Best Standing Desk Converter for Tall Person

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Tall and looking for a standing desk converter? Standing desk converters are adjustable units that can be placed on top of your existing desk. They are also known as desktop risers or toppers. They enable you to work on your computer while standing without getting rid of or moving your current desk. They come in a variety of sizes, designs, and budgets, featuring a desktop surface with a separate keyboard tray. 

One of the unfortunate facts is that the taller you are, the more the likelihood that you will suffer from back pain. Getting one of the best standing desk converters for tall people will help you deal with any back pain that you may have as you continue to enjoy working with your computer.

In this article, we will review some of the top desk converters for tall persons available in the market now and try to assist you in choosing a product that best fits your needs and preferences.

In a Hurry? Below are some of the best standing desk converter for tall person:

Factors to consider when buying a standing desk converter for a tall person

It can be a challenging process to look for a standing desk converter that can work well with your height. Some of the things that you need to have in mind when looking to buy one include;

  • Viewing angle

Aches and pains in your neck and shoulder area are very common when you stare at your monitor all day long. The goal of a good standing desk converter is to get your eyes to view naturally downward when looking at your screen.  Your eyes’ line of sight needs to be level with the top of your monitor. This is important because if you constantly have to force your eyes to look up, sooner or later you will get an eye strain. The idea is that you should never need to tilt your neck up or down.

  • Adjustability

Go for a desk that can be easily adjusted to fit your desired height. With the proper desk, transitioning from sitting to a standing position should be effortless. The correct desk height and computer screen positioning are fundamental for improving your comfort and to minimize injury risk while working.

  • Elbow angle

Consider buying a desk that will have your elbows at 90 degrees angle or slightly more from the floor when typing. This will create less stress and strain to your elbows, wrists, and forearms. The screen should be positioned 51-71 cm from your face. As a quick reference, the distance should be no less than from the tip of your middle finger to your elbow.  At a folded position, your standing desk converter will give you additional height thus you may require to adjust your chair upwards so as to maintain the required elbow angle.

  • Desk height measurement

The average 180 cm person would have their desk about 111 cm height. However, for a tall person, get the exact measurements of your existing desk. This is in case you have an unusually lower or higher desk than the standard size. This allows you to know in advance so that you can know how high your desk riser needs to be when you stand up, so as to maintain comfort even while you work standing up.

  • Monitor stand measurement

If you use a monitor arm, then you may need to find out the maximum height you can get for your monitors to guide you when choosing your converter. Where you are planning to extend your desk converter and monitor arm to their highest setting possible, then you need to also bear in mind the stability of your desk. 

  • Portability

A light standing desk converter will allow you to change locations occasionally. Working in the living room while watching your children can be easily accomplished. Moving your workstation near the window to get that inspiring view can be made possible with a portable standing desk converter.

  • Durability and quality

Consider the materials used and the quality of construction when buying your standing desk converter. Get a product that will be able to stand the test of time, without you having to replace it every once in a while. Look for customer reviews as these will paint a clear picture of the performance as well as the durability of the product.

Review of Best Standing Desk Converter for Tall People

1. FlexiSpot Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

With a width of 47 inches, the FlexiSpot desk converter offers desktop space that can support two 27-inch screens. It takes very little effort to adjust the height of this desk. You only need to squeeze the handlebar lightly and your workspace will move either up or down even when it is fully loaded. The desk can support a maximum weight capacity of 44 pounds. 

On top of that, this desk vertically folds within its own footprint, instead of extending outward like other desks. You therefore will not need to create extra space when folding.  The construction is very stable and sturdy allowing you to stand and even lean onto the keyboard surface and the desk will remain firm.

There is a full-sized keyboard tray that has a quick-release design to allow you to easily and conveniently move the keyboard in and out in case you won’t need it for your tasks. The tray can fit a keyboard, mouse, and mouse pad. 


  • Plenty of desktop area
  • Easy to lower and raise
  • Ease of assembly
  • Very stable 


  • Hard to move around because of the weight
  • The desk surface is a bit high when sitting

2. TechOrbits Standing Desk Converter

This standing desk converter by TechOrbits is the perfect solution to your workspace. It will transform your regular desk into a proper standing workstation. You can adjust it to match your height and this will improve your comfort and posture. 

It has a large surface area that provides sufficient space for everything you need such as your laptop, monitors, and more. Below the working surface is an additional removable keyboard tray that will increase your workspace and provide added comfort and convenience. You will also get cord organization as part of the package. 

This standing desk converter can support a total weight of 33 pounds. It is fitted with gas springs that will help to raise your workstation height by up to 20 inches. If you are anywhere between 5′ to 6′.4 in height, then this desk is perfect for you. The non-slip silicone pads at the base will protect your desk surface from scratches and prevent the desk riser from sliding as you work. 


  • Easy to assemble
  • Removable keyboard tray
  • Sturdy
  • Large working space


  • The keyboard tray is not adjustable and does not slide

3. Seville Classics Airlift Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk Converter

This desk is the ultimate sit-stand workstation. It offers a simple but effective way to transform your workspace. It is ideal for office workers and freelancers who want to stay active and productive throughout the day. It is BIFMA compliant for maximum ergonomic comfort and safety. 

It is so easy to switch between a sitting and standing position which allows you to work comfortably without strain and pain. The desk folds within its own footprint and it transitions from 5.9 inches to 19.7 inches, which is higher than the average desk.

The adjustable gas-spring platform is made of high-quality steel and can lift up to 33 pounds. You can evenly distribute the weight across the top for balance and stability. 

The large workspace area has a beveled edge. It can also perfectly fit large, ultra-wide monitors. You will also get a built-in display slot to place your tablet and smartphone. 

One more great feature is the removable keyboard tray that can accommodate full-size and extra-large keyboards. 


  • Removable keyboard tray
  • Built-in slots for mobile devices
  • Wire management
  • Sturdy steel frame 


  • A bit tall at sitting position
  • The mouse position is limiting

4. VIVO Adjustable 36 inch Stand up Desk Converter

Do you want to transform your work experience? Then look no further than this desk converter from VIVO. It has a height-adjustable, dual-tiered platform that will allow you the convenience of either standing or sitting while working. This is important not just for your health, but also for comfort. And moving from sitting to standing is a very smooth process that involves the dual gas spring force. 

What’s even better, there is a simple height-locking mechanism for stability. The platform has unlimited adjustable points and can transition from 6.5 inches to 17 inches above the desk surface. The multiple adjustable points allow you to find the most comfortable position to suit your height. 

There is counterbalance tension that adjusts depending on the weight of the items on your desk so you can easily raise or lower it. It has sufficient workspace that can accommodate dual-monitor setups. The keyboard tray is removable and it rises automatically with the top surface.


  • Very sturdy and stable
  • Unlimited height adjustment points
  • Large desktop space


  • No anchor mechanism to hold it onto the desk
  • The keyboard tray doesn’t move backward or forwards

5. EleTab Standing Desk Converter

This desk stands out for its quality and space efficiency. The top surface, which measures 32 by 17 inches, occupies a relatively smaller space while at the same time providing enough space for a dual monitor setup. And there is nothing complicated about the transition from sitting to standing and vice versa; the height locking feature allows you to lift the desk surface straight up and lock it from your desired position. The bottom resting point is at 4.2 inches and it can rise to a comfortable height.  

There is a lower deck to hold your keyboard and mouse side by side and you can customize it to fit your needs. The assembly process is very smooth. The instructions are easy to follow and your bare hands will do. The frame is made of high-grade steel and so you are assured of stability and safety. It can hold a maximum weight of 33 pounds. And did you know that is it backed by a 10-year warranty? This shows that the manufacturer is confident about the quality and durability of this product. 


  • Space efficient
  • Has a storage tray for your devices
  • Durable 
  • Very stable and sturdy
  • Easy to move up and down 



  • Fixed keyboard stand


Without the need to renovate your workspace, standing desk converters have in the recent past, gained a lot of popularity. The benefits of working at a standing desk have shown to encourage better posture and reduce back aches and pains, especially for tall people, promoting a healthier lifestyle and reducing sitting time by allowing you to move around more freely during the working day. Some people even like exercising or dancing a little while working in front of these desk converters!

For tall people, a work environment considered healthy really begins with a standing desk converter that gives you the freedom to find more comfortable human postures. You become more productive when empowered to adjust your body when it needs a break.

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