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10 Best Mouse Pads With Wrist Rest

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Investing in a good mouse pad with wrist rest is a relatively small purchase that could significantly impact your work performance.

If you spend much of your day typing away, you likely have noticed wrist pains or have suffered some wrist discomfort over the years.

While a mouse pad with a wrist rest won’t eliminate wrist discomfort, it can provide a supportive environment for your wrist to rest on while your fingers do all of the work on the keyboard.

Top Mouse Pads with Wrist Rest

While you probably see many ergonomic keyboard wrist rest models on the market, unique mousepads with a gel wrist rest are gaining popularity as workers look for additional styles.

We researched the top ten mouse pads with wrist rest models on the market to help you find the best choice!

1. Everlasting Comfort Mouse Pad

With so many different computer setups, finding the perfect mouse pad and keyboard wrist rest setup can be challenging.

This mouse pad and keyboard wrist rest pad from Everlasting is a great solution to help give you the padding for your wrists as you move back and forth from your keyboard to your mouse pad.

The wrist cushion and the keyboard pad are made from high-quality memory foam materials that help provide a cushioned environment for your wrist once you start typing or clicking away.

Another great thing about this mouse pad with a wrist rest design is designed for both right and left-hand users. The keyboard wrist rest is wide enough to rest both your dominant and nondominant hands comfortably.

The circular design on this wrist rest also gives you a broader circumference to maneuver your mouse than other mouse pads.


  • Memory Foam
  • Left-handed functional
  • Stitched edges to prevent fraying edges
  • Smooth surface with breathable fabric
  • The nonslip base for ideal wrist support


  • More extensive padding than other options

2. Yolanda Mouse and keyboard set

This mouse pad with wrist rest and keyboard set is another good one to consider and also comes with a keyboard wrist pad included.

A great thing about this wrist rest support is that it is not attached to the mouse pad, which means you can adjust the wrist rest to the ideal distance from your mouse pad.

The mouse and keyboard pads are lined with an anti-slip base with thick memory foam throughout.

The lycra materials are easy to clean and wipe off, so you won’t worry about odors or dirt getting stuck into the foam.

The mouse pad size is over 9 inches means you will have plenty of space to navigate your mouse while you work away.

With its memory foam cushioning and sleek design, this wrist rest mouse pad set is an excellent option if you need a portable stage to travel with and work from various workstations.


  • Ergonomic mouse pad shape
  • Memory foam structure
  • Double-stitched edges to prevent curling
  • Non-Slip texture base
  • Good mouse pad for gaming


  • Only one color option

3. Tecknet Ergonomic gaming Mouse pad

If you aren’t in the market for a keyboard wrist rest and need a high-quality mouse pad wrist rest, this model from Tecknet is an excellent option to consider.

This mouse pad gel wrist rest has a sleek ergonomic design built into the mouse pad. This is a great feature to look for if you plan on traveling with your mouse pad from time to time.

Since the wrist pad is sewn into the mouse pad, it is unlikely that the mouse pad will get lost, which is a great feature that many the typical mouse wrist pads don’t have.

The mouse pad is also waterproof, which helps prevent damage from drinks or other accidents. Another feature that makes this ergonomic mouse pad stand out from Tecknet is the high-quality deformation-resistant memory foam, which helps keep the shape soft and comfortable for years to come.

There are three different color options in this mouse pad, which can help your mouse pad rest match your furniture or keyboard. If you are looking for just a keyboard wrist rest check out our best keyboard wrist rests article here.


  • Ergonomic gel wrist support memory foam
  • The soft and waterproof surface mouse pad
  • Reinforced edges prevent fraying
  • Good gaming mouse pad for long hours


  • keyboard pad not included

4. Gimars Memory Foam Mouse Pad

Gimars is another leading manufacturer of mouse pads with wrist rest support. This design is very slick, and they have 20 different color options to choose from!

Having that many color mouse pad options to choose from may be enough of a reason to go with the Gimars mouse pad over other mouse pads on the market.

This mouse pad also features a lay-flat odorless base that prevents unwanted movement as you move your mouse back and forth. If you are looking for a gaming mouse pad with a wrist rest, this could be a perfect option since it can help you make precise movements with your mouse.

The high-density memory foam is thick, bounces back slowly, and is durable. If you are looking for a simple, easy-to-use mouse pad with a wrist rest and would like to have a mousepad that gives you multiple color options, this mousepad from Gimars could be an excellent option for you.


  • Soft lycra fabric prevents curling
  • Soft memory foam wrist rest
  • 20 color options
  • Fast surface


  • Not as comprehensive as some of the other mousepads

5. Brila Memory Foam Mouse rest

The Brila ergonomic mouse pad is another low-profile mouse pad wrist rest option that is a great option to consider if you want a portable mouse pad.

If you already have a fast mouse pad and need a cushioned wrist rest, this Brila gel cushion can be placed at various angles to help you reach your ideal comfort level.

Another feature of this mousepad gel pad is that it could be used as a stress reliever that gives your wrist a light massage while working away on your desktop or laptop.

If you have a gaming laptop and a computer that you keep close to one another, this is the type of mouse wrist rests that you should be on the lookout for since they are easy to move around and are not attached to the actual mousepad.


  • Not connected to the mousepad
  • Dimpled design for massage benefits
  • Portable and easy to clean
  • ergonomic mouse pad design


  • Mouse pad not included

6. Lingsfire Memory Foam Mouse Pad

This unique design from Lingsfire is designed to help give your wrist a pressure-free environment while you type or use your mouse.

With its u-shaped design, you can have the sides of your wrist rest against the foam padding. Your median nerve avoids direct contact with the padding thanks to the gab in the wrist rest, which makes this design a great option if you are trying to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome or have had carpal tunnel pain in the past.

This pad is designed for mouse pad use but could also be used as a keyboard wrist cushion. It also features an anti-skid base which helps prevent sliding on a table and is portable to carry or travel with.


  • Unique U shaped design
  • Portable and light
  • It can be used for a keyboard or as a mouse pad


  • Different designs may take time to get used to

7. Kensington Gel Mouse Pad

If you are looking for a traditional gel mouse pad with a wrist rest, this model from Kensington is a great option to consider.

There are three color options to consider: blue, red, and grey, which give this pad a unique look that will help it stick out.

The gel pad is one inch tall, giving you plenty of gel cushioning to leave your wrists comfortable while working away.

The two-sided gel cushioning is used to help avoid sweat or moisture build-up, which could be an issue with your typical memory foam mousepads.


  • Traditional gel design
  • It helps avoid carpal tunnel pain
  • Unique design compared to other wrist rests
  • Low profile leaving plenty of desk space with 7×9 inch design


  • The gel may break down over time

8. Jikou 2 pack mouse pad

If you have multiple computers throughout your house, then the odds are you could use two mouse pads and this pack from Jikou. Another great idea is to keep one mouse pad cushion with your home computer and keep one wrist pad for your business travels.

As the world returns to business travel, you likely will need to use your laptop on the road in some fashion, and storing a nice mouse pad with wrist rest in your computer bag will pay dividends for you when you are on the road.

The PU leather base in this two-pack mouse pad keeps the mouse pad from sliding on the tables and has reinforced edges to help prevent curling or splitting and making this one of the best mouse pad options on the market.


  • Extra mouse pad included
  • The smooth fabric covering the fabric
  • Ability to use different computers
  • Durable wrist support


  • Smaller radius mouse pad

9. Sensage Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest

This mouse pad with wrist rest is a thick, durable mouse pad that gives you plenty of wrist support with a wide padded area and a wide coverage area on the mouse pad.

While no mouse pad can completely prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, an ergonomic mouse pad can help provide you with the right balance of wrist support.

Sensage also has three different color options, light blue, grey, and pink, and is made with mesh Air Cloth that can work with any mouse.

If you aren’t a fan of gel mouse pad cushions, this model could be an excellent option for a sponge cushion which provides plenty of cushioning if you need to work long hours.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Air Mesh Cloth
  • Soft and Comfortable cushioning
  • Modern design


  • Black color is not an option

10. Hopony Ergonomic Mouse Pad

The Hopony ergonomic mouse pad is another computer mouse pad with plenty of design options and comes at a reasonable price. If you are looking to protect your wrists in style, there are 28 different mousepad designs.

This desktop grips the desktop firmly with its soft non-stick rubber base of Lycra cloth and includes a natural gel filling.

The lycra surface gives it a fast feeling that makes it easy to navigate your mouse throughout the mousepad.


  • Variety of color options
  • A wide wrist rest support coverage area
  • Soft lycra covering


  • The mouse pad is thinner than some other models


While no mouse pad eliminates carpal tunnel, buying one is a great way to give your wrist some comfort and relief. A mouse pad is one of those items you may overlook as an essential office item, but when you finally get one, you will wonder why you haven’t used one for years

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