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Best Label Printer For Small Business

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A well-designed label is a source of product identification. It is essential for promoting products and building brand value for small businesses. Using a label printer will allow you to get the benefits of a quality and efficient printing process.

Small businesses may require low quantities of the labels. But due to the business needs, one may need to increase the number. Good news! The label printers provide massive flexibility in the number of units required. 

In a Hurry? Below are some of the Best Label Printers:

This machine has become a necessity for every company because of its accuracy. It assures you of getting what you want. The final print can match the design and color of the PDF intend.

 As you would expect, there are different types of printers in the market. They come in various features, prices, and models, making it challenging to select the best. 

This article focuses on the 5 best label printers for small businesses that will help to produce quality documents.  We have also included a  buying guide with detailed information to help you when choosing the best printer.

Review of the best label printers for small business 

ROLLO label printer is a good option for those who want quality graphics, barcodes and a large number of labels. It provides a fast and reliable method of printing. It prints at a speed of 150 mm/s and can produce up to 328 labels per minute.   

The good thing about this printer is that it uses the latest printing technology. It works with any direct thermal label, including ones with UPS to print quality graphics and bar codes without the use of ink.

ROLLO printer has automatic label identification. In other words, it is easy to use. By just pressing a simple button, it can detect the size of your label. It can print from 1.57″ to 4.1″ without compromising the height of the tag.


  • ROLLO provides an affordable and fast way of printing labels
  • It uses any direct thermal label
  • Produces high-quality labels
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Reliable customer support


  • It comes with a high price when compared to others. However, the price is the cost of the quality


The ROLLO printer comes with an advanced thermal printing technology that does not require ink to produce quality labels. Its advanced technology allows one to print from any application, including Microsoft word, internet browser, or Adobe PDF.

DYMO Label printer can cater for all your business needs. It can easily be described as a multi-purpose machine because it handles the mailing, filling, and labelling. Saving you money and time. 

Its direct thermal printing technology eliminates the use of ink, thus, also saving money. The maximum width for labels it can produce for the LW450 unit is 2.2 inches. 

The good thing about this label printer for small business is that you can create customized labels directly from your PC, Microsoft Word, Excel, or MAC. Also, it is compatible with Windows7 and MAC OS X v10.10 or later.

The speed and ease of this label printed makes it excellent for small businesses. It can print up to 51 labels per minute. It comes with DYMO software that can help you to create a file folder, print address quickly, and produce barcode labels. 


  • Saves time and can print customized labels directly from popular programs 
  • Uses thermal printing technology which eliminates the need for ink
  • Easy to install
  • Provides a hassle-free operation
  • Offers a speedy printing process


  • Lacks the power-off-switch 
  • Poor customer support


DYMO can enhance your printing experience. Its direct thermal printing technology cuts the expenses of buying ink. This device can connect directly to your PC OR Mac, making the printing process easy. 

Brother P-touch, PTH110 features an easy to type keyboard that makes typing a text simple. The keyboard has a QWERTY design that helps to reduce text errors during typing. 

This device is a good idea for those looking for professional labels. It prints at high speed and cuts the labels automatically, making them durable and of high quality. It comes with a USB cord that allows one to connect to MAC or PC. 

This label printer for small businesses is excellent for its one-touch keys. They allow easy access to the fonts, size, style, and frames. With it, you can select from 3 fonts, 14 frames, and more than 250 symbols to create unique and professional labels. 

Brother P-touch, PTH110 has a memory feature that allows you to save up to 15 labels for quick reprinting. Its simplicity and design make it a good option for the office. It is lightweight and portable, which makes printing at any location simple.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes with simple instructions
  • Produces quality labels
  • Has an easy to type keyboard
  • Multiple styles and fonts for professional labels


  • Challenging to change the settings


Brother P-touch, PTH110 is an excellent option for business or home offices. It comes with a useful cable labeling feature which helps to organize wires and cables. 

This label printer provides an easy way to personalize the labels and come up with professional designs. 

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to create a wide variety of professional labels, Brother P-touch PTD400AD should be your option. It is compact and has a large QWERTY-style keyboard which helps to create professional labels. 

It features one-touch keys which help one to save time when changing the formatting option. It offers 14 fonts, 99 frames, and 600 symbols. 

PTD400AD turns to be among the best label printers for small business because of its large memory. It allows one to save up to 50 labels which helps to save time when reprinting used labels. 

This printer comes with an AC power adapter and standard TZe tapes that are durable and laminated to withstand heat and water. Also, it is powered by 6 AA batteries that allow it to last long without the power going off.


  • Produces labels with a vast library of fonts, frames, and symbols
  • Has a large memory which makes reprinting easy
  • Comes with laminated and durable TZe tapes
  • Excellent customer support
  • User-friendly interface


  • Not the quickest label printer in the market


Brother P-touch PTD400AD is a good label maker to take in the field. It has laminated tape that is good for indoor or outdoor. Since it is fade-resistant, you can trust that you will get long-lasting labels.

Primera LX500 is a reliable printer that creates quality labels for a short run. It uses ink to print full-color, photo-quality product labels. It is compact and lightweight, making it easy to use in any location. 

Primera LX500 is suitable for making small, medium, and large labels. It can print labels for up to 4”wide and 24” long. It uses thousands of label options that are available in over 20 materials such as paper, synthetic, polyester.


  • Provides a professional printing
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Lightweight and versatile printer


  • Uses ink, leading to additional costs


Primera LX500 is primarily focused on label quality. However, its speed is slower than the competitors.

This printer can be a good option for the brands that want to enhance their product’s value.

The buying guide

Every business becomes successful due to essential things such as labels. They serve a crucial role that enhances business growth. A quality label can help you stand out. Considering a label printer for your small business will help you convey a message about your business in a professional way. 

Here are tips that will help you choose a label printer that will increase your brand identity:

  • Consider the size of the labels you will be printing.

Different printers come with different features. Some are specifically designed for making small labels while others for large ones. Your products determine the size of the label. For instance, a milk bottle will require a small tag of less than 2.6 inches. Your printer must have the ability to print the exact size of the label to save space.

Similarly, if your company deals with great products, you must choose a high-quality printer that makes large labels. 

  • Pay attention to the size of the label printer.

Many people think of a large building when they hear the word business. A company, whether big or small, can be run anywhere- on the road, field, or in a building. 

Before selecting a label printer for your small business, you need to understand your business needs. If you are going to perform outdoor label printing, you require a portable, lightweight printer that is easy to carry. Also, ensure that the battery can last long to prevent frustrations. On the field, you cannot find sockets to connect your printer. In this case, you need to go for a printer that has wireless connectivity.

  • Consider the durability of the printer.

No device lasts forever. But everyone would love a printer that will produce quality labels and last long. Remember, your main aim is to purchase a printer that will increase your products’ value. 

Many people consider the design of the printer but forget that durability is a significant consideration. Most durable printers produce quality labels. In this case, you need to find a printer that can withstand different conditions such as water and sun to avoid fading. Also, pay attention to the ease of connecting with cables.

  • Speed of the label printer

The speed should be a significant factor to consider before purchasing a label printer. No one wants to wait for minutes to get the labels printed. For instance, a specific printer can produce 300 labels per minute and another 100 labels in the same minutes. 

Because you want to obviously want to save on time, a printer that produces 300 labels per minute should be your priority. However, you need to consider the quality of the label even as you go for quantity. Some quality machines print quickly without compromising the quality of the labels.

  • Check the resolution of the label printer.

The resolution of the label printer will depend on your business needs. Before making the decision to ask, you need to ask yourself some questions. Do you want labels with photographic imagery and various colors? Or do you want to use only the barcodes? 

A label with images requires a high-resolution label printer. But if you are using only the barcodes, you can invest in a low-resolution printer.

  • Ease of use 

You require a printer that is simple and easy to use. One that will connect with other devices efficiently should be your priority. Also, consider the customer support system. Be sure that you will have someone to contact anytime you encounter issues with the printer.

  • Consider the volume of work.

Different businesses have various needs hence requiring different volumes of labels to be printed. Determine how  frequently you will use the printer? How many documents you will need to print each day? If you require hundreds of labels per day, you can opt for a heavy-duty printer.


  • Do all the label printers  use ink?

There are different types of label printers. However, not all uses ink to produce quality labels.

Although all the printers are designed to produce labels, they differ in terms of quality and other features.

Inkjet printers use ink to produce graphics, images, and tests. Most of the supplies are more widely available than other printers, making it cheaper. However, being cheap doesn’t mean that they are of low-quality. They can produce high-quality images and labels.

Others, such as thermal printers do not use ink. They use thermal print heads to shift a solid ink from a ribbon to produce quality labels. They are durable and require less maintenance. However, they come at a high price.

  • Do all businesses require a high-resolution label printer?

Labels come in different designs and styles. Some have images and contrasting colors, while others contain only the barcodes. 

Before you select a printer, you need to understand the type of label you need. If your labels contain photographic imagery, you require a high-resolution printer. But if the tag is only for the barcodes, you don’t need to waste your money purchasing a high-resolution printer. 


If you want high-quality digital labels, you will need to choose the right label printer. As you are aware, the tags are crucial for product identification. If a specific item does not come with a label, it loses its brand identity. 

Many large businesses find it a good idea to have their printing done by a third party. But small companies require only hundreds or a few thousand labels. In this case, it is vital to have the label printer in-house to save some few dollars. 

From our review of the best label printer for small business, you will get vital information that will help you choose the best machine.

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