Toshiba (HDTC910XK3AA) Canvio Hard Drive. This model has managed to maintain an almost perfect user rating thanks to its outstanding construction, advanced features, and reliable performance. With a lightweight build and high storage capacity, creatives can depend on the device to get the job done, even on the go.

Apart from the great aesthetics, this device also boasts of a host of advanced features, including user-friendly software for data protection. With the Toshiba Storage Security Software, you can secure your data using a password. Moreover, the drive allows automatic backup, so you don’t have to worry about your valuable content getting lost.

When it comes to speed, you can depend on this drive because it uses USB 3.0 technology. You get reliable speeds of over 5GB/s for lightning-fast transfers. It’s hard to get a hard drive under $50 that offers such an impressive package of features.



  • Ideal for professional DJs with a 1 TB capacity
  • Solid build with outstanding aesthetics
  • Excellent speeds of over 5GB/s
  • Reliable software for file management and security
  • Available in several sizes up to 6TB



  • The data cable may need upgrading.


5. WD 4TB My Cloud Home Personal Cloud – WDBVXC0040HWT-NESN

When what you genuinely need is an external hard drive with a huge capacity, the WD 4TB My Cloud Home Personal Cloud is precisely what you require. This is an excellent choice for pro DJs, perhaps those that are often hired for different events. With an entire 4TB capacity, just plug the device into a Wi-Fi router and store all your digital files in one place.

With so much data in one device, the first thing you are likely to think about is your precious files’ security. Well, this drive allows you to automatically back up your data using the My Home Cloud app. This also ensures you can access your files from anywhere without having to spend a dime. All you need is an internet connection to enjoy a smooth streaming experience.

The WD 4TB drive is mainly ideal for domestic use because of its size and weight. However, it is still an excellent choice for mobile DJs and music producers because you can access your files from your tablet, smartphone, or desktop as long as you can access the internet.


  • Impressive 4TB capacity
  • Cloud-based data back-up and security
  • Allows you to access your files remotely
  • Huge enough to allow backing up of your PC
  • Available in 2-8TB capacity


  • You must have the internet to access files remotely
  • Huge and bulky

Best External Hard Drive For DJ Final word

When it comes to buying an external hard drive for you as a Dj, it could be a make or break situation. As a Dj, you have to store a variety of music files to cater to the different musical tastes of your listeners. As such a reliable external hard drive becomes a necessity. 

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