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How to start a podcast

Podcasting is a great opportunity to reach a new audience, but the process for starting a podcast can be complicated. In this article I will walk you through the process of starting a podcast and I will provide you with resources to get started. Create an email account for your podcast Podcasting is based on …

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A No-Code App is Bringing Solar Power to Thousands in Yemen

After studying abroad at the University of Technology in Malaysia, Anwar Ahmed AL-Haddad returned home to Yemen. But while Anwar was away, Yemen had changed. Coming Home to a Revolution In 2011, a revolution and civil war had claimed thousands of lives throughout Yemen. And airstrikes and fighting destroyed significant portions of the electrical grid, …

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Product Hunt announces Makers Festival in collaboration with Snapchat

Over the past two years, the Product Hunt Makers Festivals has been an opportunity for makers to build, tinker, and launch products in just four weeks. It’s an online hackathon which is open to everyone, not just makers with a software development background. Today, Product Hunt have announced the 2019 edition of the Makers Festival. …