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Therapist Chair

5 Best Chairs For Therapists

As a Therapist, one of the key decisions you will make when setting up your practice is purchasing a therapist chair. Creating a comfortable setting for your patients has been shown to have positive effects on patient experience. When therapists sit all day, every day, the tension can build up in your muscles thus interfering …

business degree

Legalzoom vs Nolo Comparison

Just when you think you don’t need a lawyer in your life, you remember that you’ll still need their help when it comes to filling out paperwork in court on filing other legal documents. Fortunately, there are several online firms that provide the assistance you need to do different legal procedures including filing legal paperwork …


11 Best Recliners For A Tall Man

A recliner is a chair with a footrest, adjustable back, and reclining function. Unfortunately, recliners that are perfectly suitable for tall people are rarely available in the market. Any tall person will tell you that getting just the right recliner may prove a frustrating process. However, these chairs provide relief and comfort. Recliners have a …


Best Ergonomic Keyboard Trays

Installing a keyboard tray improves the ergonomics of your work or home office. It’s perfect for standing and sitting workstations. Keyboard trays let you separate your keyboard from your desktop and adjust its height, tilt, and angle.  The best keyboard trays reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries and improve typing posture. Making such adjustments …


9 Best Non Graphing Calculators

A non-graphing calculator also commonly known as the scientific calculator is a handheld electronic device that is able to solve complex scientific or mathematical concepts. They are used by students and professionals all over the world. Despite the fact that they cannot plot graphs, they can do everything else. They have a keyboard where you …