How to answer “Why you are interested in sales?” Interview Question

Sales is a profession that has been around for thousands of years. To this day, salespeople have always played an important role in ensuring the success of their employers.

So how do you answer “why do you want a job in sales?”

The best way to answer this question is to explain that you love working with people, that you are a competitive person, and that you enjoy the challenge of having a quota.

The world’s most successful companies all had one thing in common: they were started by entrepreneurs with a deep understanding and appreciation for the power of selling. And today’s top executives know that even the best products will fail to make it out into the marketplace without effective salespeople.

Why are you interested in the sales interview question?

  • I love going to work every day with a challenge, and a sales career provides that for me.
  • I love meeting new people, making connections, serving other people.
  • I’m looking to use my strong communication skills to motivate clients and help them make smart decisions about how a particular product or service can help improve their business
  • I enjoy having a quota and working to achieve it. I love the challenge of meeting and exceeding my monthly sales numbers.
  • I love to help people buy things; I enjoy matching my products or services with their needs and implementing an effective strategy for them to achieve what they want.

How to Answer “Why are you interested in this position?” question

  • I am interested in this position because of X, Y, and Z ( whatever is the most important thing that will take this job from just another selling job to a career-defining moment)
  • I want to be involved with sales/digital marketing/ops because I love making money, and that’s what makes me happy. (I am a money-driven person by nature, and I wish to work in this field because of the huge monetary benefits it can offer me)
  • My motivation is to earn more than what I am currently earning (This shows that you have ambitions and are looking for a growth area). Even though there is competition, having a competitive edge in salary gives a candidate an edge in landing the job.
  • I’m also interested in sales because I enjoy working with people and want to make more money than I am currently making (This shows that you are looking for better career opportunities.)
  • I love this position/industry because of X, Y, and Z (Whatever is the reason why you love this field. This could be your area of interest, or it can also be a boss/mentor that inspired you to take up a career in sales.)

How to answer “Why do I want to work for __________?”

  • I am interested in working with company XYZ because they have been operating for over 50 years and have an excellent reputation in the industry. Moreover, they are one of the biggest players in this field/region, and I would love to work with such an established organization that has proven itself in this industry.
  • What is more beneficial is that XYZ is at the forefront of technology implementation. Hence it makes me believe that this is the right place for me to work.
  • XYZ is a company that I know gives its employees a lot of freedom to work independently and learn new skills/concepts. This, in turn, will allow me to develop my career in sales at XYZ
  • I am also very interested in this position because XYZ has been operating for over 50 years; even though they went through their rough patches in the economy, they managed to bounce back, and that’s why I want to join them.
  • I am also interested in working for XYZ because it is one of the first companies to have a strong social media network/following, which means there are more chances for me to learn and improve my skills.

“What do you think are the top 3 most important traits of good salespeople?”

  • I think that the three traits of a good salesperson are: The ability to listen attentively and actively, being able to communicate honestly and effectively, and finally, having self-confidence about their product or service (This shows that you have researched the company and know what is important to them.)
  • I believe that being a good listener, having confidence in your product or service, and developing trust with the client are traits of a good salesperson. (This will show that you have an answer prepared for this specific question as well.)
  • Getting along with people, asking relevant questions to get the information you need, and maintaining trust with potential clients are necessary traits of a good salesperson. (This shows that you understand their requirements to make sure that you choose the right career path.)

How to answer “What is your greatest weakness?”

  • I am not the most organized person, but since XYZ taught me X and Y, my productivity has increased significantly. (This shows that you are aware of your weaknesses and have taken steps to improve upon them. It also allows the interviewer to assess what you know about yourself.)

How to Answer “Why do you want a job in sales” Conclusion

These are my favorite and best ways of answering interview questions regarding sales.

I hope it helps you get an edge over others who may be interviewing for the same position.

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