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BetterLegal is an LLC formation service company founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company has helped thousands of people to set up their companies in a fast and reliable manner. 

It operates on two key principles; transparency and speed, and based on the quality of their services and high levels of customer satisfaction, it is clear that they abide by their principles. The company’s motto on their website reads, “Everything you need, nothing you don’t, at the speed of the state.” 

On the transparency front, the company has made it easy for anyone to set up a company by simplifying any technical language, elaborately defining its pricing terms, and eliminating upselling. BetterLegal charges a flat figure for all its services. There are no hidden charges and the company does not involve itself in package stuffing where LLC formation services stuff their packages with unnecessary services so that they can charge a premium.  All the services are consolidated in one package and so in essence, BetterLegal is like a one-stop-shop for all your LLC formation needs. 

When it comes to speed, it is possible to have your LLC registered in just 2 days, which is faster compared to the industry standard of at least a week. It has a presence in about 50 states so you can access their services and set up a business in any part of the country and they will have you covered. 

BetterLegal is trying to revolutionize the LLC formation industry by shunning a la carte services, where many companies offer many LLC formation services separately. Instead, the company has chosen to focus on and perfect the delivery of a few key services for effectiveness and customer satisfaction. 

It is important to note that BetterLegal is not a law firm, and therefore their services are limited to LLC formation. The company does not provide legal advice or solutions to legal issues involving business formation. It also does not get involved in business operations and strategies.  You can engage a third party for that purpose. 


BetterLegal has specialized in a few essential services that are offered in a single package at a flat fee. This is a very unique manner of offering its products.  The main features of this package include;

  1. Preparation and filing of the Certificate of Formation – 
  2. Operating Agreement – BetterLegal will provide you with a draft document that indicates the ownership and governance structure of your company.
  3. Employer Identification Number (EIN)  – With this service, you do not need to get your own EIN from the Internal Revenue Services. The EIN enables you to open bank accounts for your business, pay tax, and hire staff among other things.
  4. Name Availability Search. Instead of visiting your local state offices to perform a name availability search, BetterLegal allows you to do this on their website. This way you can quickly and reliably confirm whether the name you want to use for your prospective business is available.  
  5. Other documents such as amendment forms and minute templates

You can get all these features for just $299 but there will be additional state charges. This makes BetterLegal one of the most affordable companies in the LLC formation industry. 

One key feature that is missing from this package is a registered agent service. Other companies have this as part of their package. To get this feature, you will pay an additional fee of $10 a month. The good news is that this is a heavily discounted price because other companies offer the same at $200 per year. In case you need additional features, BetterLegal has partnered with third-party companies for that. However, you will have to pay extra for that.  


Since BetterLegal is entirely focused on the essential services, it has significantly cut down the time required to register an LLC. To begin with, the application on their website is very fast and will only take you about 10 minutes to complete. Once that is completed, the company immediately starts processing your registration. While most companies require weeks to do this, it takes BetterLegal as little as 2 days to complete the processing of your documentation. By the third day, the company is ready to send you the documentation. This is unbelievably fast. 

Ease of Use

According to customer reviews, many people find it very easy to use the BetterLegal website to set up their business. The process of signing-up is very short and easy. It is not a wonder then that most of them were able to provide all the required information in just 10 minutes. Sticking with its policy of simplicity, BetterLegal has done away with some sections that traditionally appeared on every website such an ‘about us’ and contact sections. Their website only has the essential pages for easy navigation and to cut down the time it takes to go through their website. This approach confirms their straight-to-the-point model of doing things. 

Live Dashboard

BetterLegal’s dashboard stands out when compared to other LLC formation companies because it allows users to stay engaged by providing real-time assistance.

The live dashboard offers clients an opportunity to make any amendments to their LLCs. This could be a name change or addition of new information. Once the client has done this, the Live Dashboard will immediately display the paperwork that is needed, the cost, and the duration. The Live Dashboard has all the required services in one place making it a one-stop shop. It is also set up in a user-friendly format.

Customer Support

BetterLegal has made it very easy for people to set up their businesses and handle compliance issues remotely. The primary way of reaching the company is through the live chat option that is conspicuously displayed on every page of the website. The live chat provides round-the-clock assistance to clients. With a simple click, you will be able to talk to a rep from the company. 

You can also seek assistance through email or phone. However, this information is hidden in the privacy section, and therefore retrieving it can be a challenge.


BetterLegal has a very unique model of pricing. They offer a flat fee for all their services, unlike other companies that offer separate packages at different services prices. The company has no upsells and just focuses on essential services. These services have been lumped into one package that gets the job done making the whole process efficient and quick for customers. 

Also, by eliminating unnecessary package-filler services, the company has been able to significantly bring down the cost of setting up businesses making the services accessible and inexpensive.

Partner Account

BetterLegal also offers a unique opportunity for its clients to partner with the company to help others to form their own LLCs. To become a partner, simply register on their website and indicate the price you would like to receive for your services. You will also choose a personalized URL to use and then BetterLegal will give you access to a customizable site that will allow you to offer LLC services to others. 

The company will then accept payment on your behalf, take care of the state and EIN filings, prepare the necessary bylaws or operating agreements, and then make all the necessary filings. After the process is complete, you will receive your fee via check. This partnership allows the company to focus on its core functions and outsource the other services to partners who have the capacity and legal mandate to do so. 

Pros and Cons of BetterLegal Review


  1. Unique one-shot pricing: The company has a flat fee for all its services which are offered under one package. The price is relatively inexpensive compared to other players in the industry. 2. Fast Turnaround Time: Better Legal will complete all your documentation in just two business days and send the certificates immediately after. This is faster than most LLC formation companies who have a turnaround time of at least 7 days.
  2. Resource Center: BetterLegal has an online resource center that provides businesses useful information on how to form and manage the business. This information is prepared by professionals. 
  3. Superior Customer Service: For customers in need of assistance, there is an online chat service that provides real-time assistance to clients making it easy for the company to respond to customer queries and complaints. This way BetterLgal can guide customers on how to incorporate a business and how to do documentation and filing. 
  4. Convenience – Although the company offers a single lean package, it has partnered with other organizations to provide services that they may not have the capacity for or are not allowed by law to provide. This way all their customer needs are taken care of.
  5. No Upselling: BetterLegal uses a transparent approach in its pricing. They have clearly outlined the service they offer and these services are included in one package. In the process, the company has done away with unnecessary package groupings and upselling of any kind. This approach is unique because other companies are always adding more features to their packages and charging a premium to upgrade. 
  6. Faster User Experience – Once you are on the BetterLegal Platform, it takes you about 10 minutes to complete the registration process. 
  7. Strong Customer Satisfaction: A quick scan of customer feedback on the internet shows that BetterLegal enjoys very positive ratings. On Trustpilot, for example, their reviews date as far back as 3 years ago and it has a trust score of 4.8/5 from 142 reviews with many reviews ranging from good to excellent. It also has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  8. Simple and Secure Website: BetterLegal’s website is very simple to use because it only has the essential features and has omitted some traditional sections to enhance simplicity. Also, it is safe and secure for business. It has verified security from McAfee Secure and the payment option is secured by Stripe. In addition, there is a GoDaddy Verified & Secured seal.


Much as the company has gotten a lot of things right, there are still a few it could improve on. They include;

  1. Limited customer care service options

The company mainly offers customer support through live chat. The other options such as email and phone are hard to access because they are hidden in the privacy page. Such contact details are crucial and should be readily accessible. If anything, a good number of customers may not have the time to do a live chat so having alternative ways of reaching customer care would be welcome.

  1. No free registered agent

BetterLegal does not offer registered agent services which should be a basic feature in any LLC formation package. Even though they are charging a subsidized rate of $10 a month, the fact that the service has to be paid for separately is inconveniencing.

  1. No life-time alerts notification. 

Although there is a dashboard for users to make changes and file their annual reports, BetterLegal has not indicated that they offer lifetime company alerts to remind clients when filing deadlines are due. Customers need this to ensure that their businesses are always compliant. 

  1. Thin Website

In their pursuit of simplicity, BetterLegal has left out some useful information from the website. For instance, there is no “About Us” page, and the contact information is hard to retrieve yet such information should be readily available. This is inconveniencing to customers who would want to access that kind of information fast for easy communication and quick access to customer support. 


BetterLegal is a reputable LLC formation service. It has very friendly pricing making it affordable for anyone who would want to register a business. It also offers the fastest turnaround time in the industry. The company is rated highly based on its superior services and customer satisfaction.

However, BetterLegal should work on their website to include some critical sections that would provide useful information to all customers. That notwithstanding, BetterLegal is a good option for anyone who is looking for a reliable LLC formation service. 

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