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How to Start a Porta Potty Business

1. Create a Business Plan.

Before you start a porta-potty business, be sure to develop a business plan and research the market in your area. For a successful business, you should have a detailed business plan that includes marketing strategies and plans for money management.

This will reduce the risk of having your plan fail. It is important to consider marketing and sales strategies in your business plan since they directly influence your business’s success.

2. Research the Market.

In addition to a business plan, you should also research your competition and the general porta potty market to help inform your business plan. The research will give you insight into how much money the porta potty industry makes in your area, and it can also help you find ways to differentiate yourself from your competition.

For example, if the market is too competitive in your area, consider researching other areas in your state or country. Once you have found a potential market, determine how your porta potty business will fit into it.

3. Your Product Line should include a Variety of Porta Potties, including:

  • Standard Portable Toilet – $1,000 to $5,000+; requires water hookup and septic system connection; ideal for events or large populations with nearby plumbing connections
  • Self-contained Unit -$450 to $3,500+; no plumbing requirements but may require electricity hookup (depending on model); great for remote locations without access to sewage systems or freshwater sources like lakes or rivers
  • Portable Shower From $5,000-$20,000+; requires water hookup and septic system connection; ideal for large populations that do not have access to nearby plumbing connections; this unit will allow users to freshen up and take a shower

4. Get an Online Presence by Creating Social Media Accounts and Blogging about Your Products and Services.

The internet is a great resource for information about your porta potty business. By setting up social media accounts and blogging, you will attract a wider audience of customers.

In addition to attracting more customers, creating social media accounts and blogging will help you build a good name for your business. When you have created social media accounts and started blogging, you can attract customers interested in your products and services.

5. Keep up with Repairs, Maintenance, and Upkeep by Following Reputable Guidelines from the Portable Sanitation Association (PSA).

The Portable Sanitation Association (PSA) is the leading source of portable sanitation information in the U.S. They provide guidelines for business owners and the public. The PSA also provides helpful porta-potty owners, including how-to guides and tips on sanitary practices.

6. Network with Other Businesses in or Around Your Community.

Reach Out to Them for Advice and Referrals. The portable sanitation industry is relatively small, and most of the time, porta-potty companies will work with customers in your area or within a short distance from your business.

However, it is important to know who the potential clients in your area are and how they found out about you. It can be helpful to get in contact with these customers for referrals and networking opportunities.

7. Invest in Costs of Business Research, Licensing, Permits, and Certifications.

Depending on the type of business you are opening, licensing and permits will be required. These licenses and permits may cost a great deal of money and

8. Don’t Overlook Financing Options.

You can either use your own money to begin the business or ask family members and friends for loans.

9. Determine an Adequate Workforce to Run

some of them may require outside help, depending on your business. To make sure you receive all the necessary licenses and permits, contact a lawyer or visit

What are the general costs of starting a porta-potty business?

The general cost of starting a porta-potty business may vary and exceed $2,000. This includes necessary upfront costs like research, licensing, permits, certifications, and equipment.

How can I find suppliers for the different parts of my porta potty business?

You can find suppliers in your area or do some research on the Internet to find a company that offers porta potty and other supplies.

Where should I purchase my land for setting up my porta-potties?

If you are looking for a location to set up your business, you need to contact local zoning boards regarding zoning restrictions before buying land.

How to Start a Porta Potty Business Conclusion

Setting up a porta-potty business can be expensive and time-consuming. Make sure you do your research before investing in the upfront costs of starting this type of company. You’ll not only need to invest in the necessary equipment but also other resources like permits, licenses, certifications, and insurance that are vital for running any successful business.

The best way to find suppliers is by networking with local businesses or doing some online research on companies offering porta potties and related supplies. Once you’ve found the right supplier(s), it’s important to get an online presence by creating social media accounts and blogging about your products and services while staying up-to-date on repairs, maintenance, upkeep technique.

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