Best Office Chair For Scoliosis

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In a Hurry? Below are some of the Best Office Chair for Scoliosis:

Have you been struggling to find the right chair to help with your scoliosis condition? Do you find that every chair you buy just doesn’t cut it?

Well, cut the chase and invest in the best office chair for scoliosis, and you will be looking forward to your working days.

In this article, we have reviewed some of the best office chairs for scoliosis available in the market today. Just for you, we have also highlighted various factors that you need to have in mind when looking to buy an ideal office chair. 

What is scoliosis?

Simply put, scoliosis is the curving of the spine into an S or C shape. It is believed to be a hereditary affliction but can be caused by cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy. Most cases of scoliosis are not severe, however, if you do not seek treatment as well as take care of your spine posture it can become serious especially when growing older. 

Scoliosis may cause your shoulders and waist to be uneven, one shoulder to protrude more than the other, or one hip to be higher than the other. This creates pressure on your discs and joints causing back problems and back pain.

Working in an office may require you to sit for most of the day. A situation that can worsen scoliosis condition. Therefore it is important to take preventive measures to keep it from getting serious. 

Factors to consider when buying the best office chair for scoliosis

Choosing an office chair for scoliosis can be confusing due to the availability of a variety of options in the market. In view of this fact, here are some of the vital factors that you need to consider to help you through the selection process. They include;

  • Overall comfort

Comfort is an undebatable factor when it comes to choosing the best office chair for scoliosis. Therefore look for a chair that has a well-padded seat and is sturdy. The chair should allow just the right positioning so as to minimize neck and back pains.  As well, your pelvic should be correctly positioned for the chair to have the best effect on your spine.

  • Seat depth

When the chair is too wide or deep, it leaves your feet dangling off the floor as the front edge of the chair tends to cut into the soft tissue underneath your legs causing blood circulation issues. Consider a seat depth of fewer than 18 inches with an option to adjust it to your specific need. You can get your correct size by measuring the seat from the tip of your bottom to the back of your knees. For maximum comfort allow 2 inches of space between the front of the seat and the back of your knees.

  • Seat height

To know the correct seat height for you to go for, measure the distance from the floor to the back of your knees. This is important to ensure that the office chair that you get is the ideal size that will position your feet at the right angle to the floor. This facilitates a healthy sitting posture. An average office chair is retractable to between 18-22 inches. However, if you are shorter, make sure to get a chair that can be lowered further than average height.

  • Tilting backrest

When you have scoliosis, you want a chair that is supportive throughout the seat as well as in the backrest. A chair with a cushioned backrest therefore would be most ideal. Consider a chair that you can tilt forward and backward to help you release pressure on your spine and knees.

  • Lumbar support

Scoliosis condition creates a larger than normal curve of your spine that increases pressure on your shoulders and neck. As such, you need a chair that can slightly tilt your pelvis forward. A chair that provides lower back support with an adjustable lumbar cushion to accommodate the bottom of your spine in different positions is therefore necessary. Body sizes vary hence a chair that allows you to adjust the lumbar support will help improve posture and comfort.

  • Headrest

Consider an office chair that comes with a headrest. A headrest is an invaluable addition, especially when dealing with spine problems as it helps you keep your head in a more neutral position and maintain a good posture.

  • Lateral supports

Lateral supports are crucial when it comes to improving posture. Some office chairs come with removable lateral supports that allow you to reposition the support accordingly. Since scoliosis causes twisting and bending while you are sitting, these lateral supports will help alleviate that. They help to keep your trunk straight, preventing you from slumping sideways.

Review of the Best Chairs for Scoliosis

  1. Steelcase Gesture Chair

For starters, it’s built with a lot of thought and consideration for people with conditions like Scoliosis. It conforms to the shape of your back regardless of the position you are seated in. This ability to mimic the shape of your spine is what makes it one of the best chairs for scoliosis.

If you are particular about getting an attractive chair without compromising its functionality, the Steelcase Gesture chair does not disappoint one bit. I loved how they play around with the 100% polyester fabric, the black hard plastic, and steel to bring out a sleek but durable chair.

The Steelcase Gesture has been found to support as many as 9 sitting positions thanks to its numerous adjustable features on the seat, armrests and back. 

In addition to that, this chair has the most adjustable arms compared to other premium chairs in the market. You can adjust it in 6 different ways. This gives you plenty of flexible positions. You can also adjust the height as well as the depth of the seat.

With a weight limit of 400 pounds, this has got to be one of the most accommodative chairs. It can fit persons of all sizes and heights.

What struck me most and is obviously what makes it the best choice for people with Scoiliosis is the torsional spring that allows you to adjust the right and left angles of the seat to properly position your lumbar area when on recline.


  • Comes with lots of adjustable features
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Adjustment controls on both sides of the seat for ease of reach
  • 12 year warranty period


  • Steep pricing
  • Lumbar support is fixed, cannot be adjusted
  1. Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair for Scoliosis

Compared to the Steelcase Gesture, this is a more affordable option but with equally great features for people struggling with Scoliosis. In fact it’s one of the recommended chairs by Ergonomics Application Society. So yes, it’s a good chair and the reason we placed it second on our list.

Adequate lumbar support is crucial for scoliosis conditions and that is what this chair aims to provide as it comes with a lumbar pillow.

I loved that it comes with wheels that allow the seat to swivel 360 degrees for ease of mobility. With your condition, you can’t afford to keep standing just to reach some stuff and so being able to glide to whatever corner of your office becomes such a convenience. 

This chair is safe to sit on for long hours, as long as 8-10 hours and you can be sure of not getting fatigued or developing pain points on your back.

This Sihoo ergonomic chair is no doubt durable, sturdy, heavily adjustable and for the price, delivers great results. 


  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Great price
  • Easily adjustable 
  • Quick and easy to put together


  • Limited adjustable options
  • May be small for heavy persons
  1. Herman Miller Aeron Chair

As far as ergonomic office chairs, i honestly don’t think there is a brand with a solid reputation like Herman Miller at the moment. Maybe in the future but not now. However, I don’t foresee that given how innovative Herman Miller is getting by the day.

What makes Herman Miller stand out is how they design their chairs with their users in mind. They know the conditions their users are struggling with and they offer just the right solutions.

A good example is this Hermam Miller Aeron Chair designed for scoliosis. It’s designed with lots of adjustable features to help ease the pain and discomfort that comes with the condition. You can adjust the height of the seat, the lumbar height and depth, armrest and recline position.

Aeron comes in three different sizes designed to fit people of different sizes and body types. 

The only downside I have experienced with Herman Miller chairs and more so the Aeron is the high number of counterfeits that come at incredibly low prices. Obviously because they are made of low-quality materials. This at times may be confusing for some buyers but I can assure you the original Aeron chair is worth your $1000 plus. You can tell by the 12-year warranty placed on it.

Also, the fact that it comes so highly recommended by experts says something about its performance and quality. So go ahead and get yourself one of the best chairs for scoliosis in the  market without fear.


  • Recommended by experts
  • Durable
  • Comes with a 12 year warranty
  • Lots of adjustable features
  • Easy to assemble


  • Lots of cheap imitation going around
  1. Serta Style Hannah Office Chair for Scoliosis

The Serta Stye Hannah chair is another reasonably priced chair for scoliosis. Its built with comfort and style in mind and you can tell by the plush cushioning all over the seat as well as the attractive color and design. It’s the kind of comfort in this chair that helps a great deal in easing the pain gradually.

The chair features a tilt function, up-down adjustments, and a contoured lumbar to help with back support to reduce back pains. To ease pressure and pain on your hips and the back of your legs, the seat has cascading edges. These edges also help in promoting the circulation of blood. 

As well it features a padded headrest and padded armrests for extra comfort as you work. No doubt the chair is comfortable even for long hours of sitting.


  • Extra padding for extra comfort
  • Fully padded
  • Attractive design
  • Excellent lumbar support
  • Affordably priced


  • Even though it is fully padded, it lacks the bouncy feeling
  • Armrest is not adjustable
  1. Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Another great but very reasonably priced chair for scoliosis condition is this Ergonomic mesh char from Modway. 

It offers adequate lumbar support which is exactly what you want with your condition. The only challenge is that you cannot make any adjustments, it would be nice to be able to though.

However, with 6-inch thick padding on the seat cushions expect nothing but comfort.

The armrests are padded and you can flip them up and down to allow you maximum comfort and flexibility. And while the back is not padded, it is made of a strong mesh fiber to allow good circulation of air.This keeps you cool as well as keeps away the sweaty odor.

With the levers and controls placed in different sides of the chair, you can adjust the tilt tension, the seat height as well as the back height.


  • Can support a weight of up to 331 pounds
  • Thick padding and cushioning
  • Optimal lumbar support
  •  Breathable seat back 
  • Fitted with double caster wheels for easy movement


  • Limited adjustable options

Best Office Chair For Scoliosis Conclusion

Sitting down for long hours working can be a cause for a variety of back problems. It also contributes to pain and complications associated with scoliosis condition. Investing in a good office chair for scoliosis is therefore a worthwhile investment that you should seriously consider.

Some of the key things to bear in mind when searching for a scoliosis chair include a high backrest, adjustable armrests, and adequate lumbar support.

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