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I think some technologies can help people get their privacy back and stop others from using users’ private information without their permission. I think this is what blockchain can do for humanity.

I’m a maker based in Cairo, Egypt. I have twenty years of experience in the information technology and computer engineering industry, working on a variety of projects, from software engineering to information security and cryptography, and I hold more than twenty professional certificates from Microsoft, Oracle, CISCO, and many more.

I started my career in blockchain in 2015 when I was on a business trip in the United States. In 2018, I created my first blockchain product, aiming to stop fraud in academic credentials, which is a huge problem in the Middle East and Africa. In 2019, I launched my second product. Dmails is a privacy-focused email service provider built on the Blockstack infrastructure.

Let users own and control their data

Email providers control and own your data and can sell it to the highest bidder or stop the service as a whole if it suits their business needs. We built Dmails to solve this by providing a decentralized email service that doesn’t allow anyone to access or control your data.

We built Dmails in such a way that guaranties full user privacy. We cannot read users’ messages. We cannot access their data.

It’s different from other email providers in the sense that it provides complete private communication, with fully end-to-end encrypted messages. Dmails supports the BTC Lightning Network, offers a one-click crypto payment integration, as well as a corporate integration to guarantee highly secured internal communication inside your company.

Ultimately, it’s all about our values. The data is owned and controlled by the users, not by us. This means no censorship, and no spam.

Entrepreneurs have a huge responsibility. No one else innovates more than an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs should make great efforts and take great care to build applications putting user privacy front and center.

The power of blockchain technology

Blockstack has been instrumental in creating Dmails. Blockstack is a full-stack set of APIs that let developers build decentralized applications in no time. Dmails is using these great tools to accelerate the building process, without too much effort on the blockchain part.

This way, we are focusing on building the app functionality and enhance the user experience. Blockstack takes care of the infrastructure, authentication, storage, user internal communications between each other and much more. This really helped us take Dmails to the next level.

Blockstack also helped us make the launch of Dmails a success. We launched on Product Hunt and succeeded to get 1500+ upvotes with Dmails ending up product number 4 of the week. Dmails participated in the App Mining program powered by Blockstack for the first time last month, and we immediately became first dapp on Blockstack, receiving $20,000.

This huge launch success drove Muneeb Ali, the co-founder of Blockstack, to tweet about it, generating even more word-of-mouth. This action encouraged a few VCs to do the same. While we only launched two months ago, Dmails is already in the top 10 apps by number of installations over time on Blockstack. 

Dmails is getting every day many messages from users that tried the service and highly appreciated it. After this encouraging launch, I am now fully dedicated to Dmails. The next version will introduce a lot of new features for corporate customers.

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