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Best Office Chair for Overweight Person

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In a Hurry? Below are some of the Best Chairs For Overweight People:

Best Value
Amazon Basics Big & Tall Executive Computer Desk Chair with...
Top Choice
OFM ESS Collection Big and Tall Bonded Leather Executive Chair,...
CLATINA Ergonomic Big and Tall Executive Office Chair with...
CLATINA Ergonomic Big and Tall Executive Office Chair with...
Amazon Basics Big & Tall Executive Computer Desk Chair with...
OFM ESS Collection Big and Tall Bonded Leather Executive Chair,...
CLATINA Ergonomic Big and Tall Executive Office Chair with...
CLATINA Ergonomic Big and Tall Executive Office Chair with...
Best Value
Amazon Basics Big & Tall Executive Computer Desk Chair with...
Amazon Basics Big & Tall Executive Computer Desk Chair with...
Top Choice
OFM ESS Collection Big and Tall Bonded Leather Executive Chair,...
OFM ESS Collection Big and Tall Bonded Leather Executive Chair,...
CLATINA Ergonomic Big and Tall Executive Office Chair with...
CLATINA Ergonomic Big and Tall Executive Office Chair with...
CLATINA Ergonomic Big and Tall Executive Office Chair with...
CLATINA Ergonomic Big and Tall Executive Office Chair with...

When it comes to office chairs, what most people don’t know is that the chairs are not one-size-fits-all. Specific measurements and features will determine whether or not a particular chair is the right one for you. More so, if you are an overweight person, then your size will guide your office chair choices.

As an overweight, you don’t need just any chair, but one that supports your body posture. A wrong chair results in poor sitting etiquette leading to muscular and back pain. Thankfully,  office chairs for overweight persons are built for a larger frame and are uniquely comfortable and sturdy. 

Being comfortable in your place of work creates a balance that enhances your productivity and general well-being.

In this article, we will review some of the stand out office chairs specifically built for overweight persons and examine the features that you need to have in mind when buying one.

Factors to consider when buying a chair for an overweight person 

As an overweight, in order to sit more comfortably in your office to improve productivity, it all boils down to the best office chair. Here are some of the things you need to have in mind when shopping for a chair that can accommodate an overweight:

  • Weight capacity

Look for a chair that has a weight capacity rating. This will help you make an informed decision. A heavy-duty chair with a capacity that is a bit above what you need would give you extra assurance against it giving in to your weight. This is because when sitting, your momentum results in a dynamic force that temporarily exceeds the weight capacity albeit gradually. Some chairs can support weights of up to 600 pounds, which is more than enough for even the heaviest of users.

  • Durability

The best office chairs for overweight people should be durable and sturdy. Made from heavy-duty material because more pressure is applied to them. Durable chairs will require fewer replacements and maintenance thus saving money in the long run. Look at reviews and specifications about the product to find out the durability of the product before purchasing it.

  • Seat size

Go for a chair that comes with an extra-wide seating surface. Here, the seat size means the actual place for you to use. Avoid one with frame supports on the side as it will restrict you from using the edge space and the center as well. Consider buying chair seats that are larger than 20” by 20” to avoid squeezing yourself into a narrow seat. Settle for thicker seats as they are more comfortable especially if you are a person who sits for long hours in your office.

  • Strong wheels

For an office chair to be able to support the weight of a heavier person, it must be strong in such a way that it rolls easily and freely when under pressure. With this in mind look for a chair that comes with strong wheels that will allow the user flexibility of rolling around the office when they feel like.

  • Armrests

Armrests are advisable when it comes to chairs for overweight people. This component provides comfort for your arms, wrist, and shoulders. Some chairs allow for the armrest to be detached, we will talk about armed chairs vs armless another day. For now. consider armrests that can be adjusted upwards, downwards, and sideways for maximum accommodation and comfort.

  • Comfortability

If you are like most working folks, most of your office hours are spent sitting on a chair. To avert a lifetime of back pain, it is necessary for you to have a comfortable chair. Some office chairs come with upholstery covers such as cotton, leather, and mesh to add to your comfort. Big guys tend to sweat a lot thus mesh covers will provide you with breathability. A headrest will extend comfort if you rest your entire weight against your chair. 

Go for plush padded chairs as they offer to cushion your body and prevent pressure points around bony areas of your body. For comfort, some office chairs are able to recline, tilt, and rock either by pulling a lever or by the push of your weight.

  • Design

Heavy-duty chairs that are specifically designed for bigger users can last you longer, providing you with better mobility as well as comfort along the way. The foundation of a durable chair is a heavy-duty base. Metal bases with between 5 and 6 caster wheels are more capable of supporting overweight users since they offer better weight distribution.

Review of the Best Office Chair for Overweight Person

1. REFICCER High Back Big & Tall Swivel Chair

Weight capacity: 400lbs

Seat width: 22.8”

The top pick goes to this swivel big and tall chair from REFICCER. For many good reasons, I must say. One is that it combines both comfort, style, and functionality for a heavyweight person 

 Let’s start with the comfort bit. It comes padded with a high-density foam that is super soft. Everywhere is padded- the armrest, headrest, and the backrest. The back is high enough even for a taller person. I find high-back seats to be very comfortable for long hours sitting. 

This seat is available in two subtle colors- brown and black. Either color you pick, you can be sure it will complement your office’s decor. 

One concern though, this big and tall office chair comes at a larger price tag, obviously because of the high-quality components that have gone into it, especially the heavy-duty metal at the base. If you are not so restricted by the budget, I would recommend you pick this. It comes with a one year warranty so you can be certain it’s a durable one.


  • High-density padding
  • Padded armrests and headrest
  • Swivel option
  • One year warranty


  • Only available in two color options

2.Flash Furniture HERCULES Series 

Weight capacity: 500 lbs

Seat width: 22.75”

A great substitute as far as the price tag for our top pick is the Flash Furniture HERCULES series chair. At a glance, it comes off as a minimalist contemporary chair but doesn’t be fooled, it has a weight capacity of 500 lbs and has all the features you would need for comfort and ergonomic support.

Stand-out features for the Flash Furniture HERCULES Series 24/7 Intensive Use include  3” thick padding for comfort, PU leather upholstery for that executive office look, and in-built lumbar support. 

Assembly is not hard but given that it’s a big char that comes in several pieces, you are better off getting help. Otherwise, the instructions are pretty simple to follow through.

If you are the only user, you can adjust the height and the recline angle to what suits you most but if not, you can always adjust and re-adjust. The controls are simple to operate and are located on the base of the seat.

One concern though, the armrests are not adjustable so you will have to be content with the position. The good thing is they are perfectly positioned


  • Durable chrome base
  • Soft leather upholstery
  • Dual wheel casters for swift movement
  • Adjustable seat height 
  • Extra-wide seat 
  • Thick seat padding
  • Tilt lock mechanism for safety
  • Comfortable high back design
  • Proper lumbar support


  • None noted yet

3.Bowthy Big and Tall Office Chair 400lbs Computer Ergonomic Desk Chair 

Weight capacity: 400 lbs

Seat width: 22” 

Classy looking, sturdy, the well-built executive office chair is what the Bowthy ergonomic desk chair is. It is designed with style and comfort without compromising its functionality. As the name suggests it is ergonomically designed for big and tall persons with a high back, thick sponge padding, and extra-wide seat.

The chair comes in several pieces but it’s quite easy to assemble. PU leather also makes it easy to clean and maintain. As well, it is a premium PU leather so expect that it will last you for long if you take great care of it.

The lumbar support can be adjusted by the knob and you can lift yourself higher with the pneumatic lift to rock yourself with the tip of your feet when in need of relaxation. The lift is pretty solid and you can go up six inches. You can also lean your head back on the headrest for your power naps. 

For the price, it’s great value if you ask me. It’s fully adjustable, durable, and extra comfortable and supportive.

And if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can always make use of the 30 days free return. There is also a one year warranty in case of any defects or faults. 


  • Extra thick padding
  • 1-year warranty and 30-day free return guarantee
  • Easy to assemble
  • High-back design for taller users
  • Wide seating area
  • Adjustable lumbar support



  • None noted so far


4.Serta Big & Tall Executive Office Chair High Back All Day Comfort

Weight capacity: 350 lbs

Seat width: 22”

If you fancy the executive leather-look, Serta would be a very great option for you. With a weight capacity of 400lbs, you can count on the seat to give you service for quite some time as it is made of commercial-grade materials. 

To give it that executive office look, the chair is upholstered in soft black bonded leather which is pretty durable. The leather is easy to wash and is spill-free which is great as you don’t have to struggle so much in maintaining it. I loved how the stitching stands out from the leather, it gives it a very contrasting effect. The grey finishing on the frames also makes it look even more stunning.

Talking of space, well,  this Serta chair has it in plenty. It also allows for adjustability so you can customize your sitting positions. You can also adjust the height so that your foot touches your ground as needed to promote proper blood circulation.

Another important feature is the contoured cushioning. If you sit for long hours, you will appreciate the lumbar support this seat will give you. I highly recommend it for sitting for long hours.

During your free time, you can comfortably take your naps while positioning your arms on the armrest for a more relaxed nap. You can also tilt back the seat to stretch your body. Stretching is very important in keeping off stiff muscles.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The dual caster wheels move really swiftly, you can make short distances just seated on the seat without making any annoying noises or damaging the floor.


  • Contoured to give proper lumbar support
  • Looks elegant
  • You can customize positions and adjust the height
  • Plush comfortable seating pan
  • Scuff-resistant footpads
  • Soft bonded leather upholstering 


  • Some users find the seat to be too deep

5.Sadie Big and Tall Office Computer Chair

Weight capacity: 350 lbs

Seat width: 22”

Another fairly priced ergonomic chair for overweight people is this Sadie Big and Tall Office Computer Chair. It comes with plenty of adjustable features.

The seating area is fairly large, with a depth of 22 inches and a width of 22 inches, this sizing can accommodate a large frame person comfortably. The seat is well cushioned as well, your butt won’t be on fire after hours of sitting. Your lower back is also taken care of thanks to the excellent ergonomic lumbar support this chair offers. The mesh also allows for breathability to keep you cool during those hot months.

I especially loved the adjustability of the armrests, not many office chairs feature this. You can adjust the height to what suits you at every particular time.

I also loved all mesh curved back, yes it’s not as comfortable as the thick padding in most office chairs but gives the best support for someone with constant backaches. It contours your back so well to minimize any backaches. Even better is that you can adjust the lumbar support to target specific areas of your back that need more support. 


  • Swift moving 360-degree seat
  • All mesh ergonomic back for extra lumbar support
  • 3-year warranty period
  • Adjustable height and armrests
  • Affordable


  • The assembly instructions are not so clear
  • There is no locking mechanism for the back recline

Why is picking the best chair important?

Having a comfortable chair for an overweight person is important for several reasons.

First, a comfortable chair will make it easier for overweight people to sit down.

Second, a comfortable chair will encourage them to use the seat more often than they would do otherwise.

Lastly, a comfortable chair for overweight people is important because it will make them feel like they don’t have to do something about their weight problem and that ignoring the problem won’t hurt them.

Other things to Consider When Buying a Chair for an Overweight Person

As an overweight person, it is important to find a chair that fits your body. This will not only give you comfort but it will support your weight too. Here are some of the features that you should look at when selecting a chair for yourself:

If the back is adjustable, have a choice between high and low slats The seat should be fully padded as well as the armrests If there is no lumbar support, choose a chair that can be adjusted. Your back should touch the backrest while at the same time your thighs should not press against the front legs of the chair.

Adaptive Armrests

Overweight people are most likely to have problems with their shoulders and elbows when sitting on chairs. This is where adaptive armrests come into play. They allow you to change the height of the armrests, depending on what is comfortable for you.

Lumbar Support

Lumbar support is recommended for overweight persons as they often experience back problems because of their weight. The lumbar support can help alleviate pressure from your spine and provide relief from pain. Some chairs even come with adjustable lumbar support that you can adjust to your needs.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity is another criteria to consider. Most office chairs have a maximum of 250 lbs (113,35 kg) load capacity; however some can hold up to 600 lbs (272,16 kg). It’s important to know the recommended load limit of the chair that you are planning to buy. Chairs with higher maximum weight capacity are most likely to have more durable construction.

Weight Capacity is key

Fatigue & Strength Issues

If your job requires sitting for long hours or if you prefer to spend a lot of time on the computer, an ergonomic office chair may help reduce fatigue and back problems. It will reduce the strain on your back and allow you to sit longer in complete comfort.

To Sum Up

Many people solve their back pain issues by investing in an ergonomic chair. Ergonomic chairs focus on the health of your lower spine while at the same time reducing fatique issues that stem from long hours spent sitting.

It is important to know what type of chair would you be most comfortable in and then choose one that best fits your needs.

If your back problems stem from being overweight, you should make sure the chair supports your weight properly. You can also try a lumbar support which will help alleviate pressure from the spine and give relief from pain.

Best Office Chair For Overweight Person Conclusion

A properly designed seat for an overweight person can make those long hours of work a lot less difficult on your back. Being stuck with the wrong chair can cause severe damages to your back, nerves, and spinal cord. An appropriate office chair gives you comfort and good posture, some of the motivating factors that you need to power through your daily grind.

The best office chair for an overweight person comes with a decent amount of padding on the seat as well as the lumbar region to avoid the pain associated with long hours of sitting. Support for your head and neck is equally important for the general comfort of the whole body while sitting.


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