How to Start a Gymnastics Business

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The sport of gymnastics is one of the most underrated sports for kids. Most parents rush out to get their kids in trendy sports like soccer and baseball with hopes that their kids will be professional superstars.

Unfortunately, 99% of them will probably never play in college or the pros. So why not let your kids have some fun with gymnastics?

Gymnastics is one of the kids’ favorite activities, and once they get introduced to it, they will see each practice or competition as more of a time to have fun with their friends. Once your kids are involved in gymnastics, you may start to realize there aren’t many options around town and decide to create your own gym!

How to start a gymnastics business

The best way to start a gymnastics business is to find a location for a gym that offers various kids’ activities but does not offer a gymnastics option. Perform due diligence on the other gymnastics gyms in other states and look into the type of neighborhood, size, and classes offered to come up with ideas that you can incorporate.

Other tips on how to start a gymnastics business:

  • Find a mentor

One of the best ways to make sure your gymnastics business succeeds is to study other successful gyms throughout the country. Research gymnastics businesses that have been open for more than five years and reach out to the owners to see if you can set up a call. Through those discussions-perhaps, you can offer to pay them to serve as a consultant while you are getting started, or in some cases, there could be a franchise relationship developed.

  • Consider a Franchise

One of the best ways to take on a new business venture is to consider operating as a franchisee. One of the best things about being a franchisee is that you can follow a proven process that has been ironed out over years of trial and error. With 9 out of 10 small businesses failing, a franchise could be a good way to lower your risk profile and have the support of a community of others in the same situation as you. Check out companies like Stars and Stripes, or research sites like FranchiseGator to get ideas of gymnastics franchises that may be available.

  • Research Location

Researching locations extensively is critical in setting up a new gymnastics business for success. Study the competition and see where the most successful gyms are located. Are they located on corners? Tucked away in corporate strip malls? How many schools are nearby? What are other children’s activities that are nearby? The ideal place for a gym is in an upper-middle-class family neighborhood where there is no gymnastics business within 25 miles. Take a look at up-and-coming suburbs and see if you notice a situation where parents have to drive 30 minutes to attend a gymnastics gym. In the age of convenience, if you can eliminate the travel time for people that are already gymnastics fanatics-that is a great way to get clients quickly.

  • Get Involved

One of the best ways to build up a client base is to get involved in the local gymnastics community. If you have kids involved in gymnastics, try to build relationships with other families and know you are starting a gymnastics business. Gauge their interest in potentially joining your new gym and see if you can gather enough warm commitments to give you the confidence you need to get started on your gym.

  • Choose a name

Once you have decided that you will start a gymnastics business, try and think of the best possible name for your gym. Think about long-term goals for the gym, the location you want to be in, and come up with a name that is a good fit for both short and long-term goals for your business.

  • Register the Business

Once you have zeroed in on a name for your gymnastics business, register the business with the secretary of state, or you can do it for $0 plus state filing fees through sites like

  • Spread the word

Attend industry tradeshows, local competitions, and other gym events around town and hand out flyers and business cards to get as many new customers as possible. Additionally, research google search trends and perform keyword research through sites like SemRush to try and drive as much revenue 


There is no set process for figuring out how to start a gymnastics business. Gymnastics should continue to grow in popularity, and there are many other revenue-generating activities like kid’s gym and birthday rentals that can provide additional revenue. Like any business venture, get out into the marketplace, study the successful gymnastics businesses, and try and take a little bit from each location to develop the best strategy for success. 

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