7 Best Laser Printers Under $100

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Are you looking for the best laser printers under 100? In this digital era, it is rare to find a paper-free office. Many use paper for record-keeping and to communicate a message about their business. Thus, an office printer is one of the essential electronic devices for any business. 

If your office engages in frequent prints, it is crucial to consider a laser printer. However, choosing the best printer for your business will depend on your daily volume of work and the files you want to print. 

A laser printer provides excellent speed when printing. Hence it can save you time as you will not require waiting for long for it to finish. Also, this printer is crucial because of its quality printing. It can print invoices, emails, spreadsheets, or letters that match your business needs.

Top laser printers under $100

Top Pick
Canon Pixma MG3620 Wireless
Canon Pixma MG3620 Wireless


HP ENVY 6055 Wireless All-in-One Printer
HP ENVY 6055 Wireless All-in-One Printer


Pantum P2502W Wireless Laser Printer
Pantum P2502W Wireless Laser Printer


There are many laser printers under 100, but not all can offer quality and reliable printing. In addition, they differ in terms of features and prices. In this article, there is in-depth information about the seven best laser printers. If you are looking for a laser printer that can handle all your business needs, right from corporate reports to book reports, the buying guide will be of much help. 

1. Canon Pixma Wireless Printer

I have had the Canon Pixma all-in-one printer for a few years now, and it has been a workhorse! I don’t print many documents at home, so this printer has been perfect.

The Canon Pixma has an automatic document feeder that makes it easy to process big print jobs. When you are looking for an all-in-one printer, you likely will want a scanning option as well, and there is an easy-to-use scanner at the top of the Canon Pixma.

If you don’t like overly complex printers, the Canon Pixma is a great option and is very easy to connect to different wi-fi network options from your phone. You pull up the document you want to print on your phone and select print from the attachment or through the canon Pixma app.

While most budget printers only print black and white, the Canon Pixma can print in color and black and white printing and is an excellent printer for a home office.


  • Black and white printer
  • Flatbed scanner
  • Can print photos
  • Canon print app
  • Auto document feeder
  • Easy wi-fi connectivity


  • Not great for bulk printing jobs

2.Pantum Laser Printer

With quick operation and advanced features, Pantum P2502W is among the best laser printers under 100. It is easy to set up and is compatible with all major platforms such as Android, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and IOS.

This Monochrome printer comes with a wireless installation, meaning you can use it from any place. The good thing about Pantum P2502W Monochrome Laser Printer is that it connects with high-speed USB 2.0 and WIFI. 

Its design makes it perfect a perfect option for indoor and outdoor use. It is built of a metal frame structure to enhance durability. The sleek design and compact size of 337 x 220 x 178 mm (13.27” x 8.66” x 7.01”) allows it to fit nicely on your workspace.

Pantum P2502W has a fast printing speed. It can print up to 22ppm (A4) / 23ppm(Letter) in black and white. Also, it supports multiple media sizes and a weight of up to 163g/㎡.


  • It is easy to install all in one printer
  • Can print documents directly from a mobile device
  • It has a metal frame, making it durable
  • Any mobile device can be directly connected to the laser printer


  • Less graphic quality

Pantum P2502W is a good option for a cost-effective printer that can produce a large volume of documents. It is lightweight, making it easy to carry or move from place to place.

3. Zink Mini Printer

Everyone loves taking photos. However, having them in printed form becomes a challenge. Good news! The Zink Polaroid Mint Pocket Printer will help print all your selfies and travel photos. It features a built-in Bluetooth connectivity to share images using your phone without a cable or wire. 

This device is a handheld printer that prints color photographs. It connects with any IOS or Android phone for convenient printing. By downloading the Polaroid App, you will enjoy endless editing features such as stickers and filters. With the App, you can perform printing from the comfort of your couch or while on the go.

The good thing about Zink Polaroid Mint Pocket Printer is the Zero ink technology. It does not require ink to perform printing. It can print up to 50 photographs without compromising the image quality. Its built-in battery of 900 mAh lithium-polymer makes it a good idea for outdoor activity.


  • Produces high-quality pictures
  • Mobile printing
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry
  • Easy to share photos with the phone because of the built-in Bluetooth
  • It comes with a long-lasting battery


  • For you to use the printer, you have to connect it with an app

900 mAh lithium-polymer printers are an excellent option for those with a fixed budget. It uses Zero ink technology. In other words, you will not require purchasing ink for it to function.

4. HP Envy All in One Printer

HP ENVY 6055 printer comes with high technological features to achieve high-quality print, scan, and copy efficiently and economically.

The printer has Dual-band WI-Fi that you can connect with the HP Smart app that enables you to print remotely. Additionally, the app has an ink level monitoring feature to keep track of the remaining ink, avoiding unforeseen eventualities of ink running out. 

It has self-healing wi-fi, which detects and resolves connectivity problems to avoid misconnections. This printer type comes in mono color. The w*d*h maximum dimensioning is: 17.03 * 20.14 * 5.2 in.


  • Wireless capability
  • It does not require additional accessories
  • Compact flatbed scanner


  • The monthly duty cycle is up to 1000 pages, a comparatively small amount. 
  • Compatible cartridges are often of original HP electronic circuitry.

These advanced and additional features, such as the flatbed scanner and Auto two-sided printings, make it amongst the best laser printers under 100. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly, durable, and superior-featured printer, HP ENVY 6055 is your type.

5. Xerox Laser Printer

Are you looking for a perfect printer whose printing output type is monochrome? Xerox B210DNI monochrome printer is fast printing with high input capacity, making it an excellent laser printer. 

Both wireless and wired connectivity technologies are possible. It uses features such as Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print to print from any of your devices.

The dimension for this printer is (L*W*H) 14.5, 13.2, 8.4 inches. This printer takes substantially small desk space, especially when a team shares a single printer.

Since all it does is print, it has an easy-to-interpret control panel hence simplicity in operations. 


  • High print speed: 32 pages/min.
  • Automatic document feeder
  • Mobile printing
  • Superior monochrome print quality.
  • High volume ratings, recommended 4000 pages monthly.
  • The long-term costs and production costs per page are considerably low.
  • Wi-fi connectivity


  • USB thumb support is not enabled. 
  • Has no WI_FI Direct.

With secure print, this printer protects sensitive documents from landing in the wrong hands. 

Due to its superior productivity, it’s perfect for small work teams at reasonable cost and efficiency.

6. HP Envy Wireless

HP Envy Photo 7164 is among the best laser printer under 100 that is specifically designed as a great all-in-one printer. It offers a quick and easy way of copying, scanning, and printing. 

The good thing about this laser printer is the ability to print two sides of the page. Also, it provides the Air Print technology. With this, you can print directly from your iPhone via iCloud. Also, you can use online services HP Smart App. 

HP Envy Photo 7164 Printer uses wireless direct printing. In other words, you will not require cables or wires to produce copies. With a USB, you can quickly view, edit, or print images.

Its small, sleek, and stylish design allows one to use it in any location.


  • It comes at a reasonable price
  • Compatible with mobile printing
  • Prints high-quality images
  • It comes in a stylish design
  • Low ink consumption
  • Prints accurate colors
  • Compatible with different mobile devices
  • Duplex scanning


  • Use of ink cause additional costs

HP Envy Photo 7164 Printer is a good idea for printing high-quality images. It comes with a unique design and offers an opportunity to print via online services or the iPhone.

7. HP LaserJet Printer

You can’t go wrong with an HP printer, and this eco-friendly laser printer is an excellent printer to consider if you are on a budget.

One of the most significant values you get with an HP printer is the value you get from being within the HP ecosystem like the HP smart app and HP Instant Ink.

The printing speed for this small printer is up there, with some of the bigger printers at 21 pages per minute.

There is also a scanner that can be controlled from the HP smart app as well to help make your daily business tasks a breeze.


  • Smart all in one printer system
  • Compact printer
  • Fast printer speed at 21 pages per minute
  • Automatic document feeder
  • Reasonable price


  • Monochrome only printer


Do laser printers work automatically?

There are many laser printers available in the market. Each comes with different techniques to achieve a similar result. Although they come with advanced features and technologies, they do not perform automatic printing.

The laser printer does not know what you want to print. There must be someone to select the documents or photos to be printed. Some printers can produce a large number of documents within a few minutes, while others take longer. Thus, it is essential to consider the speed of your laser printer.

Which are the best laser printers under 100?

You want a laser printer under 100 that will enhance your printing experience. Right? Thus, you should not select one because another company is using it. You require evaluating your business needs. For instance, you need to understand the number of documents or photos you print each day. Also, you need to know the kind of files you need. With this, you will find a laser printer that will match your business requirements.

Another way of coming up with an idea of the best laser printer is the features. Some features are standard in all printers. However, some can make your printing more efficient. Features such as ease of use, speed, connectivity, durability, and resolution are vital elements.


Laser printers provide the best overall value for every business that wants a trouble-free printing experience. They offer efficient printing of multi-pages or lengthy articles. Although the cost of an all-in-one printer is higher than other printers, it comes with advanced features to produce quality work. Also, it is more economical in the long term. In other words, its cartridges don’t require to be replaced more often.

Remember, the essential features to consider when evaluating the best laser printers under 100 are the printing speed and the capacity toner. Also, pay attention non the wireless printing capability. At times, you might require taking your business to the field. In this case, a wireless printer is vital. From my experiences, you can’t go wrong with the Canon Pixma, which has been a perfect home office all-in-one printer and flatbed scanner.

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