How to Start a Kettle Corn Business

1. What are the necessary supplies for kettle corn?

They are: popcorn machine, electric cord, popping corn (kernels), sugar, flavoring, and a kettle or pot. Inside the kettle, you will put oil, while outside the kettle, you will place your popped corn kernels.

The pot is what holds all this together and allows it to work. Next, the electricity goes into the popcorn machine, which pops the corn out on top of the kettle. Finally, the sugar and flavoring are added for tastiness and to help you sell your product.

2.Register the business.

Register your business legally. You may need to get a seller’s permit or license depending on your city, county, and state laws.

The seller’s permit will allow you to sell things within your area. If you plan on traveling with the popcorn machine, you will need a special trucking license. These are all standard regulations that govern any business.

3. Decide on your location and time of the kettle corn business to begin.

You may want to make a website for your business, put an ad in the local newspaper/magazine, send out fliers to schools, churches, or any other location where you think people would like kettle corn at their events, ask around locally, etc.

You can also put up flyers in people’s front yards or businesses advertising your service.

4. Make a sign for your kettle corn business that is eye-catching and stylish.

The sign will tell the customers what flavors you offer, days/hours of operation, payment methods accepted (cash only), name of company or person running the business, etc.

Make a sign to fit your design style or that of the event you are working for. The sign is important because it will catch customer’s attention if you put it in visible places..

5. Make a schedule for your kettle corn business.

Kettle corn is a simple business but needs careful planning because of the requirement to work with customers for purchase.

First, work out how many batches of kettle corn you can make in a day, then figure out what time you would like to arrive at your location the night before you plan on selling. We suggest arriving first thing in the morning so that you can get everything set up and ready for sale. By doing this, you will be able to make more profit because of the time factor, which means faster sales.

6. How much does a typical kettle corn business cost?

This answer varies depending on what you want to do as far as time and money. Many people have success with their own homemade version of a popping machine. There are “how to make your own” instructions on the internet, but that doesn’t mean someone else hasn’t thought of it already and has made them available for purchase online or at local stores.

The prices for the machines can range from $95 to a couple of hundred dollars. Think about how much time you have and if it will be worth getting a machine that costs less or putting in the time and money to make your own.

7. How many batches of popcorn are there in a bag of popping corn?

The answer depends on the size of the popcorn kernels you use. 1/4 cup yields about 6 quarts of popped corn or 36 one oz servings.

8. How much do kernels cost?

The price can range from $0.37 to $1 for a 1/4 pound bag (12 ounces). You may pay more if you are buying it in bulk.

9.How much does a bag of sugar cost?

You can get it from your local grocery store for around $1 to 1.99, or you can buy in bulk online for lower prices like .89 per pound or 3 lbs for $1.59 or an even better deal if you buy 20 lbs from amazon.

10. Market the Kettle Corn Business

It would help if you had a catchy name or slogan that will attract people. Most of the time, you are selling at an event, so you must follow the theme of what is being sold there. Create a social media page for your Kettle Corn Business.

For example, if you are selling at a carnival, include #carnival in the name of your page so that people looking up things related to the event can find you. Then start sharing pictures and posts about kettle corn and make sure to promote yourself at all times.

11. Get your supplies together

The process of how to start a kettle corn business starts with getting your supplies together. You will need an electric or gas-powered popcorn machine, a boiling pot and kettle, electric cord, popcorn kernels, sugar in various packets or bags (brown sugar is preferred), flavoring (optional), and friends. You can build your own popping

12. Sell and make money!

It would help if you sold out quickly each time your kettle corn business is open for customers. Use bright colors, styles, and/or themes to your advantage

How to Start a Kettle Corn Conclusion

A kettle corn business is a nice niche business that can be sold into various markets. Sporting events, fairs, festivals, or even having a hot dog stand and serving your customers with something sweet is a great place to start. The market for kettle corn is large, and because everything is sold by weight, it can be counted easily.

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