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The solution to getting your tagging, wrapping, and bagging projects completed in less time is to buy a handheld stapler. Handheld staplers are available as either pneumatic, electric, or manual. While manual and pneumatic staplers aren’t bad choices, they cannot compare to electric handheld staplers when it comes to efficiency, reliability, and versatility.

We sampled 5 robust and sturdy handheld staplers with holed handles, sturdy construction, and user-friendly designs. We found them all to be lightweight, easy to handle as well as having more holding power. Check out our review section to find out more about our selection of the best handheld staplers.

In a Hurry? Below are some of the Best Handheld Staplers:

Be sure to also read our buying guide to help you choose what will suit you. 

Features and Qualities to Consider 

Regardless of your preference and project demands, there are handheld staplers to suit everyone. These features should be top of your list when picking out a handheld stapler for your home office.

Types of Staplers 

Handheld staplers come in a range of options. But there’re only four main highly recommended options which are electric, spring, pneumatic and stapling hammer staplers. Spring staplers are made of either metal or plastic. These staplers are for display, decoration, and tapestry. They’re user-friendly, resilient, and reliable, but only perfect for one-time jobs.

Stapling hammers are a bit heavier and more powerful. They resemble conventional hammers and work best in stapling under-roof screens, laying vapor barriers, and completing other repetitive projects.

Electric staplers are more powerful, convenient, and reliable. They perform better than spring staplers and are ideal for completing repetitive stapling jobs.

Pneumatic staple guns are perfect for completing exterior projections, wainscoting, interior carpentry, and parquet. Also known as pneumatic nailers, they are run using air compressors. They need to connect to a pressure bar of 5 to 7, which can be supplied using 50L compressors.

Construction and Durability 

A handled stapler’s construction determines its look, functionality, and durability. It’s uneconomical to replace a stapler after every few weeks or months. Even if you’re using it heavily, it should at least serve you long enough to earn you value for your money.

That said, check the construction and durability of the stapler. Confirm to ensure the stapler is well-constructed. It should have a robust and heavy-duty-like construction to support long-term use. As well, its exterior should be robust enough to endure accidental falls and regular minor hits.

This is one of the core aspects every reputed stapler manufacturer puts into consideration. They always evaluate each of their products to ensure they’ve met the set durability standards. Even if you don’t plan to use the stapler every so often, ensure you’re getting a high-quality and durable piece that supports excessive use.

The Stapler Should be Comfortable 

Whether manual or automatic, staplers cause fatigue and discomfort to the hands when used for extensive periods. Buyers have the option of choosing staplers that are comfortable to their hands. Check the grip design and adapted lever of the stapler to ensure it is ergonomic and comfortable.

Staplers made of metal all-through are sturdier and heavy-duty. However, they are bulky and inconvenient to work with. Look out for contemporary models that have plastic-coated handles to optimize comfort and guarantee user contentment.

Don’t be too much obsessed with durability to neglect comfort. There’s no need of having the most durable and convenient stapler if you can’t use it with minimal to no hassle. Confirm that the stapler you want to buy has an ergonomic, comfortable, and soft grip. If possible, look for handheld staplers with a well-cushioned grip to ensure optimal control and comfort all the way through.

Stapler Size and Capacity 

The available stapler sizes vary from one brand and model to the other. The standard-size staplers, which aren’t too big, cost less. Getting the standard-size staplers isn’t a big deal as you can find them even in office supply stores. The specialty and premium staplers cost more. 

Getting these stapler types is a bit challenging. The scarcity is linked to the fact that premium or specialty staplers are designed for specific applications. 

The size of the stapler will also determine the sheet capacity. The standard staplers have the power to handle 30 sheets at once, while specialty staplers have a sheet capacity of over 200 pages. Read the manufacturer’s specifications before you choose a stapler to get the ones that match your unique needs.


You’re going to use the stapler for an extended period before it becomes unusable. Staplers with complicated design and working mechanism can make the experience unbearable. You can imagine how the weeks or months you plan on using the stapler will turn out if you get a sophisticated piece with intricate designs?

Hard-to-user staplers with complex designs should be avoided. Avoid those sophisticated heavy-duty staple guns with jerky handles and complex triggers. Avoid exposing yourself to more stress and hand fatigue by opting for user-friendly staplers.

Consider handheld staplers with flexible, user-friendly, and light construction. They should have comfortable handles that feel smooth and fun to squeeze.

Buy What You Need 

The handheld staplers market is congested. Choosing the best stapler for your kind of applications and intended purpose isn’t something you can do in a hurry. The available options vary in design and functions. Understand the role you want the stapler to serve so you can settle for what matches your unique needs.

The Best Handheld Staplers—Top 5 with Reviews 

  1. Wingline Half Strip 40-sheet and Low Force Desktop Stapler 

Looking for a compact yet high-performance handheld stapler that complements the decor and setting of any office or household? The Wingline half-strip 40-sheet stapler is a low-force handheld stapler designed to complete multiple stapling projects consistently. 

The unit has a sturdy external housing to keep its interior metal stapling mechanism safe and intact. It covers and protects the stapling mechanism, ensuring stronger performance, reliability, and durability. The unit is compact but large enough to hold 105 staples. It refills easily with minimal to no hustle.

This handheld stapler can staple about 40 paper sheets at once. It’s constructed to make completing all casual and official stapling projects fun and easy, thanks to its low-force operating mechanism. It has a comfortable handle with a soft ergonomic grip that adds to its user-friendliness.

You’ll surely love how quiet the stapler operates. The stapler is best suited for any working environment. It’s worth noting that when using this stapler, you won’t experience issues with jammed staples. It’s a standard stapler, so its stapling capabilities are limited to small tasks.


  • Runs smoothly and quietly 
  • Requires minimal force to operate 
  • Has an excellent stapling capacity 
  • Durable and effective 
  • Comfortable 
  • Jam-free 


  • Not ideal for heavy stapling 
  • Works with standard staples only
  1. Leven 40-50 Sheet Capacity Finger Touch Effortless Desktop Stapler

Looking for a stapler that doesn’t jam often and operates smoothly with minimal misfiring? The Leven finger touch desktop stapler is designed to address all the issues common with standard staplers. It has a jam-free technology intended to make the stapling action smoother and free of misfires or bending of staples.

Enjoy stapling over 40 sheets at once with one finger lever action, without needing to use lots of effort. It’s the perfect stapler for classrooms, work offices, and households that comes fully packaged with 1500 standard-size quarter-inch staples. Reloading the staples isn’t something to give you goosebumps. The spring-powered quick-load button and touch button makes it fun and easy to load the staples.

Its non-skid rubber base ensures smooth storage as well as protects the desktop from scratches. You don’t have to worry about hand fatigue when you use the stapler for long since it has a soft rubber grip to ensure optimal hand comfort. 


  • Compact and lightweight 
  • Staples consistently 
  • Budget-friendly
  • Quite reliable 
  • User-friendly 
  • Comfortable grip


  • Not suitable for heavy users 
  1. Mr. Pen 60 Sheet Capacity Heavy-Duty Stapler 

Just like everyone else, if asked what kind of stapler you want, I’m sure you would go for one that’s of good quality and can handle your heavy stapling needs. Mr. Pen’s heavy-duty 60-sheet capacity stapler is compact and lightweight but can handle all your heavy-duty stapling needs. It’s capable of stapling 60 sheets at once. The unit comes alongside 3600 staples.

It’s the ideal heavy-duty stapler for offices and other bigger applications. The stapler can accept different sizes of staples, but it works best with 3/8 and ¼ inch staples. Despite it being a heavy-duty stapler, it doesn’t require lots of effort to operate. Also, you don’t have to worry about frequent jamming since the unit is designed to be jam-free if used with the recommended staples.

Highly recommended for collating and securing huge documents, this stapler is constructed using high-strength metal components. Once you acquire this stapler, you’re assured of many years of service. You can never be wrong with this stapler since it delivers value for your money, and very little maintenance is involved.


  • Refills easily and quickly 
  • Comfortable and fun to use 
  • Quite durable 
  • Comes with 3600 staples 
  • Value for money 


  • Its staple plate doesn’t rotate 
  1. AmazonBasics 10-Sheet Capacity Office Stapler 

Want to ease the collation of small documents of fewer than ten pages in your office or household, but not happy with the performance of your current stapler? The AmazonBasics 10-sheet office stapler is super reliable and highly effective. The stapler is capable of holding about 200 staples at once and comes adequately packaged with 1000 staples. 

The stapler is what you need to staple bulletin boards, thanks to its versatility. With this unit, you’re getting a highly durable yet stylish stapler capable of complementing your office or home’s decor. Its matte black plastic body guarantees durability, while the rubber base ensures optimal stability when placed on the desktop.

This stapler is designed for everyone who wants to make document curation in their offices and homes comfortable and fun. The unit is designed to stand everyday use in the modern office, classroom, and household settings. It’s truly the perfect choice of stapler for you that’s not only versatile but also affordable. 


  • Comes packaged with 1000 staples
  • Secure rubber bottom 
  • Highly stable 
  • Ideal for heavy use 
  • Lightweight 
  • Budget-friendly 


  • Doesn’t have a staple remover 


  1. Bostitch Office 02257 Ergonomic Desktop Stapler 

The last handheld stapler in our review is the Bostitch office 02257. Want to know what makes this handheld stapler great? It’s an ergonomic, user-friendly, and economical choice that’s built to last. The unit offers reliable performance and superior durability. 

The best thing about this desktop stapler is that you can open it to fasten bulletin boards. 

This stapler also has a staple-reload alert window to ensure you can always reload the stapler before the staples are used up. Good enough, the stapler can handle every day stapling and curating projections. It sits comfortably and stably on any desktop, thanks to the rubber pad that acts to prevent slippage.

Adding this stapler to your household or office tools will also enhance its looks. Its matte black color can make your office desktop look stylish. With this stapler, you’re getting two clinches that ensure secure stapling. Also, as with this stapler, you don’t need to worry about consistent jamming. As a matter of fact, this stapler rarely jams provided it is used with the recommended staples.


  • Ergonomic and comfortable 
  • Highly durable 
  • Reliable and versatile 
  • Can staple 20 sheets at once 
  • Highly affordable 


  • Doesn’t come with staples 


If you’re hunting for the best handheld stapler, these are some fantastic choices to compare. All these are highly affordable, compact, and can serve most if not all office and household stapling projects. Spend time to research each of these products to know what you’re paying for before you go ahead to make any purchase.

Most of the staplers we reviewed come with a lifetime warranty, meaning you can always get a replacement or refund if you are not satisfied. Make your decision based on the value you want to reap as well the kind of project you want to complete.

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