5 Best Super Cheap Computer Desks


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When setting up a home office or home-based work station, most people don’t give much thought to the furniture needed to create a comfortable and productive space. 

Well, having the right desk is just as important as having the right computer. After all, the desk serves as an anchor that houses important items such as your PC, keyboard, and mouse.

Best Cheap Computer Desks

If you are searching for something as sturdy as your grandma’s solid oak desk, this is probably not the post for you. However, if you need a pocket-friendly desk that is well-made and equally stylish as premium desks, check out these top 5 products.

1.Tribesigns 63 Inches Computer Desk with Bookshelf

Top on our list is a computer desk uniquely designed for a modern office setup. The Tribesigns 63 inch computer desk is a single piece desk with a bookshelf that offers splendid solutions for anyone looking for a simple yet cheap desk. You get plenty of space for not just your PC and keyboard but also your books, documents, and pens.

Construction-wise, this product doesn’t leave you with much of a wish list. It is well-made using particle boards that are both lightweight and sturdy. Additionally, it is fitted with metal feet that keep the base firm and wobble-free when printing or typing.

There is a range of premium stains to choose from, although the standard option is cherry stain. It works well to give just about any office décor theme a visually appealing look. However, you also have the choice of selecting a dark or light walnut stained desk.

A perk we cannot fail to mention is the dimensions of this desk. While it is not overly bulky, it still offers plenty of room to hold multiple monitors conveniently. This makes it a fantastic choice for both students and professionals.


  • Bookshelf for additional storage
  • Large enough to fit multiple monitors
  • Strong construction with metal legs
  • Available in a range of visually appealing stains
  • Excellent value for the money


  • Lacks cable holes

2.SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk, Espresso

L-shaped corner desks offer excellent solutions, especially for people with limited space. The SHW L-shaped home office desk is a compact unit that is easy to install and quite convenient to use. You get a whole 51 inches surface area on the left and another 51 inches of space to your right. This is plenty of space to suit the needs of students and professionals like artists and editors.

As though the desktop space is not good enough, this cheap computer desk also comes with convenient shelves that further make storing different items a breeze. This is just the desk you need if you want to de-clutter your space and get pens, books, and files out of the way.

You can choose to go for either an omnipresent espresso stain or a walnut color with this option. Even though some clients feel that the color limitations are a turn-off, the walnut-stained desk is natural looking and tends to blend well with nearly all interior design themes.


  • Visually appealing L-shaped desk
  • Plenty of surface area in a compact design
  • Open shelves offer excellent storage solutions
  • Ideal for students and professionals


  • Color limitations (only 2 available)

3.HOME BI Computer Desk with 4 Tier Bookshelves

Here is yet another well-constructed L-shaped desk that promises you excellent value for your money. The Home BI computer desk is uniquely designed to offer an exceptional appeal to people with tight spaces. It fits smoothly into room corners and is available in a fascinating fusion of black and wooden shades.

If you need a desk for tight spaces, the chances are that a couple of shelves will come in handy. This desk also comes with a 4 tier bookshelf designed to accommodate office accessories, books, and magazines. The versatility of its overall design makes it ideal for use as a gaming or computer desk.

During our research, we noticed that finding such a sturdy desk at the price range is not easy. This is more than just a regular computer desk because its strong construction gives it a whopping 800-pound weight capacity. If you have plenty of books or kids who could get a little rough, you don’t have to worry about the desk breaking at the least provocation.


  • Cheap desk with a premium construction
  • Large surface area yet fairly compact design
  • 800 pounds weight capacity
  • 4 tier bookshelf for extra storage
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble (only 34.4 pounds)
  • Versatile


  • Unclear installation instructions

4.Flash Furniture Glass Computer Desk with Pull-Out Keyboard Tray and Crisscross Frame

If you want to give your home office a unique visual appeal, there are good reasons to consider investing in the Flash Furniture glass computer desk. It is made from tempered glass that makes it both strong and quite distinct. Compared to other glass desks, this one comes with a very appealing price tag.

We liked the minimalist design that makes the unit ideal for any modern office space. It offers a 5mm desktop surface area made from tempered glass and comes fitted with wooden legs to make the base sturdy and durable. Design-wise, this desk outshines the competition for its aesthetics and sturdy materials.

The only con worth mentioning is that you will not get any storage space. This desk only provides an area for your computer, mouse, and keyboard. On the bright side, the keyboard tray is extendable, and this is an added benefit for users who want to maintain proper posture when working for long hours.


  • Affordable desk with a premium design
  • Built from premium quality materials
  • Extendable keyboard tray
  • Perfect for the modern office
  • Blends well with all kinds of office themes


  • No storage shelves

5.CubiCubi Computer Desk 40″  

Last but not least is the CubiCubi 40″ Computer Desk. This is a sleek desk designed to give an office environment a stylish visual appeal. It is lightweight, easy to assemble, and yet sturdy enough to assure you of years of great service. Some of the top features that enhance this desk’s stability include the MDF boards, double iron strut design, metal frame, and the adjustable leg pads.

The minimalist design of this desk makes it a stunning add-on to any home office. While it does not feature any shelves, it comes with slots where you can put away small office accessories and make your workspace clutter-free. Moreover, 40″ x19.7″ x 29″ is plenty of surface area to accommodate more than just a laptop.

This is a desk designed with the modern homeowner in mind. Apart from having a simple yet outstanding design, this unit is available in a range of colors. The rustic brown stain has gathered plenty of praise from users, although you also have the option of going for the desk in a dark rustic, black, or walnut. You get plenty of options to make it easy to find a product that blends perfectly with your décor theme.


  • Compact rectangular-shaped desk
  • Well-constructed and sturdy
  • Side-mounted storage bag included
  • Easy to assemble with clear instructions
  • Available in a selection of colors


  • Cheap screws can strip out easily


Are cheap computer desks long-lasting?

The durability of any desk, irrespective of its cost, highly depends on its materials of construction. Premium desks are made from solid wood, and this makes them quite resilient and long-lasting. Cheap desks are, on the other hand, often made from MDF boards and can last for about 10 years if you treat them with care.

Will the desk come assembled?

No. Most, if not all, desks need some assembly, although the package comes with all the nuts and bolts required to make the process quick and easy. You will also receive a manual to guide you through each step.

Do cheap desks have a weight limit?

While most manufacturers will not indicate the weight limit of a desk, it is common sense that MDF boards cannot carry too much weight without warping. To be on the safe side, only use your desk to anchor common items like your laptop/computer and maybe a printer. It would be great if you also were a little crafty when deciding how to arrange your books within the storage areas.


Choosing not to spend a fortune on a computer desk doesn’t necessarily mean you have to settle for a flimsy product. The whole idea of settling for the best super-cheap computer desk is for you to get a feel of different designs without spending too much. By the time you are ready to upgrade, you will have a good idea about the essential features to look for in a premium computer desk.

You can find just about any desk on our list, from models with a sleek, modern, and minimalist design to feature-packed desks with dedicated keyboard areas. Irrespective of your needs or preferences, you can find a super-cool and budget-friendly option that is perfect for your office or game room.

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