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Everyone loves to be able to get the best products at the best price. Coupons and discounts have been popular tactics for merchants and brands to attract users and drive sales, and they can even help in building brand awareness and customer loyalty. 

Research indicates that 90% of consumers want to use coupons and deals during the buying process. People love coupons. However, there are always complains that finding coupon codes is very time-consuming. What’s even more frustrating, most labelled verified coupons are actually expired or fake. That’s why we started CouponBirds. 

I’m so proud of the people I work with–seriously, they are all geniuses! It was a challenging but very meaningful task to build a trustful coupon search engine where online shoppers can find coupons without pain. It took us a lot of research, coding, and testing, but we felt very proud once we officially launched CouponBirds in 2015.

Thinking about our users first

To help users find the best offers is everyone’s mission and vision at CouponBirds, so all of our efforts in building the website was directed towards this purpose, from web designing to operations.

First of all, we spent a lot of time designing a system that would process coupons, from getting the data, cleaning it, removing duplicates, extracting valid data and manually verifying it. After a lot of work and effort, I’m confident to say that CouponBirds has the absolute best way to process data compared to any other competitor. 

Then, UI designers designed a wonderful user experience, and our front-end engineers worked on the coding aspect of things.

Before launching CouponBirds, we did many rounds of testing in order to guarantee the absolute stability and security of the site. Then we picked a mnemonic domain name, CouponBirds, and applied for secure encrypted SSL for https access. After CouponBirds went online, we closely watch its performance, monitoring and tracking every indicator in real-time so that the CouponBirds website has always been running healthily and efficiently, and small bugs and loops can be fixed before users even realize. 

As the features and functionalities kept increasing to meet users’ needs, CouponBirds grew to what you can see today, and is now playing a leading role in the industry. This could have never happened without thinking about our users first.

Leading with empathy

In the process of creating a user-first product, I believe entrepreneurs should play the role of leading with empathy.

First, we must stand in users’ shoes to think and understand what they really need. That is because a new Internet product is designed to serve users better than existing ones. Better user experiences are the driving force behind progress.

Understanding users’ needs is the first step. Professional knowledge, creative thinking, and keen insight of the industry are also core competence for entrepreneurs. To satisfy users’ needs is simple, but to go beyond their basic expectations is rather difficult especially for a website in the coupon industry.

In many cases, users don’t know things could work in a better but also easier way as most products employ similar methods and offer similar experiences. Users are left with a stationary impression that a type of product should work in a particular way. That’s the entrepreneur’s responsibility to break the circle and inject with new power and energy so that the whole industry can be influenced and bigger value can be created. That’s also an innovator role I hope CouponBirds can play. 

How trust can power rapid growth

CouponBirds has kept a rapid growth rate, faster than many competitors since it was launched in 2015. Till today, CouponBirds has served over 50 million users and 300,000 merchants. We are honored that such a huge amount of online shoppers find working coupon codes on CouponBirds while we also drive huge sales for partner merchants.

We have built a very interactive communication system. Several hundred users spontaneously interact and send their feedback to us every day. Merchants submit coupons, shoppers look for coupons on-site, review and vote our work to help CouponBirds optimize and become a better platform.

What’s worth mentioning is that we get a bunch of medium-sized retail partners who count on the platform deeply to bring them customers and sales. Every day we receive thank-you messages from merchants saying we are bringing customers and benefits to them. Also, we see lots of positive feedback on Trustpilot and other review sites. We make unremitting efforts to optimize CouponBirds to be the best coupon site in the U.S. with the best coupon coverage and accuracy. 

I honestly believe there’s a lot of room for CouponBirds’ growth. CouponBirds can take up a better performance and will continue to outperform competitors. But we never forget that our priority is the user experience. We care about the number of visitors and users as most webmasters do, but we regard providing true value to users as the most important and the ultimate goal.

CouponBirds would never act improperly in order to acquire traffic, although we see spammy behaviors here and there in the coupon industry. I’m sure that when CouponBirds serves more users and brings excellent experience, users will begin to recognize and remember this useful coupon site called CouponBirds. That’s what branding is all about: trusted by users, the rising and growth of CouponBirds will just be a matter of time.

No tricks, just a better experience

It should be easy for merchants to provide coupons and for users to find and apply coupons when shopping. However, with the rapid growth of e-commerce, merchants opt to adopt various promotion strategies which can get pretty complex.

The inherent complexity of the Internet also increases the difficulty of remaining information transparency and makes the easy processes harder and more complicated.

To remove the barriers between merchants and shoppers, and to create a mutually benefiting situation and allow online shopping to thrive in an unhindered and secure environment are CouponBirds’ objectives.

Nothing will distract us from providing the best-quality service. As they say, the sky’s the limit. I believe CouponBirds will succeed because it works by eliminating the tricks and by giving users a simple, practical shopping platform. Fewer tricks, a better Internet.

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