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I believe that users should have each day more control over their identity and data. In traditional applications, the information and authentication system is closed behind companies’ servers. Today, we are beginning to have a set of tools at our disposal that makes it possible for users to access their data anywhere without compromising their privacy and security.

I have been doing software development for about ten years, but my background is natural sciences. I started learning software development when doing a PhD in Biochemistry. I now have a few side projects and have been working as a remote freelancer for startups for several years. I heard about Blockstack from a friend and I got this idea of building a decentralized scanner app.

Scannie is a scanner app where you can store your documents securely. Once you scan a document with your phone, it is automatically uploaded and stored on a decentralized storage system provided by Blockstack. It is particularly useful to scan documents with sensitive information. Since documents are uploaded, they will be accessible later from other devices/platforms, so you will not lose any information.

In essence, Scannie is the most secure scanner app. Documents are end-to-end encrypted and stored in a decentralized storage system. It’s also completely open-source.

I built Scannie first as an iOS app. I’m working with another developer and building a web app, so users can access the documents they scan on their phones, later on a web browser. The web app is almost ready for launch. We can’t wait to share it! We also have in our roadmap an Android version and we’re working on folders and shared folders, to better organize and share documents with other users. We’re also considering a subscription model for the folders feature, as you can see in our public roadmap.

Blockstack is essential to Scannie. Its distinctive features derive from the functionality of having scanned documents automatically uploaded to a decentralized storage system, provided by Blockstack.

Indie makers are generally very innovative individuals. I believe that given an appropriate set of tools, indie makers will have the ability to choose and build products with privacy and security in mind from day one. And that, in time, will lead to a very broad and healthy ecosystem of products that respect users’ privacy.

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