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How much does it cost to print at FedEx?


Are you looking for information on how much does it cost to print at FedEx? Look no further as we have you covered.

We all have been there…you need to print something out and realize you are out of paper or ink and need to look for a quick printing option as you don’t have time to get replacement ink cartridges.

This is where your local FedEx office printing is a great place to fill in for on-demand printing needs.

So how much does it cost to print at FedEx?

Black and white printing usually starts at .20 cents per page, while color printing is around $0.75 cents per page, depending on the location.

While the prices may seem a bit high, when you are in a bind, the FedEx office locations can come in handy if you need something printed urgently, like a resume or banking information.

Costs to Print at Fedex

How much does it cost to print a resume at FedEx office?

Resume printing costs at FedEx depend on the type of paper and whether you print in black in white, or color.

Because you want to leave a good first impression, it is worth printing your resume on heavy-duty paper. The most common

Standard White Paper

Here are some of the most common one-page resume printing options for standard 8.5x 11” paper at FedEx:

Paper Cost
Laser 24lb $0.50
32lb Laser $0.55
24lb Laser Recycled $0.76
30% Recycled 20lb $0.72
100% Recycled 20lb $0.76

We recommend going with 32lb paper for printing out your resume as it has a nice sturdy feel to it and won’t be flopping around as you hand it over to the hiring manager!

Professional White Paper

If you want to really impress and may have the need to print out a double-sided resume or include some sort of brag book you may want to check out the professional white paper options.

Here is the breakdown of those options:

Paper Cost
Laser 60lb  $1.25
Gloss Cover 100lb $1.50
Laset 80lb  $1.25
110 index Matte $1.25
Pure White (100% Cotton) $.50
Gloss Text 32lb $.90

Card Stocks and Colored Papers

If you want to print on card stock or add a little color to your resume those options are also available both online and through the online FedEx print portal.

How much does it cost to print flyers at FedEx office?

The cost of printing flyers at FedEx depends on the type of paper and the number of flyers you want to print.

The most cost-effective way to print flyers is to use the standard laser recycled paper (24lb) and to use black and white ink.

Here is the breakdown of the costs of printing flyers at FedEx using this option:

Quantity Cost
50 $34.99
100 $59.99
250 $99.99
500 $159.99
1000 $214.99

A few things that can add additional cost to the flyer printing from FedEx:

  • Colored printing
  • Paper Thickness
  • Single or Double Sided
  • Paper Size

FedEx can pretty much create whatever idea you may have in your head for a flyer, so be sure to stop in at one of the local FedEx Office locations and speak with one of the print specialists.

How much does it cost to print business cards at FedEx office?

Costs for business cards at FedEx vary depending on whether the business cards are single or double-sided, and whether the cards are black and white or colored business cards.

The fastest way to get your business card order going to login into the FedEx Print Online portal 

The most affordable way to print business cards at FedEx is to upload your own black and white file into the print online portal. 

Below is a breakdown of the black and white single side business card printing options:

Quantity Cost Price Per Card
250 $24.99 $0.10
500 $34.99 $0.07
1000 $44.99 $0.04
1500 $51.99 $0.03
2000 $58.99 $0.03
2500 $64.99 $0.03

How much does it cost to print at FedEx computer rental workstations?

The cost to print at one of the FedEx computer rental workstations may vary slightly depending on location but the pricing typically matches what the offer online.

Printing regular black and white one-sided paper starts at $0.20 while color printing jumps up to around $0.75 cents per page.

Keep in mind that you will be charged an additional fee to use the computer rental workstation.

What is the Fastest Way to Print Something at FedEx office?

The fastest way to print something at FedEx is to use the FedEx Print and Go service.

Email the files you want to print and you will receive a code to enter in at the self-service area at your nearby FedEx.

This is a great option if you need to print stuff out frequently and don’t want to sit and wait in lines or wait for one of the computer rental workstations to become available.


How much does it cost to print at home vs FedEx office?

The cost to print at home vs FedEx is depending on a variety of factors like the type of printer you own, the frequency you print, and how much you are spending on things like paper and ink.

If you are printing frequently you will definitely save more money printing at home if you are shopping economically for paper and ink.

The paper and ink are being used more which means you will not have your cartridges dry up and paper get thrown out accidentally.

However, if you are printing things once every few months it probably will save you money to just use your local FedEx instead of having to run out to buy new cartridges.

One thing to consider is the time it may take to run out to FedEx so if you want to maximize your efficiency be sure to use the FedEx Print and Go Service so you can be in and out of the store in no time.

Can you print in FedEx office?

Yes, you can print in FedEx locations at one of the workstations or you can email your file to one of the workers who will print papers or brochures out for you. If you are in a hurry having the FedEx employees behind the front desk may be the fastest option.

Why is FedEx office printing costs so expensive?

FedEx printing costs are so expensive because printing is not the main business Fedex is in. FedEx generates the majority of its revenue for shipping services and their printing services are just an additional service they offer customers.

As a result, FedEx likely shoots for high margins in their accessory business services like online documents printing.

How can you print when you don’t have a printer?

You can print at places like FedEx who offer printing services at one of their workstations or you can print using the FedEx print and go services.


While the need for inkjet printing has substantially decreased as society has moved to become more digital, there are certain situations where you need paper printing goods services at certain times.

FedEx office print store prices vary from location to location so if you have a few locations that are within a similar distance pop in and compare the pricing options before selecting a long-term printing home!

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