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Fast fashion is ruining the way we consume clothes. You buy online cheap clothes without thinking. But… there aren’t so many brands offering responsible sexy and well-cut clothes. It’s the problem I’m trying to solve. My ideal target is someone like me, an 18-35 years old woman sensitive about the environment, as well as the women’s employment status.

My name is Sofia, I’m half Moroccan, half French. I’m 26 and live in Bordeaux. I have a master degree in business law and brand management. I started my professional career as a marketing manager at Crème de la crème, a french HR startup.

After a one month experience as a digital nomad in Cape Town, I had a revelation about what I wanted to do with my life. I decided to change my life and leave my job to devote myself to my brand while traveling the world. I have started Boum Boom which is a collection of handmade bodysuits. It all started as a side-project but grew into something bigger.

Building a different kind of brand

Boum Boom is a beachwear brand designed for girls who want sexy and quality clothes that make them remember this warm sunset in Bali. Each piece is a journey to the water’s edge so that as soon as you put it on, you feel the beach vibes. 

Many brands that offer bodysuits are mass consumption brands. Think of Missguided, Shein, Asos, etc… In France, there is only one brand focus on bodysuits. This brand has a “Made in France” approach, but the models are dedicated to an older target than mine.

Boum Boom has a unique story. At first, it was a brand defending the sexy and independent side of women. All my pieces are made from my travels around the world. When you wear a Boum Boom, you feel hot but above all, you feel strong and able to overcome any challenges. 

Speaking of technical details, I would say there isn’t a brand like Boum Boom. Each bodysuit is fully hand-sewn in Bali, well-cut to maximize comfort and sexiness, and customizable.

Helping women feel good in their own skin

Being an actor in the self-love and body love movement is extremely important to me because it’s a subject that has long been traumatic for me. I didn’t like my body, I was extremely complex and I didn’t dress as I wanted. At that moment, I would have loved to have a brand that told me to love myself, to be strong and sexy anyway and especially to feel it sincerely.

It is not a question of kilos or chest size that counts, but rather the esteem that will be given to our own body. I couldn’t find any sincere brand speech on this “self love” subject because talking about curves was trendy, but it was especially very reductive… the complexes can be multiple. We are not talking to this woman who hates her breasts or to the one who hides daily because she hates her knees.

The subject is bigger than a simple marketing campaigns movement that focus on curvy models (particularly perfectly proportioned, by the way).  I have a deep desire to convey this impulse of “self love” and indulgence towards oneself. Every girl is different and we are all fighting our complexes but if one day, my brand made it possible to instill even the slightest bit of confidence, it will be a huge victory.

From idea to production

The brand really started little by little, at the same pace as I was growing up and refining my life choices. At first, I made bodysuits for myself, to have models I liked. I used to flock patterns on basics.

And one day, my state of mind changed: it was during the 2018 World Cup and I had a “French” bodysuit embroidered with the colours of the French flag. A girl asked me where I bought it because she wanted the same and day after day, about ten girls asked me the same thing. I decided to create the brand and make bodysuits. 

As I was building the brand, I switched from “street wear” models to “beach wear” models  that represent me much more than the initial flocked models I used to make for fun. It’s funny because this brand grew up beside me before it hatched.

When it started one year and a half ago, I was leaving business school and was in my very first job. Since then, I have gained confidence as a woman and as an entrepreneur and the brand I’m launching today is much more mature and ready than it was a year ago. 

Today, I am working every day on my brand and my personal branding. Two models are currently in pre-order and a brand new site is coming. Before Christmas, Boum Boom will have its very first production and normally… some new models in preorder.

Betting no authentic marketing

For the moment, the brand has only been launched via social networks and word of mouth. Without budget to finance large marketing campaigns, I decided to focus on creating a quality audience on my Instagram.

To do so, I created a very new personal Instagram account about me as a women entrepreneur, seven months ago. I have a small audience (1000 followers) but they’re very committed and all my sales come from this channel right now.

I paid particular attention to engaging with the girls who follow me and exchanging with them about the brand and my career path. My models for bodysuits come from people I have on Instagram and I regularly meet some of them in physics. 

In addition, I launched one month ago a new blog to gain notoriety and therefore potential customers. I also have a personal newsletter that regularly updates people about my brand news and my new articles. The Boum Boom Instagram is slowly growing but most sales come from my personal account.

However, it is soon planned to launch a campaign of adds on Instagram. I look forward to seeing the fallout. I will also try to sell to multi-brand stores that could be interested in the brand’s approach.

From side project to full-time job

For eight months now, I’ve been working full time on Boum Boom. As explained earlier, I had started as a side project during my marketing manager experience but the reality of the necessary involvement quickly caught up with me. Creating a brand as I wanted, i.e. with content creation, a strong relationship with the community and a real brand world, was taking much longer than a few hours a week.   

I was super intimidated to leave my job, no longer have my comfortable salary, colleagues etc. without any guarantee that the brand would work. But I am by nature whole and adventurous. Passion and freedom of choice have always been two elements that come before anything else. So I took the plunge and since then I’m more fulfilled than I’ve ever been. 

It’s not easy every day but I realize how lucky I am to be able to travel and work on my project on a daily basis. I officially work alone on Boum Boom but  I’m lucky to have a boyfriend who helps me and challenges me every day. 

But it’s not enough. I think it’s important to have people who come to give their opinion and point out what they find good and less good in a project. I’m working on sharing more with people about it. The exclusive point of view of my boyfriend is not sufficient and I know it. 

In the same way, many of my choices are influenced by the people who follow the Boum Boom adventure. I regularly ask for advice to make my choices and I’m very concerned about what my little community wants and their feedback.

What’s next

I’m really happy that I’m soon going to produce my first collection. I have enough pre-orders to launch the first production. Despite everything, the sales are not “amazizing” either and I will have to be more aggressive to sell more. 

I’m curious to see if the next site will convert better than the current one, which I think is a drag on sales. Indeed, there are not enough details as on a real e-shop and we have an impression of “unfinished project”. I’ll also run some ads on Instagram to see if it drives traffic and sales.

Finally, I would like to tell you that the feedbacks are incredible and that the girls are in love of the products but being still in pre-order, no one has yet worn her Boum Boom bodysuit… But this will change very soon!

For the moment, only two models are in pre-order: a sleeveless model inspired by our favorite one-piece swimsuits, and a model with a sleeve with a bare back dotted with Balinese shells. By Christmas, I would like to propose two new bodysuits models to have 4 pieces in the shop and two models of surf swimsuits. And yes, Boum Boom is evolving towards a Beach wear brand… including in particular a surf swimsuit!

Tomorrow, Boum Boom it will be bodysuits and clothes that inspire travel and beach parties but also technical swimsuits dedicated to surfing with sexy cuts and more indented than what is currently proposed. I am extremely excited to see all this evolve but one thing is certain… I would give everything I can to bring this brand to life, in which I believe very much.

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