Best Recliners For Tall Man

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In a Hurry? Below are some of the Best Recliners For Tall Man:

A recliner is a chair with a footrest, adjustable back, and reclining function. Recliners that are perfectly suitable for tall people are rarely available in the market. Any tall person will tell you that getting just the right recliner may prove a frustrating process. However, these chairs provide relief and comfort. Recliners have an interesting history and have come a long way!

This buyer’s guide will assist taller individuals in understanding all there is about the best recliners for tall people available in the market today. It will highlight some of the stands out recliners as well as give factors that you need to consider when looking to buy the perfect recliner for your larger frame.

Factors to consider when buying the Best recliners for tall man

There are certain things that you need to look out for when buying a recliner that will suit your height and provide you with the best possible comfort. These include;

  • Weight capacity

Check the information on the manufacturer’s website or the product manual to find the specified weight capacity recommended. The weight capacity is different from one recliner to the other. It is important to get the right model that can support your total weight. Always consider going for a recliner that can hold a higher weight capacity than yours. This will allow for any weight gain that you might experience in the future thus giving you maximum comfort.

  • Total length

The total length of a recliner is measured from the top of the backrest to the bottom of the footrest. Go for a model whose length is 6 inches taller than you are. This will allow you to fully stretch your legs as you lie down giving you maximum comfort. As a tall person, stretching on a recliner helps you relieve tension especially where you have been sitting for long hours.

  • Seat width

Find an appropriate seat width on your recliner that can accommodate your backsides when sitting. This important factor is often overlooked. As a tall person, you would want to get a sit whose width can fit your back and hips without you feeling squeezed in. While the recliner seats come in different widths, you can find special oversized recliners that are even able to accommodate 2 people.

  • Reclining mechanism

There are two types of reclining mechanisms available in the market today. Decide whether you want to go for a manual recliner or a power recliner. Power recliners are electric and require a nearby outlet. This type of mechanism allows you to recline your seat at the push of a button without the need to use a lever. 

When going for a manual recline mechanism, check to ensure that the lever is easy to access while you are on the chair.

  • Space available

Take into consideration the amount of space that you have in your house or office. If you have a small room, then choose a recliner that will fit the available space. Most tall man recliners open up backward siding out. This means where the space is limited, then they can end up hitting the wall. Therefore, as a precaution before making your purchase ensure to measure both the space and the size of the recliner. When taking measurements of the chair, make sure it is fully reclined.

  • Comfort

When it comes to comfort, do not compromise. The whole idea of having a recliner is to give you comfortable and relaxing moments. Some models can recline up to 180 degrees allowing you to set the right reclining angle according to your needs.

  • Safety

Safety is an important factor that you should not overlook. Because of their moving parts, recliners present a safety concern. Check to ensure that the chair does not pinch when putting the footrest down. It can be a painful experience when you find your skin getting caught in the footrest mechanism. Avoid recliners that may have a big gap between the seat and the extended footrest as they may cause children or pets to fall through. Where the gap exists, make sure it is covered with material.   

  • Material 

Choose a seat that has the right cover material. This is because it affects the durability of your recliner.  A good material should be one that is easy to clean and highly breathable. The most common materials that you can get are leather and fabric. They look nice and are low in maintenance.

  • Additional functions and features

Look for additional functions and features that come with the recliner as they add value for money. This includes gliding and rocking which help in calming you and increase the mobility of your chair. Some recliners have the massage function which soothes sore muscles and helps relieve pressure points thus improving blood circulation. The power lift function helps raise you so that you are able to easily get out of your chair comfortably.

  • Budget

Some recliners are expensive to buy. Consider the set budget that will allow you to get a recliner that meets your needs. Do extensive research of the models offered by different manufacturers to get the right recliner that comes with the features you want and at a pocket-friendly price.

  • Warranty

Always check the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Examine the terms and conditions of the warranty. This will cover you in the event that your recliner is malfunctions within the warranty period then you can get a replacement from the manufacturer.

Review of Best Recliners for Tall Man

1.Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Yandel Power Lift Recliner — Editor’s Choice

If you are out searching for top-quality recliners, it’s hard to go wrong if you stick to pieces from Ashley furniture. The Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Yandel Power Lift Recliner is uniquely built with the tall big man in mind, and the model offers the perfect blend of both functionality and style. With thick poly-fibered upholstery and a sophisticated faux-leather look, the premium aesthetics of the recliner will certainly knock you off your socks.

This lift recliner has more to offer than just a stellar visual appeal. It is also built with top-quality materials and even features a heavy-duty metal frame to accommodate bigger people’s weight. Moreover, the recliner has a 300 lbs. maximum weight capacity, an extended back, and a relatively longer footrest to provide maximum support and comfort to users with larger frames.

Everything about this model ticks from the plush and soft pillows to the spacious, well-padded seat with steel reinforcement. We were also quick to notice the smooth operations of the power lift reclining system and the motor mechanism. When we thought a recliner at the price range could not get any better, this model even comes with an easy to use remote control.



  • Comfortable recliner with a contemporary design
  • Well-constructed to accommodate 300 lbs. users
  • Relatively tall back and spacious seat
  • Easy assembly with hardware tools and instructions included
  • Excellent value for the money


  • Some users claim the seat is too firm for their liking

2.CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair for Elderly

Next on the list is a model that doubles as the best recliner for the elderly and the best model for tall and big men. The Canmov Power Lift Recliner chair, just like the Yandel Power Lift Recliner from Ashley Furniture, is constructed using heavy-duty materials. This enables it to hold as much weight as 300 lbs. The only fundamental difference between these two models is that the Canmov recliner features a single motor and not a dual motor.

When you consider the reclining system’s smooth functions, it’s hard to claim that the single motor is a turnoff. This model boasts heavy-duty engineering and an electronic power lift function that makes the lift, recline and tilt functions flawlessly. Thanks to these smooth operations, the recliner is perfect for not just the elderly but anyone recovering from injuries that make it challenging to get up from a seating position.

At a glance, you can tell that this is an executive recliner that is generously proportioned. With a 17.7 inch back, 20.5 inches seat height, and 19.7 W x 20.5 D inches seat dimensions, you don’t have to worry about your comfort even if you are a little taller than 6 feet. Other features that enhance comfort include the thick foam polyester cushioning and the anti-skid microfiber upholstery.



  • Sturdy recliner with a 300 lbs. weight capacity 
  • Generously proportioned with a spacious seat
  • Anti-skid cover for enhanced comfort
  • Perfect choice for the elderly or injured persons
  • Available in a range of colors


  • The customer service offered by CANMOV could be better

3.La-Z-Boy Calvin Reclina-Rocker Recliner, Granite

Tall and big people cannot afford to invest in recliners with flimsy constructions. If you need a product designed to handle your massive frame with grace and still last for years on end, the La-Z-Boy Calvin recliner should be on top of your list. This model has an attractive price tag, mostly because it functions as both a recliner and rocker.B0788C6XXC

Of course, the model’s design with its rustic appeal will be the first to get your attention. However, this recliner also makes a great purchase because of its roomy chaise seat that delivers maximum comfort. Other features that enhance comfort include the split-pillow back for added lumbar support and the 3-position locking leg rest for added support and safety. 

This chair makes an excellent addition to any living room. If you are tall and heavy or suffer from back issues or hip problems, this is a recliner we highly recommend. It is designed with users’ comfort in mind and is also dead simple to assemble.


  • Doubles as a recliner and rocker
  • Top-quality construction for unrivaled durability
  • Great aesthetics with a rustic appeal
  • Easy and fast to assemble


  • Limited color choices

4.Lane Stallion Big Man (Extra Large) Comfort King Wallsaver Recliner

If you have limited space and still want a recliner designed for the big man, look no further than the Lane Stallion Comfort King recliner. It comes with a wall-saver construction design that allows you to set the seat up against a wall and still enjoy the recline function. This is by far the best recliner for tall and big people because it boasts of a whopping 500 lbs. capacity.

Furthermore, it features an extra-long seat height of 22 inches, making it perfect for users as tall as 6 ft. 8. You are also likely to appreciate the fabric upholstery that is breathable enough to prevent sweating when you sit for extended hours. Another perk offered by the deep burgundy fabric is that it hides stains and dirt pretty well, making this recliner a masterpiece in any living room.

The mere fact that your legs will not hang off the footrest when in a reclined position makes this product a worthy purchase. This, coupled with the steel construction for enhanced sturdiness, gives the Lane brand some serious bragging rights. We only wish there were more color choices.


  • Sturdy with a steel construction
  • Uniquely designed for big and tall people
  • Quite spacious from a reclined position
  • Wallsave design
  • 500 lbs. weight capacity


  • Only available in a deep burgundy fabric

5.ANJ Electric Recliner Chair W/Breathable Bonded Leather

Last but not least is the ANJ Electric Recliner. The highlights of this model are its heating functionality and vibration technology that offer a range of enticing health benefits. These are extra features that help to alleviate pains from musculoskeletal issues and generally make this the perfect recliner to use after a long day of work.

Even though this product only has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. it boasts an oversize and heavy-duty construction that makes it an enticing choice for tall and bigger people. With a seat height of 20 inches and 22.4 x 22 inches seat dimensions, your comfort is assured, even if you stand taller than 6 feet. Don’t get me wrong; we do not claim that this is the most comfortable recliner out there, although we still feel that it’s the best for taller people who may want a quick massage after a busy day.

One major perk we must mention is that the power lift mechanism works like a charm. There are four in-built reclining functions, not to mention that the lumbar support offered is fantastic too!


  • Heating and vibration functionality for enhanced comfort
  • Offers 4, easy to use reclining functions
  • Oversized and ideal for tall, big people
  • Excellent lumbar support
  • Quite affordable


  • Mainly designed for quick massages, not heavy usage

Best Recliners For Tall Man Final word

Although a recliner for a tall person can be confusing to buy, once you are able to make that ideal pick, you can relax like a king. Good research would help you in this process.

We hope that this article has been successful enough to enlighten you about the best recliners for tall people on the market today as well as what you need to consider before buying one. We hopo you enjoyed this best recliners for tall man buying guide and wish you best of luck on your purchase!

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