10 Best Paper Shredders Under $100 in 2022

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Shredding confidential documents or important files and professional papers is often a tedious task. However, having a paper shredder makes it much more manageable when dealing with the paper aspects of your daily life. Paper shredders are available in different types, depending on their usage, size, and features.

In recent times, paper shredders have become a must-have for most businesses. With these machines, you can shred paper to comply with the law by protecting sensitive information, as well as help to protect the environment.

In this article, we will give a detailed review of some of the best paper shredders under $100 available in the market today and highlight the things that you need to consider when buying one. 

Top Paper Shredders Under $100 

Look for a paper shredder that does not make a lot of noise. A noisy machine may disrupt other people working next to you, especially in an office setting. Consider a paper shredder whose noise does not exceed 75 decibels.

1. Royal DT4 Desktop Shredder

I have had this paper shredder for over two years, and it has become a staple part of my home office space. I don’t need to shred a ton of documents, so the size and portability of this paper shredder have been perfect for me.

The sliding top is easy to move back and forth, and this crosscut shredder is powerful enough to shred credit cards, business mail, staples, and more. What has been equally as impressive as the power is the overall durability of this paper shredder, considering I load a large amount of junk mail into it every week.

One of my biggest pet peeves is getting junk mail and other unwanted documents at the door and this has been the perfect solution to take out my frustrations on the unwanted business documents and mailers.

When looking at other paper shredder options, I had a tough time finding a desktop shredder with enough power that didn’t take up enough space. This compact paper shredder can shred up to 4 documents at a time and is only 10 inches small and 8 inches wide.


  • One of the smallest footprint paper shredders
  • Shreds a wide variety of documents
  • Sliding protective top
  • Shreds paper seamlessly


  • Not as powerful as some of the other models

2. AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Home Office Shredder

First on our list is one of the most affordable yet effective paper shredders in the market. The AmazonBasics 6-sheet is a credible option for anyone searching for a cost-effective machine capable of shredding a maximum of 6 sheets at a go. One of the unit’s highlights is that you don’t have to remove staples or small paper clips before shredding.

In terms of the paper size you can feed, this unit is designed to accommodate papers as wide as 8.7 inches. Moreover, it can also shred credit cards, although you have to provide one card at a time. The shredded material is about 5.6mm by 46.8mm in size.

Something else that genuinely caught our attention during the tests was the speed of the machine. It can work for two continuous minutes before taking a 30-minute break to allow the motor to cool off.

Generally, this is a pocket-friendly unit designed for ease of use. It comes with an automatic start, meaning the shredding process begins the instant you feed the paper. In case of any paper jams, you need to reverse the paper manually.


  • Inexpensive
  • Effective in shredding confidential material into tiny bits
  • Big 3.8 gallon bin
  • Designed to support ultra-silent operations
  • Compact and relatively portable
  • Ideal bin size for home use


  • No bin window

3. Amazonbasics 8-Sheet Paper Shredder

If the AmazonBasics 6-sheet is a turn-off because it has no window, perhaps you should consider settling for this unit. The AmazonBasics 8-Sheet is an upgrade of its 6-sheet counterpart in more ways than one. This is also a compact size unit that measures 12.8 x 7.3 x 15.9 inches and weighs only 8.3 pounds, although its functions and features make it just as worthy as units twice the price.

One of the upgrades you will enjoy is that it can shred eight sheets at a go. The machine also does crosscuts, and the shredded bits are as tiny as 4.8mm by 46.8mm. Better still, it can run for a whole 3 minutes before it needs to go on a 30-minute break. This can speed up your operations, especially when handling bulk shredding projects.

Something that makes this machine truly worth it is its user-friendliness. First, it features an angled feed entry that enhances user safety. Secondly, it has an automatic start and allows manual reversing of the paper in case of paper jams. Finally, the best feature is an LED indicator that lights up automatically in case of overheats.


  • It comes with a bin window
  • Generous 4.1-gallon bin
  • Shreds quietly (70 decibels)
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable
  • Can shred for three straight minutes
  • 8 sheet crosscut shredder


  • Not designed to shred CDs

4. Bonsaii DocShred C156-D 12-Sheet Paper Shredder

Here is a machine we highly recommend for anyone with bulk shredding needs. The Bonsaii DocShred C156-D can shred 12 sheets at a go and comes with a big 5.5-gallon bin. Like the AmazonBasics 8-Sheet, it comes with a window that allows you to see when the container needs emptying without opening it.

This is a multipurpose shredder that excels when shredding not only paper documents but also CDs, DVDs, and credit cards. You can feed it with papers as big as A4, and the shredded bits are as tiny as 5mmx45mm.

Many paper shredders in the class, including those with bin windows, are prone to creating messes. What makes this unit exceptional is that it features a handle that makes emptying the bin easy, preventing unwarranted spills.

Other enticing features include the automatic start and overheating protection system that prevents the machine from getting too hot. This protects the motor from damage and ensures your investment lasts for a good while.


  • Shreds 12 sheets of paper at the same time
  • Huge 5.5-gallon bin with window
  • Cuts the paper into tiny 5mmx45mm bits
  • Quiet operations
  • It comes with an overheating protection system
  • Excellent value paper shredder under 100


  • Not the best option for heavy-duty use

5. Fellowes Powershred 49C 8-Sheet Shredder 

If you need a paper and credit card shredder that performs exceptionally well, here is one of the best options. The Fellowes shredder 4605801 can take a maximum of 8 sheets at a go, and it works for a straight 5 minutes before requiring a 30-minute cooling period.

This is a feature-packed machine that even comes with an overheating protection system. It triggers an automatic shut-off, protecting the motor from damage if the engine overheats when shredding. We consider this an important feature that ensures the maximum durability of a paper shredder.

Something else that makes this machine a worthy bet is that it supports relatively noiseless operations. This makes it perfect for home use, especially in environments with small kids. Another aspect that makes it ideal for home officers is that it comes with a safety lock that disables it for an added safety layer when it’s not in use.


  • Shreds 8 sheets at a time
  • Excellent runtime (5 minutes)
  • Relatively quiet
  • It comes with a safety lock
  • Generous 4-gallon bin


  • Not ideal for shredding CDs and DVDs

6. Bonsaii 10-Sheet Paper Shredder

Bonsaii is a trusted brand that produces some of the most functional yet inexpensive paper shredders. That is why we could not resist listing another powerful unit from the brand. The Bonsaii 10-sheet paper shredder is a feature-filled and well-constructed unit designed to give users optimal bang for their bucks.

Let me begin by mentioning a downside that could be a deal-breaker. The fitted motor is somewhat flimsy. This makes this otherwise potent machine only ideal for light-duty shredding. On the bright side, it can shred a maximum of 10 sheets at a go and chop down small paper clips and staples. The shredded bits are about 5mm by 40mm, which is pretty decent.

The unit can work for 4 minutes nonstop before taking a 40-minute break in terms of the runtime. You don’t need to be a techy fellow to use the machine because it is designed for ease of use. Just slide in your papers, and it will automatically start shredding. There is also a thermal protection feature that prevents overheating.


  • Automatic start
  • Noiseless operations (72 decibels)
  • Comes with thermal protection
  • gallons bin for less frequent emptying
  • Handle for enhanced portability


  • Cannot shred CDs or DVDs

7. VidaTeco Paper Shredder

This shredder from VidaTeco has 14 sheet capacity, which puts it as one of the highest capacity paper cutters on the market.

With its cross-cut shredder design, this cross-cut shredder can cut through credit cards, papers, junk mail, staples, paper clips, and even CDs.

The older you get, the more unwanted documents you typically start to receive, and this paper shredder can be a great option as a multipurpose shredding option.

Most of the paper shredders under 100 options on the market have smaller collecting bins which mean you are frequently running out of the garbage can to dump your paper scraps into. This shredder has a 6.6-gallon capacity which can hold up to 250 documents.


  • 14 sheet capacity
  • Shred paper in less than 1 second
  • Auto start when inserted
  • Crosscut shredders


  • Best for home office use

8. Aurora Shredder

Aurora is one of the most popular brands in the paper shredder industry, and this model is an excellent option with both the eight and 12-sheet cross-cut capacity shredders under $100.

The Crosscut shred size on this shredder is 3/16″ by 1-27/32″, which is one of the smallest footprints of any of the other shredders under $100.

When you want to shred sensitive documents, you want to have peace of mind that there won’t be any way to figure out what is on the papers.

This paper shredder from Aurora can give you the confidence you need in that regard, as well as the confidence that you won’t be dealing with paper jams or other annoying troubleshooting issues.


  • Can shred credit cards and paper
  • 8 Sheet cross-cut shredding capacity
  • 3.7-gallon wastebasket
  • 8, 12, and 14 sheet variations


  • Smaller wastebasket than some of the other models

9. Aurora Paper Shredder

If you have a smaller budget and already have a wastebasket, this paper shredder from Aurora is a great option to take a look at.

This shredder can expand to sit on the top of your wastebasket, so the paper shreds fall directly into your wastebasket.

The strip shredder is strong enough to shred credit cards, Cds, and up to 8 sheets of paper. If you work in a small home office and don’t have room under your desk for another wastebasket, this is a great way to save space.

There is an auto start/stop feature and a paper jam removal feature that helps clear paper jams automatically.


  • It can fit over most wastebaskets
  • 8 Sheet paper shredding capacity
  • Auto start and stop features
  • Overheating protection system


  • No wastebasket included

10 Bonsen Shredder for Home Office

If you don’t shred a ton of paper and are limited on space, this is a great paper shredder under $100 that could fit great on a small desk or shelf.

Despite its small size, this cross-cut shredder can shred up to 8 sheets at a time in as little as 10 seconds.

There is a 4-gallon bin which means you won’t be emptying it frequently compared to some of the other trim micro cut paper shredder options on the market.

If you are worried about identity theft, this shredder can cut paper, credit cards, junk mail, staples, and paper clips into small 3/16′ x 23/32′ fragments.


  • Micro-cut shredder with high output
  • Perfect size for shredding credit cards
  • High-security shredder with one year warranty
  • Maximum operating noise of 65 decibels


  • Only has an 8 sheet cross cut option


To comply with Laws such as HIPPA and FACTA, which mandate that you shred certain types of sensitive information, more and more businesses have invested in paper shredders. After all, a paper shredder under $100 is comparatively a negligible expense to pay compared to the hefty fines that may dent your business due to compliance failure.

A paper shredder helps you protect your brand from the vulnerability of identity theft by ensuring you destroy sensitive information of both your company and that of your customers on documents well before disposing of them.

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