How many business days are in a year in 2022?

How many Business Days in a Year

Trying to figure out how many working days are in a year can be a bit confusing.

Each year, the number of working days may change depending on where certain public holidays fall, or whether or not it may be a leap year.

So how many business days are in a year?

There are 260 workdays in 2022.

There are 365 days or 366 days in a given year which totals 52 weeks.

Work Days are considered Monday though Friday minus the amount of Federal Holidays which is 10.

Here is a breakdown of the working days by month in 2022:

Time Working Days
Jan 1-31st 21
Feb 1-28 20
March 1-31 23
April 1-30 21
May 1-31 22
June 1-30 22
July 1-31 21
August 1-31 23
September 1-31 22
October 1-31 21
November 1-30 22
December 1-31 22
Total Working Days 260

Most years you will be left with around 250 workdays plus or minus 2 days because a year may start on a workday compared to a weekend.

Here is a list of the federal Holidays for 2022:

Day of the Week 2022 Observed Date
New Years Day Friday December 31, 2021
MLK Day Monday January 17, 2022
Washington’s Birthday Monday February 21, 2022
Memorial Day Monday May 30, 2022
Independence Day Monday July 4th, 2022
Labor Day Monday September 5, 2022
Columbus Day Monday October 10, 2022
Veterans Day Friday November 11, 2022
Thanksgiving Day Thursday November 24, 2022
Christmas Day Monday December 26th 2022

These dates will give you a good idea of how you can plan around upcoming holidays for years to come.

I like to plan trips around holidays that fall on a Wednesday or Thursday because typically most people take off toward the end of the week and my workload is much less.

If you have a set amount of vacation days that you are allowed to take then you can subtract the number of vacation days minus the number of working days to come up with the most approximate amount of how many working days in a year you will actually be required to work.

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