How to Start a Pottery Business

Pottery is a craft that has been around for centuries. From the ancient Greeks to Native Americans, pottery has always been an art form valued by many cultures.

What’s great about this type of business is that you can do it anywhere from your home studio space to a local event venue or farm. You don’t need any special equipment other than clay and basic tools like a wheel and kiln. The only thing really needed is time because you’re going to have to let your pots dry before firing them in the kiln or taking them out of the mold after they are fired. You may also want an electric drill so you can make holes in the bottom for drainage when you set up your molds or use.

How to Start a Pottery Business

If you want to start your own pottery business, you’ll need to go through the process of making your own clay. You can make it by using a combination of different materials like sand, water, and straw.

If you’re not comfortable crafting your own clay from scratch, you can always buy pre-made clay and then add any color or texture you want. ¬†You don’t need a lot of money to get started in this business because all the tools needed are fairly cheap (like $15). The only thing that may be expensive is the kiln you may need to rent out or buy.

Before you start this business, though, make sure your area permits you to sell pottery. If it doesn’t, consider getting a booth at a local event center that allows sales of hand-crafted items like homemade candles or necklaces.

If these options aren’t available to you, though, then you can try selling your pottery on consignment in brick-and-mortar gift shops or at farmer’s markets.

You can even try selling your pottery online by selling it straight from your website or through sites like Etsy and eBay.

What to Make and Sell

If you’re just starting, try making small mugs or plates to give people the opportunity at first to see if they are interested in paying for your work before you invest in markets. Then, of course, make sure you know the regulations of doing business at those locations or if they even allow handmade items for sale so that you don’t get fined by any rules officials.

If you want to sell your pottery online, though, then don’t worry about having to drive to studio space because you can make your own in the comfort of your home. You may want at least a small table or desk where you can roll out clay and work so that it is easier for you to reach everything. Just make sure that you have enough room for all of your supplies like paints, brushes, and molds.

How to market your Pottery Business

If you’re looking to start a new pottery business, the best place to start is by marketing it. This will help with getting your name out there and making people aware of what you do. There are many ways to market a business, including using social media, word-of-mouth advertising, and print ads. It would help if you also considered having a website or blog for your business to showcase your products.

How to find cheap clay for a pottery business

If you’re looking for clay, you can find it at many local craft stores. You can also use the internet to search for a company that sells clay. It’s best to choose a smooth clay and doesn’t contain too many rocks or dirt. It’s also easiest to work with the clay if it has been left out for a few days so it can get dry.

How to start a Pottery Business Conclusion

Starting a pottery business is an excellent way to make money and enjoy yourself at the same time. You get to create your own art, spend quality time with family or friends (depending on who you work with), and have fun! It’s also easy because all of the tools needed are inexpensive, so you can start without having to invest too much cash upfront. If this sounds like something that would interest you, then consider picking up some clay today for sale online or offline in person-to-person markets. The only thing standing between success and failure is how hard you’re willing to work!