Best Non Graphing Calculator

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Best Non-Graphing Calculator

A non-graphing calculator also commonly known as the scientific calculator is a handheld electronic device that is able to solve complex scientific or mathematical concepts. They are used by students and professionals all over the world. Despite the fact that they cannot plot graphs, they can do everything else. They have a keyboard where you can input entries as well as a screen to display the results.

In this article, we will review some of the standout non-graphing calculators available in the market today. As well, we will help you navigate through the buying process by highlighting several factors that you need to put into consideration before making your purchase.

What to look for when buying a non-graphing calculator

  • Display

The display is the part of the calculator where the edits and answers are shown. Consider a calculator that comes with bright icons that will make it easy for you to read the entries displayed. There are 2 lines, 4 lines, and multi-line display calculators. 2 line displays equations on top while symbols and results are displayed on the second line.


4 line display calculators allow you to do more than one calculation, giving you the option of comparing your results on the same screen. With multi-line display calculators, you are able to view even more data on spreadsheets with higher resolution than the 2 lines and 4 line displays.

  • Customizability

Going for a non-graphing calculator that gives you the option to expand, update, or customize it is an added advantage. There are some calculators that even allow you to download video games that you can access during your free time to help you relax. With the right expertise, some calculators can allow you to program them to do tough math for you by just a press of a button.

  • Speed

Look for a calculator that is fast in processing commands. This is important especially during exam sessions where you might find yourself a bit anxious. During such times, having a calculator that takes longer for a solution to load can only make the situation worse. The pressure of the exam can make you feel like the calculator is wasting time.


  • Battery

Generally, there are two sources of power for non-graphing calculators, solar energy and batteries. If you decide to go for a battery-powered calculator, check whether the batteries are replaceable or not. Avoid calculators that will oblige you to buy a new one every time the battery dies off. When you go for a calculator that uses solar power ensure there is always enough light in the area where you intend to use it. Some calculators use a combination of both power sources thus giving you the best of both worlds.

  • Purpose

It is important to first know the purpose for which you are going to use the calculator ahead of time. This will help you get a non-graphing calculator with all the functions that you need. For purposes of education, if you are planning on taking advanced courses in the future, you may need to consider getting a more advanced non-graphing calculator now so that you save on spending on buying another calculator later on.

  • Size and Weight

Go for a calculator that is small enough and light. This will make it very portable. It is good to know that you can carry your calculator around in your pocket or backpack. There are some bulky scientific calculators in the market so take your time in selecting the one that best meets your needs and preferences. 

  • Warranty

Consider a non-graphing calculator that comes with a warranty. This will help protect you in case your calculator is defective or breaks down due to a manufacturing error, then you can get a replacement or a refund from the manufacturer. A calculator that comes with a warranty also gives you some sort of assurance that it is of good quality.


Review of Best Non-Graphing Calculator

1.   Sharp EL-W516TBSL 16-Digit Advanced Scientific Calculator

Let’s begin with one of the most pocket-friendly yet affordable non-graphing calculators in the market—the Sharp EL-W516TBSL 16-Digit Advanced Scientific Calculator. This is a premium quality device with 7 modes, including complex, equation, list, drill, normal, and stat modes. For the price, we feel that a device offering an incredible 640 functions is a pretty decent deal.

Construction-wise, this option is a real gem. It comes with a well-made casing that boasts of an alluring gloss black finish with silver accents. While the calculator’s aesthetics will definitely grab your attention, most students opt for the device because it is approved for use on a range of exams, including geometry, physics, trigonometry, pre-calculus, engineering, and chemistry.

Among the best features, you will enjoy is the WriteView display function. It allows writing symbols, expressions, and fractions in textbook form. With a large, 4 line LCD display and 16 digits, you get yourself a super easy to use advanced calculator designed to eliminate confusion and typos.



  • Lightweight calculator with a compact design
  • Aesthetically appealing with
  • WriteView display
  • Ideal for solving quadratic and cubic equations
  • 640 scientific and functions
  • Both battery and solar-powered



  • Some users noted slight rounding off errors


2.      New CASIO Scientific Calculator FX-350ES Plus

Ask any university student or professor about the best scientific calculator brands, and there is a good chance that the name Casio will pop up. If you’re in search of a non-graphing calculator for your exam, a model you can count on is the Casio FX350ES plus Scientific Calculator. It has a host of features to make your life easier, is well-built for maximum longevity, and comes with a surprisingly budget-friendly price tag.

This is a calculator with 252 functions. While this may seem like a lesser deal compared to the range of functions of other top models like the Sharp EL-W516TBSL 16-Digit Advanced Scientific Calculator, this device is a beast that handles just about anything you throw at it. This includes exponents, mixed fractions, and other functions you are likely not to get at the price range.

Something else that genuinely makes the model tick is that it runs on one AAA battery. We wish it were more accessible without having to remove the whole back, although this is just a small price to pay for the otherwise top-tier device.



  • Lightweight with a solid build for unrivaled longevity
  • 252 Functions
  • Allows Natural textbook display formats
  • 9 different memories
  • User-friendly interface
  • Excellent value for the money



  • Not solar powered
  • The backside has to be removed completely to change the battery


3.      Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro Engineering/Scientific Calculator

In all honesty, it’s hard to talk about the best non-graphing calculators without mentioning the TI-36X Pro Engineering/ Scientific Calculator. This is a model most people opt for when in high school and proceed to use in college. Whether you want a device to help you with geometry, biology, statistics, calculus, trigonometry, or Algebra, it’s hard to go wrong if you choose this calculator from Texas Instruments.

Because this is a non-programmable scientific calculator, it is highly recommended by educators and widely accepted in lecture and exam halls. It makes solving basic and complex mathematical problems a breeze with its range of functions and MultiView display that allows viewing multiple calculations simultaneously.

It is worth mentioning that users appreciate the sleek design that hardly adds any bulk to their luggage. The snappy keys are also an innovative design that reduces the risk of accidentally pressing the wrong keys.



  • Popular non-programmable scientific calculator recommended by educators
  • Sleek design with a robust build
  • Four-line display
  • Allows a MultiView display
  • MathPrint function offers Natural textbook display formats
  • Quite affordable



  • It may be challenging to read the screen in low-light conditions


4.   Helect 2-Line Engineering Scientific Calculator

If you are on a tight budget and simply need a functional non-graphing scientific calculator to help you smash your exams, the Helect H1002 non-graphing calculator is perfect for you. This professional-grade calculator is commonly used by college students and is loved for its robust build that ensures unrivaled durability.

With a total of 240 functions, you can confidently walk into an exam room with this device and expect to have the ability to quickly and perfectly handle both basic and complex mathematical problems. Don’t let the minimalistic design fool you; this is a beast with the level of functionality that can only be found in premium scientific calculators.

The device is equipped to handle 1-2 different statistical calculations simultaneously. It also allows switching between scientific and engineering notation modes. Better still, it offers 3 angle modes, which include grads, degrees, and radians. Thanks to the two-line display, you can conveniently work on large equations and view them on your screen from end to end.



  • Offers 240 functions
  • Wide-screen accommodates a two-line display
  • Ergonomically designed with responsive buttons and comfortable grip
  • Long battery life
  • Reliable yet affordable



  • Not solar powered


5.      (CASIO) Scientific Calculator (FX-991ESPLUS)

The FX-991ESPLUS Scientific Calculator from Casio is the closest competitor of the TI-36X Pro. These two models rank high for their premium quality and range of functions. This calculator offers 552 different functions, making it one of the most practical non-graphing calculators to use when sitting for major exams like AP, SATs, ACT, and PSAT/NMSQ.

With the ability to support permutation & combination, complex numbers, logarithmic, Statistic Trigonometry, matrix, and simultaneous & polynomial equations just to mention a few, this calculator offers just the functions you need to tackle science,  polytechnic, and even Engineering mathematical problems.

For the price, you get a whole range of great features that will make your life a whole lot easier. Some of the most enticing features include the highly visible keys, Natural textbook display function, and temporary formula memory that allow quick reviewing of your input.



  • 552 different functions
  • Highly visible keys
  • Natural Textbook Display
  • Approved for use during major exams
  • Battery and solar-powered
  • Optimal bang for your bucks



  • It has a bit of a learning curve


Final word

Most people need a calculator, regardless of whether you are in school or not. Depending on your needs, a non-graphing calculator can be a costly investment. Thus before choosing one, you should carefully scrutinize the various options available in the market.


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