Best Office Chair For Sciatica

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Sciatica refers to the pain caused by pressure on your nerve that runs from your lower spine, surrounding hip area, around the buttocks and down the leg region. For a person who sits for consecutive hours every workday, buying the best office chair for sciatica pain should be a top priority.

Working for long hours while sitting can be very tiring. Even worse when the sitting is in a fixed position and on a bad chair. What could be more rewarding than treating yourself to a comfy office chair during the day?

In this article, we cover a comprehensive buying guide to help you know what exactly to look out for. We also review some of the top picks of office chairs for sciatica to narrow down your options.  

In a hurry? Below are some of the best office chair for sciatica:

Factors to consider when buying a chair for sciatica

The best office chair for sciatica should facilitate good blood circulation under your thighs and legs as well as offering adequate support for your lower back. Here are some of the critical considerations you need to have in mind during the buying process;

  • Adjustability

Look for a chair that allows you to adjust the height. This is important because when you sit up straight with your feet flat on the ground, your knees need to be slightly above your hips. This will allow blood to flow to your lower body, causing less pressure on the pelvis, hips, and lumbar. A more adjustable chair ensures the base of your spine is pressed against the curvature of your seat thus more versatile and can fit a larger number of people.

  • Armrests

Armrests help support your arms thus putting less strain on the upper back. Your arms need to be at a slightly downward angle, and the seat should not be too soft, but rather the right amount of firm. When your upper back is comfortable it reinforces a decent alignment with your lumbar. This avoids any disjoint in movement between the two. 

  • Strong castors and base

A good chair must have strong castors and base to be able to hold your weight up whilst you are sitting. For safety reasons and general peace of mind, you will want a chair that is offering you all-round support.

  • Material

You need a chair that is made of strong material that can offer adequate support as well as comfort. A good chair for sciatica should be made of breathable material such as synthetic, mesh upholstery to help keep your back cool. Avoid chairs made of leather material as they get hot pretty fast unless you constantly have your AC on.

  • Additional features

Consider chairs that come with waterfall edges. This helps take the pressure off your hamstrings. Avoid too much seat padding as it puts pressure on your glutes thus activating your lower back pain.

A backrest with an ergonomic S-shape will be able to follow your natural spine movement and accommodate your spine properly. That way the chair is able to distribute your upper back weight evenly, avoiding pressure on your lower back.

An office chair that is able to recline will allow you to take little breaks and recline backward. This allows the chair to take the pressure off your weight for a while.

  • Durability

With proper therapy, sciatica pain normally eases in 4-6 months. However, look for a durable enough chair that can last you at least five to ten years. This will help you maintain good posture, easing pressure on your lower back and preventing recurrence of your sciatica.

Review of the Best Office Chair for Sciatica

1. Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair Loaded Posture Fit 

This is a great chair for your body and spine. It is designed to give ample support to the base of your spine. This allows your pelvis to maintain a natural forward bend and keeps your back and spine properly aligned. 

Another wonderful feature of the Classic Aeron is that it moves with you by mimicking the natural pivot points in your body. This way the chair complements your body movements allowing you to recline comfortably and fluidly. 

The chair can accommodate all types of body shapes. It is designed in a way that body weight is distributed evenly to prevent heat build-up around the pressure points. 

You will also be pleased to note that you can easily replace the parts that get worn out fast which means this chair will serve you for a long time. 

This office chair is also easy to assemble and set up. The appearance is very appealing and so is the construction. It is built using sophisticated materials. 


  • Easy to assemble
  • Highly adjustable for extra comfort
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Solid build


  • The sizes are relatively small
  • The assembling instructions are not clear

2. Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

This state-of-the-art office chair from Duramont is highly adjustable. You have the ability to change the headrest, the height and depth of the lumbar support, the armrest, backrest, and even the height and tilt of the seat.  This allows you to find the most comfortable seating position.  

The back support is what makes it ideal for sciatica. With the adjustable lumbar support, you can recline the chair to allow you to adjust the tilt of the backrest. The backrest is made of a breathable mesh back that enhances air circulation keeping your back cold and sweat-free. 

Worried about the assembly process? Well, don’t be, this chair is easily set up in eight simple steps all well elaborated  in the manual. You can make use of the pneumatic controls to find the ergonomic position for your body and back. 

This chair can support up to 330 pounds in weight. The materials used are of high quality and durable and is also fitted with rollerblade caster wheels that aid movement. 


  • Easy to install
  • Has wheels to aid movement
  • Breathable mesh 
  • Plenty of adjustment options


  • The seat cushion is slightly firm 
  • The armrest padding is also hard

3. NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair

This office chair offers a new standard in ergonomic seating. The most interesting feature is the 3D adjustable arm that can move forwards, back, up and down, and even rotate to fit you perfectly. Also, it has a mesh headrest that adjusts up and down. 

The lumbar support fits your back perfectly and takes the shape of your spine reducing compression and pain. Whether you’re working or just want to take a rest, this chair will offer you the perfect posture and comfort. The back can tilt up to 135 degrees for extra comfort and relaxation.

 The breathable elastic mesh allows for optimal airflow keeping your back cool and dry. The elastic material makes it smooth to rest your back on.  

With a  sturdy construction, the 5-point base with dual casters offers more stability and strength. There is also an iron base that allows this chair to support a weight capacity of 275 pounds. To top it all, you will get a free set of rollerblade wheels with your purchase.  


  • Breathable elastic mesh
  • A free additional set of wheels
  • Has a 5-point sturdy iron base
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable headrest


  • No padding on the armrest
  • The headrest is not lockable

4. Serta Hannah Microfiber Office Chair 

In case you are looking for a chair that combines style and comfort, then the Serta Style Hannah Office Chair is the perfect fit. It has a pillowed headrest that provides maximum comfort to your neck and head. The lumbar section is cushioned with deep-layered pillows and is contoured to hug your back perfectly and provide support to your spine. The arms are padded to give comfort to your arms when working and even when resting. 

You can adjust the height and recline of the seat easily. At the base of the seat, there is  a pneumatic gas lift that is conveniently located within your arm’s reach for you to adjust the seat height.  You can use the same lever to unlock the recline mechanism. If you want to adjust the resistance of the recline resistance, turn the tension knob that is located on the bottom of the seat.

Also, it has a waterfall seat edge that minimizes leg pressure and fatigue and facilitates circulation. The chair is covered in a soft microfiber fabric which will give your home or office a welcoming feel and the wheels move in 360-degree for all floor types. 


  • Pillowed headrest and body
  • Sleek upholstery and appearance
  • Sturdy


  • The backrest is relatively small

5. Serta Air Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair

The ergonomic features of the Serta Office Chair stand out immediately you lay your eyes on this desk chair. It has layered body pillows and cushioned armrests to provide comfort to your hand, wrist, and forearm especially when working. The headrest is elevated and cushioned to provide support and comfort to your neck. 

The lumbar mimics the movement of your back to provide support and improve your seating posture so you can work comfortably. The cushioning responds to your movements and aligns perfectly with your spine which eliminates strain and discomfort irrespective of how long you sit. 

The center area of the backrest is perforated for breathability and increased airflow. 

It has a sleek design that consists of bonded leather and a wood frame. There is also a lever on the side that you can use for height and tilt adjustments. 

The base offers full swivel functionality and is supported up by dual-wheel casters for strength and to aid movement. 


  • Easy to put assemble
  • Good lumbar support 
  • Extra comfort
  • Stylish design


  • The paint scratches 
  • The black plastic caps used to hide the screws don’t fit well


The most important thing to remember when you have sciatica is to always maintain proper posture. Therefore, when picking the best chair for sciatica, you have to clear on what will work for you. The chair you choose should correspond or work per your physique. Avoid picking a chair that is too big or too small for you, rather something that is of the perfect fit. 

The best office chair for sciatica should be one that promotes good blood circulation in your legs while offering excellent lower back support. Always remember that no amount is too much when it comes to investing in your health. We hope this review will successfully guide you towards picking the best chair when next you wish to refurbish your office or merely treat yourself to some healthy comfort. 

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