5 Best Under Desk Ellipticals

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Spending long hours sitting at your desk is often part of day to day life, whether at work or at home. Conversely, being physically inactive as you sit still possibly takes a toll on your body, and impacts on your overall well being. It’s fortunate that you don’t have to spend a lot of time working out at the gym; an under desk elliptical can help you put your muscles at work without even having to get up. 

An under desk elliptical comes in a compact and portable design so as to fit under your desk. You can fine-tune the angle and height to fit your most comfortable posture.

Top Under Desk Ellipticals

This popular little machine allows you to improve your fitness by utilizing its adjustable magnetic resistance. It makes it possible for you to exercise the lower muscles of your body as you work on your desk. Most importantly, the machine helps to improve the functioning of your heart and burn calories. 

1. Cubbi Pro under Desk Elliptical

Are you worried about putting too much pressure on your joints as you use an under desk elliptical, resulting in leg pains after the exercises? Here is a far-fetched elliptical machine that’s ergonomically designed with a super smooth gearing that makes it perfect to use at home or office with eased up joint strains. It’s expressly made with a low step pattern to be used while sited at the comfort of your favorite chair.

The major benefit of this under desk elliptical is that it enables you to set and accomplish your workout objectives in a more organized and efficient way. It allows you to coordinate the progress of your exercise in terms of calories and distance with your android cell phone or iPhone. It has Bluetooth capabilities and can be synchronized with Apps like HealthKit and FitBit.

This elliptical machine is equipped with 8 adjustment levels that enable you to regulate the intensity of your workouts. It doesn’t make unnecessary noise while in use, so your work becomes a quiet and discreet operation that you can do as you concentrate on your office work.    


  • Super smooth, stable and doesn’t cause joint pains
  • Sturdy and ergonomic design
  • Low step pattern
  • Bluetooth and App synchronization capabilities 
  • 8 adjustment levels to personalize your exercise 
  • Whisper quiet


  • Package instructions aren’t very clear
  • A bit heavier than other elliptical

2. Sunny Health &amp: Fitness Fully Assembled Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical SF -E3872

This is one of the most reliable under desk ellipticals that can help you overcome a sedentary lifestyle by getting your legs in motion. It’s ideal for joint range movement, blood circulation and endurance of lower body muscles. The sturdy textured base pedals impede slippage as you use the device.

This portable and space saving machine fits strategically beneath your desk. You can make use of the tension knob to select the 8 levels of magnetic resistance (belt drive) along with a low perpetuation design that offers a range of exercise intensities that suits you. The central digital monitor lets you keep track of calories, speed, distance and other workout variables.

This elliptical machine is fitted with a stride length of 7-inch that moves steadily with incorporated wheels on a stable frame.  For easier transportation, it’s lightweight and has a purposefully transportation handlebar such that you can easily pick it up. Another great thing about it is that it arrives completely assembled, saving you the time and energy of setting it up.


  • Huge textured pedal that prevent slippage
  • Have 8 levels of magnetic resistance (belt drive)
  • Digital monitor track
  • Stride length that moves steadily with integrated wheels
  • Transportation handle
  • Comes completely assembled


  • The monitor has to be manually operated
  • No insulated pedals 
  • No color choices 

3. Cubii JRI Seated Under Desk Elliptical Machine

The Cubii JRT Seated under Desk Elliptical is all you need to keep yourself active throughout the day as you sit at your office or at your desired chair at home.  The machine whispers absolutely quietly so that you have a discreet workout without causing disturbance around. 

This under chair elliptical comes with a built-in real-time display monitor track, a great feature that helps you check the amount of calories burnt, strides, distance and RPM. Its eight resistant levels allow you to control the intensity of your workouts. The weight and size are carefully considered so that it takes a minimum space under your desk and doesn’t slide as you use it.

The potent ergonomic angles of this device offer a smooth elliptical that produces a low impact on your joints. Its soft elliptical movement also prevents your knee from coming into contact with your desk. It has a high quality construction with excellent controls compared to other similar products. Assembling it is tremendously simple, taking you only 3-5 minutes. 


  • Whisper quiet
  • Ergonomic design and low impact
  • Compact size
  • 8 resistant levels
  • Display real time monitor
  • Easy to assemble and use


  • Its screws loosen up after some time
  • Doesn’t have Bluetooth enabling option

4. Vive Desk Bike Cycle – Foot Pedal Exercise – Foldable Portable Foot, Hand, Arm, Leg Exercise Pedaling Machine

You can attain a more productive day by improving your concentration span and focus, as you tone your muscles with this incredible under desk elliptical. This device is made in a squashed folding design that fits below any desk without difficulty may it be at home or in the office. The low impact exercise is suitable for beginners and appropriate for rehabilitation.

It has relaxed non-slip pedals that hold almost all types of shoes and stays firmly on one spot, with an adjustable toe fit. The pedal exercise is versatile in that it can also be used on table for arm exercise, which is excellent for physical therapy and stamina improvement. To have a personalized experience of your workout, you can adjust the tension level using the available tension knob. 

This product is designed with convenience in mind. Each purchase comes with all requirement tools and quick steps to get you working out within a short while.  With the touch of a button you can monitor speed, time, RPM and burned calories using the one touch multifunctional display.


  • Compact folding design hence takes less space
  • Non-slip pedals
  • Low impact exercise
  • Adjustable tension for personalized experience
  • One touch multifunctional display for track your work out variables
  • Easy to assemble


  • Too light that it moves around when a heavy person uses it
  • It aggravates leg pains especially with harder workouts. 

5. FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical 

 If you spend a large portion of your day sitting still and you’d like to become more active without leaving your desk, meet the FitDesk under Desk Elliptical. This is a fantastic product that works on a forward and back shuffle motion. It has the low rotation height that works perfectly with most desks. The heavy flywheel lets you have a smooth and quiet exercise. 

The rotation height coupled with the weighty flywheel is an incredible addition to its design. Its large pedals accommodate your feet adequately and make it straightforward to use the device. The foot-shifter enables a hands-free tension adjustment that enhances your focus on tasks at hand. A desk stand is incorporated for you to monitor your progress without necessarily checking beneath your desk.

This machine is exemplary lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around to your office or home. You can use it anytime you’re sited on your desk- whether working, using your phone, watching TV or playing games. Assembling is trouble free and only takes you a few minutes.


  • Low rotation height
  • Heavy flywheel for smoother and quieter workouts
  • Hands-free resistance adjustment
  • Desk stand for easy monitoring of progress
  • Lightweight


  • Doesn’t come with proper instructions
  • Screws loosen up and it makes squeaking sounds after some time.


Under desk elliptical makes a great way for you to conveniently get your dose of cardio, which is essential for keeping your body healthy. It’s ideal for getting the lower part of your body moving. The best essential features that make it convenient to use such as adjustable resistance, large pedals, heavier flywheel and monitor display track.

Our top pick for best under desk elliptical is Cubbi Pro Under desk elliptical. This machine has unique features that are hardly found on other elliptical machines. It’s a top rated model that has Bluetooth tracking capabilities and can be synchronized with mobile Apps on most platforms. It’s highly effective in helping you keep fit without joint strains, long lasting and fairly priced to guarantee you a good value for your invested money.

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