Best Gun Safe Under 500—The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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Owning a gun is a great feeling but the anxiety of making sure it never gets in the wrong hangs makes it difficult to sleep at night! One way to help remove this anxiety is by getting a high quality gun safe. Some gun safes can be very pricey, so we broke down the best gun safes under 500 for those on a budget! Gun safes first became popular around 1850 and the gun safe history is quite fascinating to read.

In a Hurry? Below are the Most Popular Fun Safe Under 500:

Read along to discover the 5 best gun safes under 500 dollars and what to consider when buying one.

The Best Gun Safe Under 500 —The Features and Buying Guide 

A budget below $500 isn’t too low for someone to weigh and compare options. You’re not limited to certain options only, since there are so many products at your disposal to compare. Just discovered tons of goods under 500 gun safes, but not sure which one to choose? Here are the features to look out for to get the best.

Safety Level

The basic role of gun safes is to secure and safeguard your firearms. But not all gun safes below $500 have the features to secure your guns. Look for gun safes with waterproof seals and fire-resistant construction. Floods and fire outbreaks happen unexpectedly, and so, it’s only wise you get a gun safe capable of withstanding such threats.

Safe’s Available Storage Capacity 

Gun safes can store and safeguard numerous valuables and items. Most of them have multiple compartments, providing enough storage rooms for more guns. You don’t want to buy several gun safes to keep all of your items secure. 

Assess the size of the guns you want to store to know how much spacing you need. Add the size totals of the guns and other items you want to secure to get the total amount of spacing you need. With that data at your disposal, you can compare different gun safes to choose one that matches your storage needs. A wise thing to do is to consider a gun safe bigger than your needs as you may need to store more items in the future.

Best Gun Safe Under 500: The Lock System 

Gun safes use three main locking mechanisms, which are biometric, keypad, and key. Gun safes using the biometric padlocking mechanisms are the safest and the most dependable. Only people authorized to access the stored guns and valuables will have access to your biometric-locked gun safes. The biometric pads in these gun safes have a fingerprint scanning ability, and so you can choose who to and not to access the stored guns.

Gun safes using the keypad locv  cking mechanism stand out as the most versatile and flexible solutions. These aren’t too complex to operate, but smart and secure enough to keep your guns and valuables safe from the wrong hands. These locks allow you to come up with a unique lock code in the form of numbers, which you can use to unlock it. And the good news is that you can share the unlock codes with everyone you want to access the guns or valuables.

Though not many, there’re gun safes that use keys to operate. These gun safes aren’t very secure or efficient. They’re good enough to work even in the absence of electricity, but they don’t meet the best of safety standards. In case you misplace the keys or a kid or friend finds them, they can easily unlock the safe, exposing your valuables and guns to unauthorized hands.

Best Gun Safe Under 500: Durability and Compartments 

Even if you neglect the look and design of a gun safe, you can never overlook its durability and usability. You want a high-end gun safe made of solid steel plates, featuring heavy-duty doors with sturdy construction and durable bolts. Gun safes made of solid steel materials with a lower gauge value are highly recommended.

You’ll find very few gun safes under $500 made of 7-gauge solid steel and below, but if you get one, it will be your best bet. The robust nature of 7-gauge stainless steel makes it drill-resistant and extra-durable, meaning tempering with it isn’t very easy.

Besides durability, look for a safe that provides for seamless and simple storage of guns and valuables through removable racks or shelves. Shelves and racks allow you to organize and store your documents, ammo, and handguns safely. 

Check the gun safe’s body wields, as well. Choose gun safes with accurately and firmly welded seamless joints as that would guarantee optimal protection. Opt for robotically welded joints instead of human-welded ones, since they are firmer and more robust. Assess the bolts’ spacing and location to find out if they allow for firm securing to the ground.

Best Gun Safe Under 500—Reviews of the Top 5 Choices 

We understand the complexity involved in comparing the hundreds of the best gun safes under 500 to choose the perfect product for you, and that’s why we have narrowed down the list to five to make your selection work simpler. Check out our top five best gun safes under 500 reviews to select what suits your budget and storage capacity.

  1. QUICKTEC 5-Gun Large Metal Gun Safe 

Spacious and smart enough to blissfully hold five guns in place, the QUICKTEC 5-Gun is an entry-level tall riffle cabinet. It doesn’t have the rigidity and strength to stand professional burglars but efficient enough to keep your ammunition out of reach by kids and beginner burglars. The Quicktec 5-gun tall rifle cabinet is undoubtedly the ultimate choice for gun owners who want to save money without sacrificing on value.

It’s made of high-strength steel, which makes it pry-proof and tamper-resistance. It features an electronic keypad locking system, and so accessing it won’t be a big deal. The unit locks well with two different emergency keys, and so emergencies won’t lock you out.

The fact that it’s 57-inch tall and over 13.5-inch deep means that it can hold five big-size guns. The added lockbox inside this gun cabinet offers enough room for keeping valuables such as handguns, jewelry, and passports. You can easily mount this rifle cabinet anywhere in your walls or bolt it firmly to the floor, thanks to the pre-drilled holes found on its bottom and at the back.

It has dual mode function, backup date in case of power failure, and wrong access alarm to keep you updated if an unauthorized party tries accessing it.


  • Installs fast 
  • Big enough to accommodate bigger guns 
  • Perfect for those on a low budget 
  • Easy to use 
  • Value for money 


  • Not durably built 
  • Can’t stand heavy use 
  1. Verifi Smart Biometric S6000 Riffle Safe 

Designed and made by ZVETCO biometrics, the Verifi smart S6000 gun safe runs on the most intelligent security hardware and software. This Biometric gun safe stands out for its stylish and full-bodied design, reliable fingerprint sensor, and standard USB interface. The safe doesn’t use your average fingerprint sensor, but a high-value FBI-certified fingerprint sensor that employs 3D imaging technology.

The Verifi smart S6000 gun safe is compact but large enough to accommodate all your handguns and other small-sized valuables. And if you think you’ll have to replace the batteries often, think again. This biometric gun safe delivers long battery life thanks to its ability to run on four standard AA batteries for several years.

The unit’s sensor features LCD backlighting, which makes it possible for you to use it in low lit or dark places. Its smart biometric system stores over 40 different fingerprints. You can add the different fingerprints of the friends and family members you trust.

That’s not just all. The unit is built from solid steel, making it sturdy and durable. Sadly, it doesn’t have the strength to resist the effects of fire and flood.


  • Solid construction 
  • Easy mounting 
  • Internal and LCD backlights 
  • Performs well under different conditions 
  • Soft-lined and carpeted interior to keep valuables safe 


  • Poor battery life 
  • Not very strong 
  1. SnapSafe Under Bed Safe

Don’t expose your kids to guns or give burglars a chance to take advantage of your poorly kept valuables, while you can use the SnapSafe under bed safe to keep everything secure. This under-bed gun safe has enough spacing to store two handguns, two long guns, and several other valuables. The unit packs additional spacing for bullet casing, as well. 

This unit is constructed of 14-gauge steel and features a fabric-lined interior. SnapSafe uses an electronic lock, which you can configure with a code featuring three to eight digits. Good enough, it includes a backup key alongside a pries-resistant door.

Don’t forget that the unit has pre-drilled holes that allow for quick and easy mounting under your bed. You can imagine how firm and robust your safe will be locked into the surface, ensuring optimal security, thanks to its 4-bolts down holes that allow for permanent installation on any surface. The three-foot thick cables do offer additional protection, ensuring you can anchor it to a stationary body to optimize safety.

This is a multi-purpose and versatile under-bed safe that can store more than just guns. It can store crucial documents, laptops, jewelry and collections, bank statements, title deeds, and tablets. 


  • Large and accommodative 
  • Not so costly 
  • Easy to mount 
  • Versatile and multi-purpose 
  • Highly secure and durable 


  • Noisy keypad 
  1. RPNB Handgun Safe With RFID Lock and Biometric Fingerprint 

Organize your valuables and keep your rifles away from access by kids with the RPNB Handgun safe with biometric fingerprint and RFID lock. This smart pistol and handgun safe is the most effective and safest way to keep all firearms safe both at home and when traveling.

This safe allows access to stored firearms in different ways. You can use the biometric fingerprint or advanced RFID key card/FOB.  You can as well access the stored rifles by entering the encoded fingerprints. You don’t have to worry about automatic openings that can expose your firearms, valuables, and documents to risk or wrong hands. 

It’s good to understand that this safe features an anti-tamper and theft protection coupled with pry-proof steel construction and anti-impact latches. You can anchor it safely on a wall, floor, or even closet. All these, alongside its unique design, make it one of the best gun safes under $500. It would be wrong not to mention that this gun safe sets up in minutes and doesn’t involve complex operation mechanisms.

With this safe at your disposal, you’ll no longer need to worry about kids or burglars accessing your stored handguns or values without your consent.


  • Quick and easy to install 
  • Convenient to use 
  • Secure and durable
  • Budget-friendly 


  • Loud Mechanism 
  1. RPNB Gun Safe, California DOJ Certified Smart Gun Safe 

In search of a well-designed and durable smart gun safe that can keep your handguns, rifles, and long guns secured? The RPNB California DOJ-Certified smart gun safe is the ultimate choice. This unit features a strong construction characterized by thick and robust metal, though not so strong to stand the wrath of professional thieves. It’s simply the best unit for keeping your guns out of reach of kids as well as secure them from slapdash burglars.

The biometric fingerprint technology used in this smart gun safe is user-friendly and efficient. You can program several fingerprints within minutes, thanks to its superior recognition accuracy and speed. Secure this RPNB gun safe to the floor or secure it to a stationary object via the built-in cable.

This gun safe setups in a matter of minutes. You need no professional skills to install it in your preferred location inside the house.


  • Installs fast with minimal hassle 
  • Versatile and efficient 
  • Accurate and fast fingerprint recognition 
  • Durable construction 


  • Not ideal for protecting against professional thieves 

Best Gun Safe Under 500 Conclusion 

Have a budget lower than $500 but still want to find a genuine and high-quality gun safe to keep your rifles safe and out of reach by kids, this article has shed light on what goes in the buying process. Check out the features and qualities of the products we outlined to select what your budget allows.

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