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A No-Code App is Bringing Solar Power to Thousands in Yemen

After studying abroad at the University of Technology in Malaysia, Anwar Ahmed AL-Haddad returned home to Yemen. But while Anwar was away, Yemen had changed. Coming Home to a Revolution In 2011, a revolution and civil war had claimed thousands of lives throughout Yemen. And airstrikes and fighting destroyed significant portions of the electrical grid, …

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Self-learning for makers

MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) are a boon to us, self-learners. Lectures from the world’s best professors brought straight to your hands, no matter what corner of the earth you live in – isn’t that the recipe for disrupting world-class education and democratizing it to the entire world? A 2019 study using data on MOOCs provided …

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Creating a decentralized inbox

I think some technologies can help people get their privacy back and stop others from using users’ private information without their permission. I think this is what blockchain can do for humanity. I’m a maker based in Cairo, Egypt. I have twenty years of experience in the information technology and computer engineering industry, working on …