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best wireless microphone for speaking

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A headset microphone is a combination of a headset with a microphone and one or two earpieces. There are mainly two types of headset microphones- wired and wireless headset microphones. Microphone’s have come a long way since they were initially invented.

Headset microphones are a neat solution when you are delivering a live speech in front of an audience at seminars, houses of worship, classrooms, or conferences. They leave your hands free and allow you to move without any restrictions around the stage, allowing you to interact with your audience.

In today’s post, we will share our thoughts on some of the best headset microphones for speaking. We will also look at some of the features you need to look for during the buying process.

Top Headset Microphone for Speaking

The construction is another important thing to consider when looking to buy the right headset microphone for speaking. A robust and heavy model will generally have a longer life and more resistant to wear and tear. On the other side, a super-light model will fit in seamlessly. However, as they come with very small microphones, they lack sturdiness thus require gentle handling while operating.

1. Wantek Cell Phone Headset with Microphone Noise Cancelling & Call Controls

If you are looking for the best headset for customer service representatives, the Wantek Cell Phone headset is one of the top options to consider. It offers high fidelity sound for clear communications and even has a noise-canceling microphone that clears out background noise. Plus, this product has an acoustic shock protection circuit that eliminates loud decibel spikes that easily interrupt conversations.

This is a wired product with a 3.5 mm jack. It ticks the right box mainly because of its versatility, and it is designed to pair well with a decent selection of the latest smart devices. This includes your smartphone, tablet, and computer. The product offers high compatibility, and it even works well with iPhones, although you may have to use a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter if you are using newer iPhone models like iPhone 7.

Just when we thought a headset could not get any better, this product is uniquely designed to offer you a comfortable fit. Its durable and sturdy construction goes a long way in ensuring you get the best possible value for your money.


  • Versatile and user-friendly
  • Compatible with a wide selection of smart devices
  • Ideal for call center work
  • Packed with features to ensure crystal clear conversations
  • Adjustable headband comfortably fits all head sizes
  • Lightweight, yet sturdy for enhanced durability


  • Even with an adjustable headband, the headphones feel too tight for some users

2. Mpow HC6 USB Headset with Microphone

While the markets have parades of fairly good headsets, not so many products are designed to allow you to focus on your conversations and not on headset hiccups. If you need a product that remains comfortable to use even when having conversations online for hours, I’ll give you good reasons to consider the Mpow HC6.

Like the Wantek Cell Phone Headset, this product is also an excellent call center earpiece. It provides outstanding noise cancellation, and it even has the added benefit of featuring a microphone that you can use either on your right or left side. This feature also makes it easier to move the mic closer or further from your mouth.

The design of the headset allows a hands-free user experience. You can focus on other tasks within your busy office and keep talking at the same go. The adjustable headband keeps the device snugly on your head, and the microphone also remains in place, allowing you to take notes, type, or handle other tasks.


  • Compatible with cell phones, computers, and tablets
  • Noise reduction sound card clears static and echoes
  • 270-degree rotatable mic for clearer conversations
  • Designed to provide excellent comfort levels
  • Easy controls


  • Not ideal for users with larger heads

3. Mpow USB Headset (All-Platform Edition)

If you are searching for super good headsets, it’s hard to go wrong with Mpow products. This is one of the industry’s leading brands, and we could not help but list another of its top-selling headsets. The Mpow USB all-platform edition gathers some serious bragging points for its high-end noise cancellation that allows you to work flawlessly even within noisy environments.

Something else that makes this product worth it is that it pairs well with all kinds of devices. It lives up to its “all-platform” hype and is compatible with everything from cell phones to computers. Moreover, this remains one of the most comfortable headsets we had the pleasure of testing. With soft protein memory earmuffs and a double-sided design, your all-day comfort is almost guaranteed.

This is a new headset version, and compared to its predecessor; it features stronger materials for a longer life span. In case you used the older version of the product, you will notice that this new product has a better headband. You can adjust it easily to find a comfortable fit, irrespective of your head’s shape.


  • Great sound quality
  • Comfortable to wear for extended periods
  • Easy to use mic mute, volume control, and speaker mute
  • Highly compatible with other devices


  • The mic arm has minimal flexibility and can only bend so far

4. Sanfant Bluetooth Headset with microphone

Another brand you can trust when searching for the best headset microphone for speaking is Sanfant. This company commands respect for its trend of producing some of the best headsets for personal use and business. The Sanfant Bluetooth headset specifically comes with all the bells of whistles of other models that go for nearly double the price.

Of course, its best feature is the CVC noise-canceling mic that ensures crystal clear chats. Something else we genuinely liked during our tests is that the mic’s arm is pretty flexible, allowing you to set it just where you want it.

This is an incredibly lightweight headset with soft leatherette ear cushions for enhanced comfort. You can wear it all day without suffering from any major discomfort. The best part is that you merely need to charge the headset using your micro USB when working outside. A single charge offers 18hours talking time while you can get an additional 200 taking time hours from the charging dock.


  • Bluetooth headset allows freedom of movement
  • Excellent noise-canceling mic for clearer chats
  • Fast and stable connectivity with PCs, tablets, and cellphones
  • Good Bluetooth range
  • Excellent battery life
  • Pairs well with most Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Comfortable to wear all-day


  • Nothing worth mentioning

5. Jelly Comb Bluetooth Headset with Microphone

Our list’s final product is a budget-friendly Bluetooth headset designed to offer you comfortable hands-free user experience. Jelly Comb’s Bluetooth headset also offers impressive noise cancellation thanks to the noise reduction technology used to pick your voice loud and clear and ensure excellent sound quality.

Comfort-wise, this product is perfect. It features a thin, adjustable headband that fits snugly on either side of the head. The only complaint we have noted is that the headset is an ill fit for people with larger heads. On the bright side, its battery offers plenty of juice to keep you talking on the go, all day long. You also get a solid charging base that can keep your headsets working for about 200 hours while on standby.

We saved the best feature for the last dual connectivity. Well, this is one of the unique headsets in the class that allows you to link both your cell phone and tablet at the same time. The Bluetooth connection remains incredibly stable even when using two devices.


  • Pretty decent sound quality
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows a hands-free user experience
  • Reliable battery life
  • Allows dual connectivity
  • Comfortable with adjustable headband


  • Not the best choice for users with larger heads


A good headset microphone should fit comfortably around your head while setting your hands free to allow you to perform other activities concurrently. The only thing you have to do in order to enjoy your headset microphone is to plug it in, fit the band above or behind your head, adjust the distance of your microphone, preferably one inch from the corner of your mouth and you are ready.

A headset microphone designed specifically for speaking needs to be discreet and unobstructed to your audience. High-quality sound without pops, hissing, or static is essential in a good headset microphone. For the speaker to be comfortable wearing it, it needs not to be too heavy or awkwardly designed.

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