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In three days, many makers will go back to their hometown to celebrate Christmas with their families. But for lots of digital nomads, home may be too far. “I’m a nomad with my partner James and we don’t do much planning! We will be spending Christmas in Cusco hiking Machu Picchu, and then heading to Ecuador for New Year on the beach,” says Danielle Johnson, co-founder of Squarecat. Alexander Isora, founder of Unicorn Platform, will also be travelling. “My plan is to go to Georgia to meet fellow makers, enjoy the landscapes, and drink delicious wine!” he laughs.

With lifestyles becoming increasingly nomadics and many makers not coming back home for Christmas, how can you make sure to bridge the distance and still give them a present on Christmas day? What about remote workers who want to find a thoughtful gift for their teammates?

The good news is that it is not too late to find the perfect gift for someone you appreciate, even if you will not be able to physically see them during the holiday season. Here is a list of useful digital gifts to show them you care.

For the health-conscious

Help your loved ones care for their physical and mental health. You can gift a year of Calm, a meditation app which comes with more than a hundred guided meditations covering anxiety, focus, stress, sleep, relationships and more. Another popular option is a Headspace gift card, which comes with both bite-sized guided meditations for busy schedules and SOS exercises in case of sudden meltdowns.

Are they more into fitness? You can grab a Freeletics gift card so they can have access to digital training from a certified coach for one, three, six, or twelve months.

For the productive ones

Help them get off to a good start next year. One massive source of wasted time is a bloated inbox. Give the gift of a clean inbox with a Leave Me Alone gift voucher, which will let them scan their inbox for unwanted newsletters and unsubscribe in one click.

If the person is a maker, why not give them a few months of programming courses on Treehouse? They do offer gift certificates even if these are not listed on their website. Just send them an email.

Another great source of productivity for many makers is good background music in their headphones. While Shopify does not let users buy gift cards online – only in stores – iTunes does offer an option to buy and send albums as a gift.

For the lazy ones

Okay, but what if your friend, family member or co-worker actually needs to relax? A Netflix gift card is a great option. They have an amazing selection of exclusive shows, including documentaries about everything ranging from food to entrepreneurship.

For the culture lovers

The gift of learning is a great one, that will stay with them forever. Why not gift them some audiobooks on Audible? You can personalise your choice based on recent conversations or their growth goals for next year. It is both a thoughtful and useful present to give.

Know someone who wants to learn a new language? Purchase a Verbling gift card so they can practice with a teacher.

For the generous ones

“Donations to charities are also a very nice last-minute gift. You can choose a specific cause depending on what is important for the person you’re getting it for,” says Melanie Massinger, the co-founder of Shipstreams. Some charities even provide with charitable gift certificates you can email to the person you donated on behalf of.

Please let us know on Twitter if you have any other suggestions for last-minute digital gifts for nomads and remote workers!

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